A/N: Sorry about the tildes, but I could not get the poem into the correct format for what I was trying to do visually any other way. FFN doesn't take dashes in succession; it just edits them down to one, so I had to use tildes. X_X It was really the easiest, best way to get it into the same format as I originally wrote it down, because FFN for some stupid reason doesn't have an Align Right option either, but I don't think it really ruins the poem too much. Enjoy anyway. :)

Two Foes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~His eyes stare into mine, and I think,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Who is he?"

A legend, a monster, a mystery

Who does he think he is, anyway,

That must be solved,

Trying to stop me?

But mostly monster, needing to be served

(Little does he know that

Justice, and I am the one to serve it.

I just want him to play with me!)

His skin glows deathly white in night,

His armor, midnight black, covers

His smile mocks me endlessly;

A body of pure muscle – I know,

His toxic, mad eyes watch me feverishly.

He's hit me hard more than once

I feel the rage well inside.

And left me bleeding – God,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hate him.

He's killed so many, this laughing madman,

I hate him because I love him,

And scarred so many others.

I love the rage in his eyes right now,

He plays games; brings people to his

And every time he sees

Depraved level. It's what he does.

My newest act of comedic sociopathy.

I've seen so many lives destroyed,

(Admit it, even you laugh

Regrets I can't take back.

At my jokes!) I think he loves me, too.

I'll take them back tonight.

What would he do without me? And still

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~His eyes watch me relentlessly;
~~~~~~~~~~~~~I see the fury in them, glaring back.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe I'll kill him,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe he'll kill me,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And it's all because
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He hates me.