Soulless Eyes

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Under the relatively bright lights illuminating the spectacular room, the sound of incessant finger-tapping added to its unsettling atmosphere. It made the bumbling servant fumble with the disorganized stack of papers across the grand wooden table that his six superiors were seated at. He glanced at their nonchalant expressions, hurriedly aligning the papers up one with another whilst the relentless tapping continued to ring in his ears. His face, which began to have sweat carelessly cascade down his forehead, made his shaky nerves and panicky feelings as transparent as the glass he now began to sip out of. Noticeably, this servant was terrified about relaying the unfavorable information over to them. He took one more sip of the blood in his glass. It flowed down as easy as water, quenching his thirst and ridding him of a bitter taste within his mouth. He was about to take another sip until the chief superior, the source behind the incessant tapping, cleared his throat. Quickly, he set the glass back down, almost too fast, causing it to tip slightly like it was about to fall. Thankfully, he caught it. The servant then took a deep breath and stood up; ridding himself of his rickety nerves that made him tremble before them.

"Well… what's the status?" the chief superior questioned. "And don't keep me waiting another second!"

He gulped, "W-Well…w-we have failed in capturing Elder Kakkarot but-"

"Aye mate, what about the blue haired Shiela?" another one of his superiors chimed in.

"Ummm…." He fumbled over his words, "We haven't located her either. We believe she's currently under the protection of the Ox King's daughter and their entire squadron. And at this moment, we do not know where their new slayer base headquarters is either-"

"What else?" yet another superior brusquely interrupted.

He took a handkerchief from the inside of his suit to dab the sweat dripping down before he continued to speak. He said, enthusiastically, "After having the twins retreat in their pursuit of the blue haired one, Elder Vegeta decided to repay the council by wiping out the 23rd Slayer Squadron that had about 500 slayers."

"Do you think we care about the information on that ignorant buffoon?! What about the other, most important, plan we discussed?" the chief superior questioned, irritation making its way to his fingertips that refused to cease tapping upon the table.

"Oh! Sire, it's progressing smoothly. We only need to locate Elder Kakkarot for everything to be perfect," he immediately said, forcing a smile to his face to make his situation a little less tense.

"Alright then. I guess that's it." the chief superior said, his fingertips coming to an abrupt halt. "Thank you for your work."

The room suddenly became quiet. And in that brief moment of silence, the chief superior had quickly rose to his feet to thrust his index finger into the servant's chest where a relieved breath had just left. Instantly, his body combusted. Blood and guts splattered across the table, landing onto the nearby wall and the sneering face of the chief superior. The papers that servant once held upon the table, absorbed his blood like a sponge, making its once black ink produce maroon colored smears and blotches as it ran down its pages until it dripped to the floor. It then blended with the blood that was already flooding and staining the floors whilst an overwhelming scent filled the room. And that scent…was so appealing that it made him contentedly sigh before he proceeded to suck the blood off the tip of his finger as if it was the sweet nectar of a forbidden fruit. Naturally, his eyes closed slightly as he savored its delectable flavor. The other superiors could only stare, desiring to taste as well but they had other things to be concerned about.

"Head Councilmen?" one called.

He opened his eyes. "He was useless, seemed incompetent, and rather pathetic to quiver before us. And I was hungry… Do you dare question me now?" The chief superior challenged.

"No…" he mumbled. The chief superior took his seat then, snapping his fingers to signal the cleanup from the other servants who automatically came to perform their duty. And just like that, the meeting resumed as if nothing had happened.

"Well….It seems Elder Kakkarot is a bit smarter than we had anticipated. He's steering clear of us as if he appears to have figured out our plan." the other councilman started off.

"Where could he be?"

"Who knows? But we'll surely locate him soon enough. He can't escape the inevitable," the chief superior replied with an evil smirk twisting the corners of his mouth upwards. "In fact, let's not prolong it any further. Let's send Elder Vegeta after him."

He was lying there with his feet stretched out across the bed and his back against the headboard. Even his arms were folded behind his head as he stared at her with a goofy smirk. It was like he was teasing her whilst he effortlessly relaxed in her quarters, upon her bed.

And she couldn't move from where she stood. In fact, her knees were buckling about as she quivered from head to toe under his gaze. She didn't know how to rectify the situation. She was unarmed, in a towel, and taken by surprise. Without a doubt, he was much faster and stronger than her so even if she made a move, he'd probably have a chance to stop her.

"No Chichi. You can't think this way! You were trained for situations like this." she told herself. "Don't look to the left. If you do, he'll know what you're thinking." She knew without glancing to the side at the mirrored armoire that there were weapons situated upon it. She calculated the distance away from him and the distance she would have to go to get retrieve her weapons. Give or take, he was eleven feet away from her whereas the armoire was only three feet. It would take one big leap from her to obtain a weapon if she tried hard enough and she just had to take that chance to at least do something.

"Hey China, are you going to say hi too? It's kind of rude when you don't. I mean I am a guest," he smirked, interrupting her thoughts.

Chichi gulped. One big leap. "I can do this." And instead of responding to him, she shook off her apprehension to dash for those weapons.


Immediately, her back was slammed up against the wall. Pain shot up the middle of her spine, hindering any movement from her so she could counter. Using her moment being caught off guard, he grabbed her wrist with one hand and restrained it at her side whilst he forced his body close to hers. She had absolutely no breathing room but, gratefully, the towel still remained in place. Goku then brought his free hand around her throat, not tightly, but firm enough so Chichi knew that with the flick of his wrist, he could snap her neck. However, as defiant as she was, Chichi refused to be easily defeated. She balled up the hand that wasn't restrained to fight back but… Goku smirked as if he anticipated her next move.

He stared back into her eyes overflowing with abhorrence when he said, "No… I don't want you to fight back. Be quiet."

Her pupils dilated and swirled. Meanwhile, she felt her hand unclenching and giving in to his desires. His influence.

She was becoming more and more lost in his eyes. More and more relaxed in his presence, until something snapped in her and instantly, she clenched her fist again to angrily pound in his back. He didn't even flinch as she did such.

"I knew it wouldn't work," he muttered before subduing her by giving her throat a quick but hard squeeze.

Running out of options now, Chichi placed her free hand on his forearm, trying to break away from his grip but…it didn't work. She…wasn't strong enough to pull his arm off. Therefore, Chichi had no way to fight back. And now, everything seemed pointless again. As she dropped her arm, it was apparent that she believed she couldn't win.

"That's right. Don't scream...calm down...I don't want to have to kill you."

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him with so much hate, "What are you doing here? I thought you said you'd leave me alone if I went into that tomb with you!"

"Nope. I said I would leave you alone if there wasn't any food in the tomb. When you entered, there was. Soooo…. I can keep messing with you if I chose," he grinned.

She looked at him in disbelief.

Once again, Goku used one of her moments to release her before he went to plop down onto the foot of her bed, reaching for the last piece of pastry on the little cart nearby that was previously filled with food for Chichi.

She continued to just look at him. Leading him to shrug his shoulders and question, "What? Your food was getting cold so I helped myself. It was really good."

She was about to respond when…. her towel fell. Goku paused. He stopped in a mid-chew to stare. His eyes went up and down, scanning her entire body before he did his infamous smirk once again. Chichi felt herself flush tomato red as she snapped down to grab her towel and secure it around her body.

"You pervert!" she yelled, glaring a hole into him.

"What? Wait…." he put up one finger. "One minute." He gulped down the rest of the pastry. He made a face of pure disgust as he asked, "Do you think I like you or something like that?"

"W-Well… you sure are acting like it!"

He laughed, nonstop to the point where Chichi's blush could only deepen in color out of embarrassment. It puzzled her, causing as a swarm of questions flooded her mind like how did they even get to a topic like that?! Wasn't she in a threatening position a second ago and didn't he try to kill her before?!

"I don't do humans. I've told you before." Goku said, wiping a tear out of his eye. Yes, a tear. Chichi was at a loss for words. She was so astonished that even among her thoughts cluttering her mind, she was able to convince herself right then and there that this wasn't anything short of a nightmare. In fact, she would swear up and down that she was probably sleeping soundly in the tub at the moment because this moment was too unbelievable.

But… "China,"

As he called…with a suave voice that even her earlier dreams could not successfully imitate, her mind had then acknowledged that this was all real. No matter how ridiculous and incredible her circumstances appeared, they were actually happening. And now, with the direness of her situation reevaluated…slowly she began to inch towards the mirrored armoire where her weapons laid.

"I'm a vampire. We have no feelings for humans. We barely have any feelings for our own kind. The whole thing is quite nasty if you ask me...Eww!" Goku shuddered as he laid back onto the bed, staring up to the top of her canopy bed.

"Vampire?! You call yourself that! You get hungry and ate up my damn food! You've walked in the sun! And then –"

He interrupted, "You really don't know anything, do you?" He sat up, looking at her quite aggravated.

"Excuse me?!" Chichi said, giving him a lot of attitude. She stopped moving for a second.

"You haven't even figured out the truth about the blue haired one, have you?"

"I know the –"

"No, you don't. If you did, we wouldn't be talking." Goku let out an exasperated sigh before he began to pick his teeth.

"It's really a shame you don't know that...nor the secrets of your father..." he said the word with disgust.

"You know what, your ass must be jealous of all the shit that comes out your mouth. I know all there is to know. There's nothing to hide. Pfft! I can't believe a conniving vampire out of everyone is trying to convince me to uncover some hypothetical truth!" Chichi snapped.

He stopped picking his teeth to laugh. "Oh, you really are feisty!"

"Damn right! In fact Chichi Mau is always right, especially when it comes to your ruthless and contemptuous race." Chichi said, turning her nose upwards as she furtively inched towards her mirrored armoire.

"No you're not. You're not right. I mean, aren't the slayers about as bad as the vampires nowadays?"

Instantly, she felt offended and tried to defend her squadron but Goku had cut her off. "What did you father say about the slayers who were killed when your last place was torn apart by us vampires? Probably something like they were weak or he made it seem like their death didn't matter."

"-Only a few dozen slayers were killed."

"A few dozen?!" Chichi exclaimed.

"There's no need crying over spilled milk when some of it was spoiled to begin with." he easily said.

Silent now, Chichi had replayed her father's words over in her mind.

"No answer. Hmm, you can't explain his actions can you?" Goku's eyes narrowed. "I take it back then. The slayers these days may even be worse, but what do you expect when all their role models ever do is lie? Even now you're keeping secrets. Why didn't you tell the others that I almost drained you dry? In fact, has anyone ever seen your back with those vampire bites?"

It was a question that surprised her. She was hesitant in her response, "No…but how did you know I didn't tell them…?" She gasped. It finally had dawned on her. Since Goku had easily known such information as well as found her then that would mean, "The vampires know where our base is?!"

"No, they don't. And don't change the subject. Answer me. Why haven't you been that affected by the vampire bites?"

She actually wondered herself, automatically saying what she had been for years, "I….I have a good immune sys-"

"Don't feed me that. I've already had my fair share of your food. You act like you don't know how to change someone into a vampire."

"Vampires drain their blood then give them some of theirs." Chichi rightfully claimed.

"Ha! Goes to show how much you don't know!" Goku grinned.


"Ask the blue haired one to explain it to you. I have to go now...but we'll see each other pretty soon."

Her eyes narrowed into slits. "I'll be damned. I'll kill you before then…!" Goku ignored her as he stood up from the bed and turned as if he was going to walk to the door.

"In fact, I'll kill you now!" Chichi took one more step towards the mirrored armoire, ready to grab her weapon.

"So really, did you come here to talk shit and act like the Spanish inquisition with your pointless questions or to finish off your job?" she bitterly spat.

Goku instantly appeared before her, carefully grabbing her neck once again. He restrained her by bending the middle of her back roughly over the edge and onto the top of her mirrored armoire, causing Chichi to freeze. His obscure eyes only added to her apprehension as they bore back into hers, making the thought of fighting back at once float to the back of her mind. Goku had her utmost attention for a second before he glanced down to her neck, rubbing it … rather gently with his thumb, making an involuntary chill race across Chichi's skin. He slowly licked his lips before he looked back up to her.

"Nah... I could've done that when I first drank your blood," Goku answered.

"Why didn't you?" Chichi asked, almost in a whisper.

"That's for me to know and for you to figure out." He winked as he released her. "That among the other things that we've talked about."

Goku proceeded to walk out the door. The thump of his footsteps, snapped Chichi out her dazed state of mind. Her eyes instinctively narrowed as she reached behind to quickly grab the pin off of the dresser, throwing it at his back. But as expected, Goku caught it and threw it through the nearby wall.

Without facing her he then muttered, "Yep, you really are feisty. Just like her."

"Excuse me?" Chichi asked. He walked out the door without another word. Chichi dashed after him, but when she frantically looked out down the hallways by turning her head from side to side, she didn't see him. He was gone.

And finally, the breath that she held in since he had came to her room, passed her lips in a sigh. A feeling of overwhelming relief soon overcame her, with her knees almost giving out. For fear, was relentless in its taunts, weighing her down with vast amounts of anxiety and stress that had stopped her from fighting back as much as she should've against that Elder.

"Uhh… Chi, what are you doing coming out like that?!" Bulma exclaimed. Chichi was brought back to reality. Before she had a chance to respond, Bulma shoved her back into the room and quickly shut the door behind them.

"Don't push me!" Chichi said.

"Don't stand out there like that! I'm helping you out! Geez!" Bulma yelled.

Silence then seeped in between them as Chichi aimlessly stared at Bulma. Bulma looked back at Chichi in concern, who was still contemplating. "I mustn't let myself get worked up over him. He thinks he knows everything! And you know what. To prove that I'm more right in everything, let's see what Bulma has to say about one of the easiest questions he asked me."

Chichi thought to ask, "Hey Bulma, I've read all there is to know about vampires, but can you tell me how one is changed into those disgusting creatures?"

Bulma was glad Chichi had broken the silence and thus replied, "Oh…don't know where this is coming from, but vampires possess a venom similar snakes which can withstand the acid in one's stomach. It has an ability to neutralize the acid in a way, creating drastic changes as it starts to be absorbed."

"Wait…then what about the blood thing, with vampires giving blood to others to change someone?" Chichi asked.

"Oh, the legendary slayers did a simplified version for the textbooks. Once the venom enters the body I said before it neutralizes the acid. Therefore, once the vampire's blood enters the human's system, it can be absorbed as well and speeds up the process of one becoming a vampire instead of being digested and excreted through urine. In fact, it's easier that way. It makes the newly turned vampires less frenzied and thirsty for blood. Usually to turn vies nowadays, the vampires inject a shitload of venom into their system which allows them to be crazy. In other words, slaves to the blood and them."

Chichi was trying to piece things together, "So are you telling me if someone is bitten enough by a vampire or several vampires, then they can change into a vampire themselves?"

"Yep. Although Vampires pass venom like a snake, no one can build up an immunity to their poison or counter it with a serum." Bulma confidently said.

"So that means…No! Sometimes research on vampires can be flawed. If it wasn't, then all of them would've been extinct by now." Chichi told herself.

Silence fell between them again. Chichi, not wanting to think too deeply about what Bulma had told her, then said, "Well…I have to go get dressed. Thanks for the talk."

"Why did you ask about-?"

Before Bulma could finish her statement, Chichi had already pushed her out of the door and locked it.

"That was rude!" Bulma yelled. And she angrily stomped away, muttering several profanities under her breath about how she wasn't going to be the good friend anymore.

Chichi rested her back against the door and listened until she could no longer hear Bulma's footsteps or voice. She released another weary sigh. "Instead of worrying about what he said, I need to tell father about his appearance. It puts our entire operation at a great risk." Gaining her determination once more, Chichi then rushed to get dressed in her standard issued combat wear of black jeans, shirt, and leather boots.

She grabbed her weapons from off the top of the mirrored armoire, pinning her hair up once more with that same silver pen. If that unlucky bastard was to run into her again, she would surely kill him this time and shake off her nerves. After snatching her favorite necklace from her jewelry box and securing it around her neck, Chichi hurried off to her father's chambers.

Chichi turned down off her hallway, only to run into a crowd of people rushing off in one direction. Among the noisy chatter of the soldiers and the clanking of their guns, the same voice sounded over the intercom to say, "All personnel report to the designated meeting area immediately. I repeat; all personnel to the meeting area,"

Chichi was unfortunately going against the moving crowd. Bumping into others, who had not acknowledged nor cared at the moment it was her. She had to catch her father before he attended the meeting. Going straight to the designated area to make claims on the Elder's appearance would send the squadron up into an unnecessary uproar; especially when there was no plan on how to go about the situation. It was the easiest and fastest way to warn everyone, but it wasn't the most proper or efficient way. Thus, Chichi picked up her pace towards her father's room, shoving her fellow slayers aside who would only give an unpleasant grunt in response.

Soon, she was about to turn down his hallway, when she heard, "Chichi."

"Father!" Chichi snapped around to see the robust Ox King paused in the middle of the wide hallway in his wheelchair.

"Where are you heading? More importantly, why aren't you resting?"

Immediately she responded as if a commander to his general, "I was headed to see you. And there's no need to fret over my lack of sleep. I assure you, I'm well and that there are more critical situations to attend to than my health. Father, Elder Kaka-"

"You know the meeting is about to commence shortly. I can hear about this later," the Ox King interrupted and began to wheel away.

"But Father!"

He paused in his movements, "In order for you to serve as an outstanding slayer following in my footsteps, I order you to go rest and not to attend this meeting. If any situation was as dire as you claim, I assure you I would know about it before you my child."

Chichi stood there, as quiet as an obedient kid who had been admonished, hesitant to go against her father. Thus, without her saying anything further, he wheeled away with a few slayers that were trailing behind the group who probably had already arrived at the designated meeting area.

Soon, the hallways became as terse as an uneventful night. Not a soul was in sight, except for her who was contemplating once more.

"Go rest. He seems concerned as any father would be about their child's health. And I appreciate it… But…" Chichi balled her fists up. "They need to know! Unfortunately, I guess I have to tell everyone about his appearance at the meeting then! They'll thank me later."

With this in mind, Chichi sprinted off towards the meeting room. She practically ripped the doors off its hinges when she arrived, calling everyone's attention once she stepped foot into the conference room. The conference room, looked similar to the one in their former headquarters. In its area there were still three neatly arranged columns with two isles in between leading up to the front of the room where a grand table was stationed. However, the furniture and décor was much different, as it followed the pattern of the luxuriant and vibrant Baroque style.

Her eyes scanned the room to lock with the hefty man at the front. "Father! This is urgent! I have to tell you…"

"I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away. I can expect nothing more from my seed. Come and be seated right beside me before this meeting proceeds."


"You dare object to your leader's earnest request in front of his subordinates?"

Chichi clamped her mouth shut. Without another word, she quietly walked to the front whilst the soldiers around gave her looks full of contempt for her tardiness and impertinent behavior. But most of all, their jealousy was the reason behind their scornful looks and disdainful whispers. For they desired to be seated among the masters as well.

Once Chichi became seated to the right of the Ox King, whom was in the middle, she tried desperately to lean over and whisper to him. However, Ox King held up his hand to signal everyone in the room to become silent; even though, Chichi felt as if it was more so directed towards her.

Ox King brought his hand up to his mouth as he cleared his throat. He then adjusted his glasses whilst a grave expression washed over his face. "Now that we're all here. Please rise and recite the main scripture."

As if on cue, Chichi stood up along with everyone to say all together, "Vampires are ravenous beasts who kill without pity, and for such their deaths are met in any place or city, by the hands of a true demon slayer who refuses to accept failure. For thy is the best kind of a natural born killer."

"You may be seated." the Ox King bellowed. Like the soldiers they were, they sat down in sync. "I'd like to welcome the new recruits and the few survivors from the 23rd slayer squadron's mysterious annihilation. You all were apparently the most premium slayers to come this far. Now to begin, there are a few regulations within this squadron. Master Fujiko to my immediate left will briefly elaborate on them."

Chichi began to tune him out whilst her unspoken words about the Elder ran rampant throughout her mind. Her head began to pound, her temples throbbing as she desperately wondered what action to take next. Her heart raced as anxiety built up with each breath she took. Frustration made its way to her leg that was now starting to shake. She should just try to open her mouth once more and everything could be solved. That was the only thing that could be done, was what she had decided. Precious time was being wasted in this meeting right now.


Her inaudible whisper went unnoticed as the Ox-King carried on regardless, "Well, since we need the upper hand, we'll be working aside Sir Yamacha and Yajirobe."

"What.." Chichi's eyes shot open. "Isn't Yamacha famous for..."

"Yamacha is famous for the Wolf fang fist, and is one of the best werewolves around," the Ox King introduced the pair.

"Werewolves!" Chichi exclaimed, immediately taking her gun out of her holster to point it at Yamacha who was walking towards the front.

He uneasily smirked, "Come on, pretty lady. You don't want to shoot me."

"Chichi Mau, put that gun away this instance!" the Ox King commanded.

She cocked her gun, "Father they are werewolves! We are trained to kill them also, as they have never sided with the humans in the years we fought the vampires! And they feed upon us as well! What are they doing here?!"

Chaos erupted within the room. The slayers went into many rounds of chatter. Most of which didn't agree with Chichi as they stated, "Didn't you hear the Ox King speak?"

"Causing such a commotion, who are you?!" and, "Look at this pathetic slayer rudely speaking against the leader!"

Until the Ox King was forced to shout in the room, "Everyone quiet! Chichi Mau, as your superior I order that you put your weapon away!"

Hesitantly, Chichi could only put it away. Master Roshi scrutinized her and the crowd, shaking his head slightly before he sipped on his mug of tea.

As soon as everything had become quiet and Chichi had secured the weapon back in its place, the Ox King bellowed, "Now, you are dismissed! Leave this meeting at once!"


"I will not have you embarrassing this squadron nor ruining our negotiations with the werewolves. A lack of sleep seems to hinder your thinking as a slayer. Leave now before you shame me any further and you'll be publicly punished!"

Chichi, flushing now, left the stage and, eventually, the conference room. And the soldiers snickered at her back, some voicing out loud, "That's what her righteousness gets!"

"Was it all a dream?" Chichi rubbed her eyes while she stretched her legs out from beneath her plushy comforter. Again the knock, which had just woken her up, sounded on her door once more.

"Come in." Chichi replied. The servant wheeled in a cart nodding to her, with a small smile plastered across his face. A delicious aroma of eggs and bacon flowed within the room, making Chichi's mouth flood with saliva. It made her sit up in the bed and by the time she had sat up, the diligent servant had walked out the door without a word.

Chichi swung her feet over the side of the bed. Scratching her disheveled head of hair, she yawned before she stood up to walk into the bathroom and brush her teeth. After she had gathered her toothbrush and toothpaste from the cabinet, Chichi stared at her mirror-image. She noticed that she was still wearing the same black attire from yesterday, the most hectic day she had had in quite a while.

"It couldn't have been a dream." Chichi then concluded whilst she put the toothpaste from the mirror cabinet onto her toothbrush. She had not been able to tell her father of the news. If she didn't know her father any better, she would assume that he wasn't trying to hear about it even though she had told him it was quite serious. He had even dismissed her from the meeting. "Speaking of the meeting. I wonder how the rest of the meeting went..."

Chichi spit the toothpaste out of her mouth and cupped water within her palm to rinse. "I guess I should ring up Launch or Krillin to ask."

She wiped the back of her mouth and then placed the toothbrush and toothpaste back into the cabinet. Upon closing it, Chichi stared at herself in the mirror again, somewhat trying to fix her hair in order to take anyone's attention from the bags underneath her eyes.

This was as good as it was going to get, Chichi assumed before she walked back into the room to ring up her comrades.

She froze.

There, she saw him again. With almost all the food that was just brought in, gone.

Quickly, she reached into her V-neck black shirt to pull the pin out her bra before she threw it towards Goku's chest. It flew through the air at a lightning speed. In a split second, it appeared as if it was about to hit him. Yet, that second went by and he didn't appear affected. In fact, it seemed as if it went through him since the pin was now in her headboard.

"Well hiya Chichi," Goku smiled as he stuffed the last bit of her food into his mouth.

"What….the Hell?!" Chichi screamed before she dashed for her dresser drawer to get her Uzi. Automatically, bullets pierced the air and flew towards him who had a bagel stuffed in his mouth. Goku jolted from the bed, dashed to the side, and sprinted around the room as Chichi sprayed her pillows, mattresses, walls, lamps, and dresser with bullets. Feathers and cotton exploded in the room with each shot. Once her gun emptied, Goku stopped running to swallow the food in his mouth before he bent over panting.

"What's your problem Chichi?! I was eating!" Goku exclaimed with a sour scowl.

The audacity of this vampire bastard, was all that she could think. Her mind felt like it was about to explode as she pondered on this annoying elder. Her rage, was unfathomable. She could barely get out her words, as she angrily stammered, "M-My problem?! Who's intruding in whose room now?! Who's appearing unannounced?!"

"Well… I'm HERE CHICHI!" Goku announced with a grin.

She glared at him, incredibly so. Her fists balled up as she trembled with pure anger. Before Goku knew it, Chichi had surprised him and tackled him to the ground in a straddle.

She proceeded by wrapping her tiny hands around his neck. She don't know why she attempted it and she even knew it wouldn't work on someone like him, but she just had to try. She had to try to choke him because this motherfucker was too much.

Goku's eyes widened a bit as he tried to prise Chichi's hands off. Chichi didn't know how, but it appeared as if she was winning.

"Y-You…get stronger…when you're angry." Goku said a bit amused, as he almost managed to remove her hands off his neck.

"Well…." she pushed her hands down further, "Apparently, not strong enough!"

He coughed, "China… Don't make me…"

"What?! Don't make you what?! I'm going to finally kill your vampire ass!"

"Chi-" he hoarsely called.

Chichi then screamed for assistance as she kept up the small battle, steadily trying to choke him. "Someone…Anyone…come quick! I got-"

In one swift movement, which startled her, Goku snatched her hands off his neck to sit up. He grabbed the wrists of both of hers with his hands and pinned it to her side.

"Stop Chichi!" he demanded.

Immediately, she tried to head butt him.

"Woah!" Goku moved his head back, just in time to avoid the attack.

"Why should I stop for a repulsive vampire like yourself?!" She tried to snatch her hands away.

He wrapped both arms around her, preventing her from moving in the least. His face was so close that she could feel his cool breath.

"Are you sure you want me to answer that?" he said with a smirk.

Her stomach swooped down as if it was on roller coaster, much like her emotions. She was so angry and infuriated beyond means by this malicious fiend holding her, but as she looked into his dark black eyes…

"Are we interrupting something?" Launch asked as she eyed them with a face of pure disgust. She was standing next to Krillin, who was more alarmed than disgusted.

"No," Chichi said turning her face towards them as she tried desperately, but failed horribly, at suppressing her blush. She snapped her head back towards Goku to demand, "Let me go! Give up, you've lost. Now that they're here, they'll kill you!"

"Are you sure about that?" Goku's eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. "That's not what we agreed to." Goku then released her, she jumped up and backed away to crouch in her fighting position.

"Wait…who's we?" Chichi started to ask. Before Goku could answer she continued to say, "No, it doesn't matter. Krillin and Launch, let's surround him!"

A few seconds went by and Goku yawned, checking his imaginary watch.

"Krillin...Launch...!" Chichi called again. When they didn't appear by her side nor did they answer, she turned to face them. They were standing there, with both of their heads bowed. Krillin was clenching his fists, while his face began to deepen in color. Launch had her back towards her, with her hand hovering over her gun for a mere second until she dropped it altogether.

Chichi was thinking and thus said out loud, "You guys, what's going on? Why won't you back me up here?!"

"We can't. It'll be against orders." Launch spat bitterly.

"Orders? Excuse me?!" Chichi was clearly confused.

Krillin said in a voice trembling with anger, "You missed the last bit of the meeting where the Ox King introduced this elder here. It turns out for now on, we'll be working alongside him since we share a common goal."

"Common goal?! What in the hell do we have in common with this bastard?! I don't believe this!" Chichi shouted.

Launch snapped around, with eyes narrowed, "Well believe it. Your good ole daddy said it and we couldn't protest. We knew you would act the way you did with those werewolves and we HAD thought you were on our side until, what did we find?" She turned to Krillin with a look before she turned back to intensely glare at Chichi. "Oh yeah, we found you straddling this elder as if you're on friendly terms!"

"Friendly?! She just tried to choke me!"

Everyone ignored Goku. Chichi exclaimed, "I just tried to choke him! Launch, I hate the next fucking vampire as much as you do. And I'll be damned if we side with this elder who has slaughtered so many innocent individuals without any mercy. I'll go handle this with my father. You two keep him in check until then." Chichi brushed pass Launch and Krillin.

"Wait…why me?!" Krillin exclaimed but Launch shot him a look.

Launch smirked as Chichi walked by, before she cocked her gun and aimed it at Goku's lower region. "With pleasure," she said.

Chichi stormed off to her father's room. Passing many soldiers with scornful looks; she ignored them until she reached her destination. Chichi banged on the door and opened it before he could answer. She saw her father sitting in front of the crackling fireplace, reading a book. As soon as she had entered, he closed it and set it down in his lap.

"Father, I need to speak with you," Chichi demanded, closing the door behind her.

"Sure, have a seat my child." the Ox king said, extending his hand before the chair in front of him.

She bowed down to him instead, "I apologize for my insubordination earlier."

"It's understandable. I myself do not like siding with the werewolves, but it's necessary."

Chichi stood up straight, "But with an elder! He almost killed me, father!"

"No one told you to be foolishly led into the mausoleum. I understand your hate for them but what's done is done."

She bowed her head in shame. That was just like her father to say something like that. Even if she was almost killed, it seemed as if he was more mad at her than that Elder.

"So...question. Did you know about the Elder being here before I could attempt to tell you?"

The Ox King became silent.

Her anger skyrocketed once more, "Father, I understand the statement 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer', but damn! This is too much! Why don't we kill him while he's this close?"

"We share a common goal, as I'm sure you've already been told. One elder has been awakened but it turns out that the vampire council wants to kill him and use his blood for another plan. It's something the late Dr. Gero was working on. This elder wants to protest and fight against the vampire council who is our main enemy, the brains behind the vampires' slaughtering of humans. He doesn't want to do as they requested of him by annihilating millions of people just yet. He'd rather do things his way and kill them whenever he damn well please."

"'Whenever he damn well please'?! So that means, he will continue to kill innocent civilians! Except this time he'll be doing it under our nose! Father this is ridiculous! If he is a part of the council's plan and they need him, why don't we kill him so they'll be put at a disadvantage instead of working alongside him! Our slaying ways are being compromised! We have too many supernatural beings on our so called team. What if they turned on us?! Did you think ahead about that?!"

"That's enough!" The Ox King raised his voice, "You already humiliated yourself yesterday. Cease your foolishness! As a fine slayer, you have to set an example and not rebel against my orders. I'm your superior for a reason! I swear you're becoming more like your mother each day."

She clenched her fists… That was a low blow to her heart that instantly shut her up. He rarely compared her to her mother. And when he did, either she was being complimented greatly or admonished severely. He must've been really infuriated with her. This led her to say half-heartedly, "…I apologize father."

He heavily sighed, knowing his words may've been a bit too much, "This conversation is over. I will administer you your punishment later. Go rest. You still need it."

The Ox King picked up his book to resume reading as Chichi opened the door.

"You have to trust me in everything I do. It's for a reason. I'm only hard on you because you have to inherit all of this, my child." he turned a page in the book.

She said indifferently, almost robotically, "I wouldn't want it any other way, father. Favoritism can only harbor and encourage weakness."

"That's my girl," the Ox King said, giving her a faint smile before she closed the door behind her.

Chichi decided to retire to her room. Upon arriving, a disappointing look lay within her eyes. Nothing needed to be said, as Launch and Krillin could already tell.

Launch lowered her aim at Goku, who was comfortably resting on the floor as if he was asleep. She didn't make any more eye contact as she said in a hushed voice, "I have to go. I need to talk something over with Tien."

"I'm going to train under Master Roshi. After the meeting, he requested that I join him." Krillin said. He wasn't making eye contact either.

"Alright, tell Master Roshi I will join him later," Chichi whispered. Krillin nodded before he departed as well.

Chichi watched his back, until he left. Suddenly, the room itself seemed to have dropped several degrees. A nonexistent wind swept the room, making it as cold and chilly as the mood within the room. Slowly, she turned around to face Goku who was staring at her back all along as he lounged on the floor.

Hatred, boiled in her eyes. The frustration and reluctance she felt towards her father, all came out as daggers towards him through her glare. And with words dripping with malice, she seethed, "I will kill you. It may not be in the near future, but it will happen. Even if we share the same enemy like the vampire council, I will never side with you or place my trust in you!"

Goku stood up, looking down to brush the feathers off of his clothes. "How much has the Ox King told you Chichi?"

"He's told me enough." Chichi bitterly whispered.

"Oh, really?" He stopped nit picking to look back up to her, meeting her deadly glare. His eyes slightly narrowed as he said, "What about the fact that two elders were awakened. Me and another."

Several emotions played across her face. One of them being doubt. Either way, from her expression, Goku could tell that she didn't know.

He began to walk out and had reached the door. Before he left the quiet Chichi, Goku said, "I don't know if you noticed but I don't see any need to lie. And I haven't told a lie to you once. With the Blue haired woman thing, the food in the tomb, and siding with you… I haven't lied yet."

The door loudly shut behind him, leaving Chichi to her thoughts once more.

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