They Tell Joker Stories…

They all say he's mad –
A clockwork insanity
With a frozen smile,

Green hair, ruby lips,
And skin like ghostly parchment.
I know he's worse yet.

He stalks Gotham nights
And days, if it suits him. There
Is no safe haven

From the black, evil
Twin of clownish comedy
He is. He always

Deals his cards from the
Bottom of the deck, laughing
At your upcoming

Demise while he does
So. There is no safe bet here.
A joker trumps king.

And you want to know
The most disturbing part of
This living nightmare?

His smile's the worst –
Or maybe his laughter. Does
It really matter?

All you need to know
Is this, kid – Don't get on his
Bad side. You will die.

And messily, too –
Then it really won't matter.
But still, all the same…

That hideous smile.
The demented laughter. You'll
Never forget him,

Not in your nightmares,
Not in your dreams. You can't shake
Meeting the Joker.