Title: Some Hearts Are Ghosts (Settling Down In Dark Waters)

Genre: Anime

Series: Ghost Hunt

Characters: Mai Taniyama, Lin Koujo
Spoilers: N/A

Rating: T

Summary: Random (unconnected) drabbles set in the world of SPR.

Disclaimer: Ain't mine.

Author's Note: I'm blaming a friend for the fact that I've got a yen to write for this couple again. Just drabbles for now, but who knows what the future brings? (Not me.)

Drabble One: "Feeling You, Feeling Me" Alicia Keys

The first three weeks they slept in the same bed neither of them received enough rest. Monk made jokes about the dark circles under her eyes (never anywhere Lin could hear) but the explanation behind their mutual state of unrest had nothing to do with their sexual activities, which were perfectly fine (if multiple orgasms and accidental scratches on his back could be considered fine), and everything to do with the simple intimacy that came with occupying the same space. Mai hadn't lived with another person since her mother had passed, and Lin had last lived with Naru and even that had been years before. He'd never lived with a woman he'd been involved with, and he was her first for everything, including cohabitation.

Ayako counseled her to give it time and since Mai was too embarrassed to talk candidly about it with Lin that's exactly what she did.

Two nights after they closed a case involving the haunting of a small town ballet school Mai stirred awake and blinked blearily into the dark, unsettling dreams of dancing girls and sinister mirror images blurring and fading as her conscious thoughts overwhelmed them. It wasn't one of her significant visions, more like the vestiges of emotions from the case lingering and corrupting her usually pleasant dreams, but it wasn't the first time she'd woken in the dark of Lin's (their) apartment and felt a small pang of longing for her small studio apartment on the north side of Tokyo. If she'd been there and had a bad dream she knew exactly what she would've done. She would have risen from bed, made herself a cup of tea, and used the calming effect of soft music to relax herself, but that was there and now she stayed with Koujo and she found herself unsure of exactly what to do. It had been her dilemma for the past few weeks, trying to figure out which of her home habits were compatible with Lin's, finding compromises that would allow their relationship to continue to flourish.

Mai glanced over at Lin and observed his slumbering form; he was sprawled out on his stomach, easily taking up three-fourths of the bed yet somehow managing not to touch her. His hand twitched in sleep where it rested on her pillow and she shifted just an inch closer so that she could feel his knuckles grazing her cheekbone. She fought the urge to wake him, knowing that this was the deepest he'd slept in weeks, though it was due in most part to the tremendous use of his psychic abilities to solve the case that he was still recovering from. Neither of them were particularly affectionate outside of sex, and while they'd been dating he'd never stayed the whole night, preferring to return to his apartment when their lusts had been sufficiently sated. She hadn't minded his decision, she knew him well enough to know that despite their intimacy he wouldn't find it appropriate to stay, not until he'd made his intentions very clear in regards to their future.

Mai smiled as she remembered the night he'd asked her to move in with him, how smooth his words had been but his hand clenched tightly on top of the tablecloth betraying his nerves. She hadn't even thought about it before saying yes; it'd been the most instinctive and easiest decision she'd ever made.

Then Mai knew, the answer that had been in front of her the past few weeks, hidden under her self-doubt and nerves. Nothing between her and Lin had ever been difficult, they'd never stumbled over the next step in their relationship, never faltered, so why was this suddenly so hard when it didn't have to be? Mai nodded her head minutely as she resolved herself to stop second guessing everything and to find her courage again.

Mai slid closer to Lin under the sheets, easily shifting so that their legs entwined and her cheek rested on his bare back. He was smooth and warm under her, his body lean but yielding. She ran her fingers lightly over his bicep, smiling into the valley of pale skin that held his strong backbone before settling down and letting the rise and fall of his breathing lull her back to rest. Sleep came easily to her then, though she'd been so preoccupied with her thoughts she hadn't noticed that Lin too had awoken shortly after she. He permitted a small smile to lift his lips as Mai finally found a place in his bed that she could be comfortable with before forcing his own body to relax once more. He'd never doubted that they'd fit as perfectly together here as they did everywhere else.

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