Soulless Eyes

a/n: so.. here we go again with another story. Thanks to the newest underworld movie, watching Blade (all three movies ), and reading the stories by goshen and xhibit, I have been inspired. It was going to be rated T, but someone coughGuecough, said it should be M, so I up-ed the ante. XD Now on with this chapter of my first a/u!


Vampires. That word causes bile to fill one's mouth as they think about these ravenous beasts, who for over five hundred years have plagued the earth shredding the necks of any human they came across, leaving nothing but a dried up carcass and one tiny drop of blood that they neglected to swallow away as they feasted upon their unfortunate prey. And for over five hundred years humans and vampires have fought upon an uneven playing field. The humans only coming on top for the last hundred due to the latest advances in technology that enables them to make their blood thirsty predators become their prey by simply hunting them down in daylight. Now as the vampires feel the least bit threatened by their dwindling numbers, especially among their most powerful, rumor has it that they have decided to awaken one of their elders to end this war amongst the humans. And this elder is one of the strongest and most ruthless beings said to have had wiped out the millions of Europeans for what the public had covered up as the black plague.

"I already know that father. Where are you going with this.."

"You know everything do you?" he doubted. "Tell me where do those bastards come from."

"The pits of hell. The evilest amongst souls had transformed into demons who enjoyed dancing in the raging flames and were forced out of hell to spend eternity on Earth trying to quench a never ending thirst as an alternate form of divine punishment."

"and that means the elders are.."

She sighed lazily before she answered, "They are the purebreds or the original demons cast from hell; untamed callous beasts who not only draw blood from their victim but also their soul.."

He smiled. "correct...I expect nothing less from my daughter. Now your mission is to find this elder before he awakens once again. Then burn his body to rid him from earth and hell altogether..."

She smirked, "ah killing an elder...sounds fun."

"You know the most powerful vamps are guarding him right now in preparation for his awakening. So be careful and take the best of the best slayers with you."

"sure dad," she sighed before rising up from her seat.

"Listen to me now." was his stern warning after her. "These elders are said to have unusual powers so watch out.."

"Dad," she interrupted, turning only her head around. "These beasts have slaughtered many and have to pay for what they've done; especially to us. So if you should tell someone to watch out, it's them. But ssshhh," her finger pressed against her smirking lips for a moment. "We don't want to give them a heads up. They don't need to know that Chichi Mau is gunning for their ass."

"Heart my dear."

"Pfff . Whatever. Love ya dad. Bye"... she departed, leaving the paralyzed man smiling in his chair.

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