Well, well.

Here we are again
At the line between Heaven
And Hell.

Again, my old foe?


We've done this for years,
You know, and for years
We'll do it still.

You can't win this.
Neither can I.
Oh well.

Here we go again.

Shall I be your
Shall we once more dance
We're such opposites,
You know!

You, the black-cloaked
Night Avenger;
I, the violent violet
You camouflage.
I advertise.

What are you hiding?
The only difference
Between us
Is that which is between
A frown and a smile.

So shall I be your doppelganger?
Shall we start again, still turning
In the widening gyre above serious earth?
Shall we once more dance together?
We're perfect opposites,
You know!