Chapter One: The Adventure Begins!

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Dina's P.O.V

Hi my name is Dina Takahashi, I'm 13 years old, and my dream is to become a world famous Fossil Fighter. I had this dream ever since I was young. So enough about me let's get to the story.

I've known my friend Todd ever since I was born. We went to the same school, did mostly everything together, we're both interested in becoming Fossil Fighters but the thing that separated us was our personalities and hobbies.

Todd was a very open-headed kid, he was very hyper, and was sometimes just playing weird. He enjoyed everything but sports and was easily scared. Sometimes I really think something is bothering him but I just can't get him to spill. On the other hand, I'm a very out going person that faces danger with no problems. Everyone knows me as the girl with no fears and that's a fact. I enjoy everything including stunts and sports and anything that involves action.

That's not the point I'm here today though. Todd heard that there were viviasaurs at the top of this mountain so he asked me to come along and of course I said yes.

Oh and if you don't know what Vivosaurs are, they are dinosaurs that were revived from fossil and that have special abilities. Then people use their Vivosaurs to battle one another in what is called a fossil battle. Their names are also shortened. For example Aero for Aerosteon.

"Hey Dina, How long are you going to stare at the scenery, Huh?" Todd yelled. I turned around to look at him. " Dammit Todd can't you wait!" " No I can't so hurry over here!" he said impatiently.

I ran towards the impatient little brat. " Next time don't invite me if you can't be patient!" " Sorry I'm just so exited!" Todd said. " It's okay, just don't rush me, ok." I said. " Well since we are on the same page now…" Todd started to slowly step away from me little by little and then ran of. At the time I was thinking what the fuck! He then turned around and yelled, " Race you to the top!" I quickly got up to him and said, " Your on!"

About 5 min later, we made it to the top. And yes I won the race since I was so athletic.

" No fair, you're like an Olympic runner!" Todd said out of breath. "Actually it is fair Todd, cause you got an early start." I said. "Not the point!" he shot back.

After Todd started to breathe normally he said, " Hey where are the vivosaurs! I think someone lied to me!" " You think!" I said. " So you're telling me I came with you and ran up the mountain for nothing!" I said yelling at him and walking towards him. " Well pretty much." He said to me worried. At that moment I picked him up by the shirt. " Dina Please calm down!" he said with a scared expression. I ignored him and put my fist up. " DINA PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" Todd screamed while trying to get away. I was about to punch him when all of a sudden, a piece of brush near by shook. So I dropped Todd on the ground and walked closer to see what it was.

" Dina what are you doing?" Todd said while dusting himself off. " Shh! I'm trying to see what's behind the brush." I replied. "ARE YOU CRAZY!" Todd shouted.

At the same moment, the brush shook vilonlently and a blur of blew shot out. I stopped and stared at it. Todd then yelled nervously, " Th-th-that's an… ALLOSAURUS!" Todd Shouted in fear. " Todd just calm down we can ta…" " RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! TAKE HER NOT ME! I'M TO YOUNG TO DIE!" Todd cried out. (Thinking: What the hell is wrong with him and did he really just say what I think he did! I swear If we live Todd is gonna pay :( ) I ran after Todd yelling, " Wait up you little brat! I swear Todd if we live your dead meat! " We finally stopped when we reached a cliff. " Todd get behind me!" I hollered at the terrified young boy. "WHAT ARE YOU INSANE!" he screeched at me. " No! I just don't want to go down without a fight." I was about to charge at the beast when I heard a screech but this time it wasn't Todd. "EEEK! A Petredon!" Todd yelled. I turned to see a man the looked a lot like a cowboy mixed in with Indiana Jones yelling, " Jump on both of ya'!" Todd looked at him like if he were insane. The man then yelled, " Get a move on now!" At that moment I ran towards Todd, grabbed his arm, and jumped in the direction of the flying viviasaur. Todd was screaming for his life and to tell you the truth it was funny as hell. Once we were on, the man flew off and yelled, " YEEE-HAAA! Hold on, Partners".

" You folks all right?" He asked us sighing. " Yeah we're all right." We both replied. He then flew us to base of the mountain. When we finally reached our start point (Where we started at the beginning) Todd let out a huge gasp, " OMFG! YOUR JOE!" Todd hollered.

The man smiled, "Yep, that's me. Surprised you know my handle, kid." " Who wouldn't know you! Your one of the greatest fossil fighters in the world! And your skills are legendary!" Todd said happily but amazed.

" OMFG, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I'M TALKING TO THE JOE WILDWEST! THIS IS LIKE THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!" Todd said sounding like an obsessed loser. (Thinking: What life loser. Hahahaha)" Todd come the hell down, you are scaring him." I said. " Oh I'm so sorry, I must sound like a complete nerd." Todd said.

Joe then smiled, " No not at all partner, Nice to meet ya' by the way." " Oh I almost forgot, thanks for saving us, Mr. Wildwe-, " I said before being interrupted.


We all turned around and saw the Allo coming around the corner and behind it was a Krypto. " OH NO NOT AGAIN!" Todd screamed. "It looks like the Allo brought a friend." Joe said. " Well that's not good." I said. " Thanks Ms. Obvious!" Todd shot back at me. I looked at him with an I'm gonna kill you expression. He slowly stepped away from me.

"Well it's your lucky day partner." Joe said to Todd. "What do you mean?" Todd replied confused. " Well you're gonna fight them and I'll even loan ya my dino medals." Joe continued, " So what ya say, small fry?" " Uh… well… OOOHHHH, MY SOMATCH HURTS SO BAD! I don't think I can so let Dina fight." Todd said. " What? Why?" I said. "Sorry Dina I can't fight. My stomach hurts, it must have been the rotten banana I ate. OOOHH! OOOWW!" " So, small fry it looks like it's up to you. What do you say?" Joe asked me. " Well if Todd can't fight I will!" I replied. " Well okay then, since there's two pick two medals of your choice. Pick whichever one strikes yer' fancy." he pulled them out of his bag and handed them to me.

I had to pick two. There was an Aeros, which is pretty cool, but Toba looks like it would have a better defense and he did say it was very fashion forward or maybe Tsintao or Dimetro? But then I saw the Aeros and Toba medals shine for a moment. That's when I knew those were meant for me.

"Ill take Aeros and Toba." I said confidently. " Great choice those are the two best ones I have besides Dimetro and if pared up they can't lose." Joe told me. " "By the way remember that once you throw the medal, the vivosaur will be unleashed then it depends on how you wish to attack and battle. Oh and the stronger the connection between you and your viviasaurs the better the battle. So go out there and show them who's boss and please have fun, ya hear." Joe told me before stepping back. "Ok!" I replied.

I then turned and face the two angry vivosaurs and then threw both medals. When I threw them, the medals began to glow and then the glow turned into the Aeros and Toba. "Then let the battle begin!" I said to the vivosaurs. "GRAAAAAH!" all the vivosaurs growled.

" Ok then. Aeros use Wind Bla-!" I was about to order. Then at that moment I heard Joe scream, " Get back here!" All of sudden a vivosaur we a sail on it's back attacked the Allo. It then stood in front of my two vivosaurs. That's when I noticed it was the Dimetro. It looked at me and smiled. " Okay then looks like I have three viviasaurs now." Then out of the blue, the Allo and Krypto attacked but luckily, the three viviasaurs dogged the attack. " Toba! Use Toba Drop on Krypto." I commanded. Then the long neck stomped all-over the enemy. Again, the Allo tried to attack but my vivosaurs were to fast. " Now Aeros use wind blast and Dimetro use Dimetro fang." I commanded. At that moment the two angry vivosaurs returned to their medals and the fight was over. So you can tell the other three did the same.

" Great Job, kiddo!" Joe said, retrieving the medal. " You took both of them down with no problem! I think you have the potential to be a great fossil fighter."

" Dina that was so cool!" Todd screamed in amazement. " You took them down like a pro! You're the best!"

" Yeah it was nothing! But…. Didn't you have a stomach ache?" I said looking suspiciously at the boy. "Uh…. Well… you see…. Never mind me, you were so cool!" Todd said.

"I agree with 'ya, partner! " Joe said, looking at the viviasaur medals in his hand, "This here Allosaurus and Krypto were abandoned by cruel fighters that didn't want them! Reckon' that's why they had his shorts in a bunch which led to the reason why the Allo almost ate you two earlier."

We both turned to face Joe, "Vivosaurs are meant to be with people they can trust. If they're abandoned, they go all wild and their true nature emerges. In fact, that's why I'm here," he continued, "The Fighters Association asked me to round up any rouge Viviasaurs."

Then he stopped and turned to us, "Aw shucks, where are my manners? You know this already, but I'm Joe Wildwest, and I'm a Fossil Fighter."

I introduced myself, "I'm Dina Takahashi I'm hoping to one day become a famous Fossil Fighter and a-!" I stopped. "And a what!" Joe and Todd asked. " Uh... Well... Never mind!" I said sweat dropping.

"Ok that was weird, but I'm Todd Yamamoto. Dina is my best friend! We always cheer for you on TV, Joe!" he threw his hand up, "We both want to be great fighters, just like you!"

Joe bent his head down, "Aw, shucks. You two small fries are really makin' me blush. Well, I should be seein' you two home, but I ain't finished with my job yet here. But y'all seem pretty good on yer' own. I trust ya' to be alright."

I was about to say goodbye when I realized I still had the three medals in my pocket. "Um, Mr. Wildwest? Here you go." I handed him the medals.

"Aww, bacon! I durn almost forgot the three Dino Medals I loaned ya'!" I sensed a wave of unhappy emotions being released from the medals.

"Tell ya' what," Joe said before handling me the medals back, "You keep them, as a prize or present from me for helpin'. Plus, Dimetro and the others seem to have taken a liking to you!" the sadness vanished. "Wow! Thank you, Joe!" I said.

I looked over at Todd with a grin, "Aww!" he moaned, "If only my stomach hadn't started hurting..." all of us laughed.

"Listen here, small fries. If you love your Vivosaurs and share their passion for Fossil Battles, then you can accomplish anything!" Joe said. We both nodded.

"Alrighty! I look forward to one day seein' both of you as proper Fossil Fighters!" he started off, then turned around, "Adios, kiddos!" and he walked off up the mountain.

Todd laughed, "Wow, we just met THE Joe Wildwest! Now we really do have to become Fossil Fighters! Let's do it, Dina, for Joe!" we jumped up in a cheer.


"Oh and Todd." I said. " Yeah?" he replied. " WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! YOU WERE GONNA LET THE ALLO EAT ME!" I shouted at him. " NO! I was just playing around." Todd said running away. "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" I shouted.

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