Chapter 12: Round Three and New Friends!

Dina's P.O.V

The next morning I woke up around 5:00 in the morning. "PSST! Pauleen are you awake." I asked Pauleen. "Yes! Are you ready to go!" Pauleen said. "Yeah let's go!" I said. Pauleen and I had planned to leave for Mt. Krakanak in the morning before the boys woke up. But it was going to be impossible to leave. For you see last night the vivos got angry at each other and started to fight in the guys' room so the guys slept in the living room. "Okay try not to step on them!" Pauleen said. "Okay!" I replied. "We're almost there!" Pauleen said. "Okay!" I replied. "Yes! We made it!" Pauleen replied. We then opened the door and left.

Once we arrived at Mt. Krakanak we began to dig. Pauleen dug up 3 fossil rocks and I dug up 4 and 5 jewel rocks. "Okay let's head back to the station the boys might wake up soon and find out we left. And before they find out we have there… you now." I told Pauleen. "I know so let's going." Pauleen replied. "Oh is that so but what if we already know!" I turned to see an angry Dino, Todd, and Rupert. "Oh! Hey boys! We were just uh… digging." Pauleen said. "Oh yeah!" Dino said. Pauleen and I tried to escape but Rupert and Todd threw out their medals and Mapo and Stego blocked our path. To make matters even worst they pick us up by our collars. "Hey let us down!" I yelled. "Alright after we take back what's ours" Rupert said. "Todd if you please." Dino said to Todd. He then walked over to us and took out two wallets out of my pocket and one out of Pauleen's. "Thanks for "Taking care" Of our wallets." Todd said. "Let them down" Rupert said to the dinos. At that moment we ran away. "Hey come back here with our money!" They shouted. "No! You have to catch us first!" Pauleen and I said splitting up.

Pauleen's P.O.V

Dina and I have taken the boys wallets. We wanted to go do some shopping and we didn't have money so we took the boys wallets hoping they wouldn't notice but this plan failed. Because now I have Todd chasing after me and Dina and I is being chased by Rupert and Dino. "Get back here Pauleen!" Todd shouted. And to make things clear I did have my mask on. The only reason I wore it was that most boys look at me weird when I don't have it on. I think its cause of my looks. But anyways I'm being chased. Then I got an idea. Since Todd didn't like my U-Raptor I decided to use her. I stopped and turned to Todd. "Ha! I finally got you!" Todd said. "No! I got you!" I said. I threw out U-raptor's Medal and ordered her to use her combo, but before she could even attack he fainted. "Oh that went well!" I said. "Now to help Dina!" I said.

Dina's P.O.V

I was out numbered. My bro and Rupert were chasing me. To make matters even worst I had accidently left my medals in my room. "Dina! Get back here!" They shouted. Just to be funny and well to get attention I said, "You'll never take me alive!" Then the running stopped. I turned to see them cracking up. "Psst! Dina over here!" I heard Pauleen say. "Why did they stop chasing me?" I asked her. "Well see for yourself." Pauleen said showing me a pic. She showed be a pic of Todd in a dress and high heels tied to a lamppost. "OMFG! That is so funny!" I said. "Well now let's go shopping!" She said.

A few minutes later

Pauleen and I have just returned from our shopping trip. We both spend about two thousand. "The guys are gonna be mad." Pauleen said. "At least we didn't waste all their money!" I said. "True." Pauleen said. "Hey! There they are!" I heard someone say from behind. I was my brother and company. "Should we run?" Pauleen asked. "Nah! Let's just walk really fast and get to our dorms," I said. So we quickly walked to our dorms and unpacked all our new stuff. "Give us back our money!" Todd shouted. "Okay. Here you can have it back!" We said to them giving the money back. "Wait there's some missing!" The trio shouted. "I know we used it to buy a few things." I told Dino. "What exactly did you buy?" He asked. "I bought a grappling hook, five walky-talkies, a Taser, and a new Pickax." I responded. "Why the fuck did you buy a Taser." Todd asked. "To shock people that annoy me." I replied. All the guys gulped.

Announcer: Every fighter please report to the heliport for a very important briefing.

"I wonder what's up?" Todd asked. "I don't know? Let's go find out." I told them. We all walked outside where Terry was talking to the people and the mammoth vision waited. "Thank you for coming." Terry said. "Now please direct your attention to the mammoth screen. It turned on. "Howdy, fellow Caliosteo Cup Fighters. Now ya'll might already know this, but… It seems we're being hassled by a band'a thieves called the BareBones Brigade. They're tellin' us we gotta cancel the Caliosteo Cup and vamoose outta this park once and for all. Well horse feathers to that! This here Cup is my dream, and I know it's shared by y'all. So if they want me to cancel it they're just gonna have to saddle up and make me! The Caliosteo Cup will never surrender! We'll beat them varmits, or my name ain't Joe Wildwest." Joe said. Then all the people around us starting cheering and screaming.

Pipipipipipipipipipipi. Paleopager: All Round Three matches of the Caliosteo cup have begun. Dina's Round 3 Match will be Nell. Please get ready, and then check in at Cranial City's Fossil Stadium.

"Well guess I'm off!" I said to my three friends. "We're all counting on you Dina!" Dino and Todd said. "Good luck and please don't lose!" Rupert said. "Don't worry I ain't planning to!" I responded. Before I reported to my battle I quickly went to the cleaning room to clean a few Fossil rocks. After I finish I had cleaned a head of a bird, it's body and it's arm, and a cleaned a new part for Dimetro now level 5. Most of my vivos were level 6 or 5. I cleaned the jewel rocks and got five double diamonds. At the end of cleaning I revived the new fossil. I had gotten a new member to the team. Its name was Tryma an ostrich type bird. "Welcome to the team, Tryma!" I said. It just ignored me. "I think you need a little more time." I said. Before leaving to my next match.

When I entered the Common Room to where my opponent waited. "Bwa ha ha ha!" Nell said. "What the hell!" I shouted. "Tee Hee! Did I sound evil right there? After seeing Don Boneyard, I decided to start laughing like him." She said. "Well… You scared the shit out of me!" I shouted. 'I'm sorry!" She responded.

Announcer: The next match is Nell vs. Dina. Fighters are urged to enter the stadium.

"Well sorry to say this but… Now I will crush you in BATTLE! Bwa ha ha ha!" Nell said. "No it's me who will be doing the crushing." I replied. Then we entered the stadium. She had a Yango, Berto, and Sungari. All fire type vivos. "Okay this is the plan. Misteral! Princess! Tryma! You guys are up." I told my vivos. "Wait! You're letting the new guy battle with us!" Princess shouted. "Yes!" I told them. "Why!" Misteral asked. "Cause I think he or she can do this! Just have FAITH!" I told them. "Fine!" Princess said. " Okay let's go!' I said. Throwing out my medals! "Okay! The person going first is Dina! So let the battle begin!" The announcer said. "Okay Misteral use Delta Combo on The Berto!" I shouted. "With pleasure!" she responded. She then hit the vivo and took about a quarter of his LP away. Suddenly Tryma attacked the Berto without me telling it to. "Hey what are you doing! I didn't say attack!" I shouted. "I know." It responded. "They why did you attack?" I asked. "I have an ability called Link. If one Vivosaur attacks the enemy my ability allows me to attack the enemy as well without wasting FP." It said. "Oh! Okay!" I responded, "Now Tryma use Raptor Combo on Yango." I said. "Yes." Tryma responded. She (She sounded like a girl so) Attacked the Yango and took away half of it's LP. "Good job." I said. Then I signaled to the other fighter. "Okay then! My turn!" Nell said. "Yango use Spike Tail on Tryma." Nell ordered. The spiked tailed Vivo swung around its tail and hit Tryma. It took away almost half of its LP. "Your Turn." Nell said. "Ugh... Tryma are you alright?" I asked. "Yes I'll be fine." Tryma answered. "Okay then Tryma use Raptor combo on Yango. And Dilopho use Dilopho Combo on Berto." "Okay!" they both said in unison. They both attacked and again Tryma used Link, which ended the LP of both Berto and Yango. "NICE! Oh and your turn Nell." I said. "GRRR! Sungari use Sungari Fire." Nell commanded. It hit all my vivos, took out Tryma and rotated my vivos. "Your Turn!" Nell said pleased with her move. "HELLS NO! Dilopho use Dilopho Fury!" I ordered. "Yes ma'am." She responded. That ended Sungari's Life.

"And the winner is Dina! Give her a round of applause." Ty-Ranno said.

I left the arena and met Todd in the lobby. "YOU WERE GREAT!" Todd said. "Of course I was. I'm just that awesome!" I replied. "That was great! It was so…. I can't even describe it." Terry said. "Thanks." I replied. "Not to be rude Terry. But how old are you?" Todd asked. "Not a problem. I'm 18 why do you ask." Terry said. "Oh nothing it cause you looked pretty young to me." Todd replied. "Well okay! You guys should go check out the new dig site." Terry said. "Which one?" I asked. "Rainbow Canyon! It's very nice you'll like it. Anyways good bye!" Terry said walking of. "Bye! Terry!" Todd and I shouted. "Well let's go!" I said to Todd.

On our way to the dig site, we ran into two arguing fighters. "Why must you be so stubborn Alle!" The male fighter shouted. "Aren't you my boyfriend!" She retorted. "Yes! But.." He replied. " There you go Taylor. Then you must always put your gf first. So I say we go in." Alle said. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Oh no. Nothing to worry about I'm just talking to my bf." She answered. "Oh Okay! By the way, my name is Dina and this is Todd. Nice to meet you!" I said. "Hello! My name is Alle Ramirez and this here is my boyfriend Taylor Medina." She replied. "Hey nice to meet you Dina and Todd." Taylor said. "Hey! We were just heading into Rainbow Canyon, do you want to join us?" Todd asked. "Sure it'll be a good way to get to know each other." Alle said.

When we walked into the dig site and saw this female fighter with a dog! "Awww how cute!" Alle and I squealed. "Aw! Cool a dog!" Todd and Taylor said. We walked over to her. "You have a cute dog." Alle said. "Well thank you very much." She said. " Oh how rude of me. Hello my name is Alle! And this here is Dina, Todd, and Taylor." Alle said. "Hello! Nice to meet you." The rest of us said. "Bonjour! My name iz Joanie. Nice to meet you." She said. "Zis is Madame Pooch. And we are entered in ze cup." "Oh you're in the cup, too? Cool!" Todd said. We talked and digged for a few minutes until It got dark. "Well it's getting dark we should head back to the fossil center." I said. "Yeah!" Everyone said.

We dropped of Alle, Taylor and Joanie off at their dorms. Then Todd and I headed towards our dorms. And fell asleep.

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