Daughter of the Wicked

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Elphaba'a name is cleared and she is summoned to Oz to talk to Glinda...

A few hours later, the King and Queen of Vinkus arrived to welcome their only child back into society. But they weren't prepared for the chaos that was waiting to greet them.

Melody had found the music room and was happily fooling around on the piano. As she played the improved song, she began to daydream that she was a famous musician.

She was so busy with her song that she failed to notice anyone enter the room until she heard clapping. She turned around and saw a regal looking couple. The man looked familiar to her, only she couldn't place him. The woman looked proud and haughty as she looked at the girl sitting on the piano bench in front of her. Melody suddenly felt shy and lowered her eyes to her hands, which were folded neatly in her lap.

"Don't stop, child," spoke the woman, smiling warmly at the young girl, who looked up and returned a smile at her. She turned her attention back to the piano and continued to play.

"Melody!" called Fiyero.

"Papa!" squealed the four year old girl, barreling her way into her father's arms.

"What kind of mischief are you getting into this time, my darling?" crooned Fiyero, chuckling as Melody monkeyed herself to her father's chest.

It was then that he saw his mother.

Fiyero's muscles tensed as he prepared himself for another scolding.

But to his surprise, he mother only smiled gently at him.

"My husband mentioned that you have a wife," she stated. "I would like to meet her."

Fiyero couldn't refuse his mother's request as he began the trek to the third floor.


Elphaba smiled as Nessarose and Jemez took turns listening to their unborn sibling and talking to him. All three girls knew that it was going to be a little boy. Elphaba had long since given up trying to talk the girls out of naming the baby Gemme, but had given up.

Well, then, she would have to wait and see if the baby was a boy or a girl!

Suddenly, Fiyero entered the room with Melody in his arms.

"Fae, we have visitors," he murmured, kissing her cheek lightly.

"If it's that doctor again, then tell him to go away before I burn him to a crisp!" growled Elphaba, remembering the doctor who had came to check up on her progress.

"No, dear, it isn't that man," chuckled Fiyero, motioning for the couple to enter.

"Fiyero dear, you didn't tell me what a gem you married," complimented the queen, smiling at Elphaba.

"An emerald gem," muttered Elphaba, struggling to sit up in bed. Fiyero rushed to help his wife while the three girls fluffed up their mother's pillows. "Thank you girls," smiled Elphaba, leaning back into comfort. The daughter all snuggled up next to their plump mother and giggled as they quieted down for their daily nap.

"Mother, I can't imagine you coming all the way over here to Emerald City just to see my wife and children," began Fiyero in a quiet voice.

"You're right, Yero," sighed the queen. "We're here because we want to know if you love her."

Fiyero turned purple as he led her parents out of the room that he shared with Elphaba. After shutting the door, he slowly turned to face them.

"What do you mean by 'if I love her'?" he hissed. "Is the fact that we have three beautiful daughters and a fourth child on the way enough proof for you?" He began to pace as he ranted. "I love Elphaba. Elphaba loves me. What else is there to prove? And we also have three stunning daughters who are the love of my life!"

The queen could only stare at her son with amazement. He had changed from the proud, arrogant, pampered prince that he was (once upon a time) into a kind, caring, loving husband and father.

"Forgive me, son," interrupted the queen softly. "It's just so odd for me to see you settling down."

Fiyero calmed down at his mother's mollifying words and stopped pacing.

"I love her, mom," he whispered.

"So I see," murmured the king. "I would like for you to return to Vinkus, if not for a while."

"We want you close by," barged in the queen. "We thought you to be dead for seven years!"

Fiyero sighed heavily before looking towards where his wife was looking over their three daughters.

"I'll talk it over with Elphaba," was all that he promised them before returning to his bedroom to talk with Elphaba.


"I think it would be fun, Fiyero," announced Elphaba with a smile. "Besides, I always wanted to see where you grew up."

"Sounds like we're moving into our own place," mused Fiyero, bending over to kiss his wife on the lips.

"I hate depending on Glinda's hospitality," sighed Elphaba, snuggling deeper into her husband's embrace before falling asleep.


A week later, Glinda was waving goodbye with tears running down her face as she wished her good friend and her family the best of luck in starting their new life. He only regret was that her husband was always busy with the Gale Force so her hadn't the opportunity to meet Elphaba, Fiyero, Nessarose, Melody and Jemez.

Glinda smiled as she recalled all the fun she had with Elphaba'a daughters- playing dolls, hosting tea parties, coloring and teaching them little spells.

Glinda turned to reenter the palace that she called home and smiled as she spied her husband, Josan, running to her.

"You just missed them," she sobbed sadly.


A little over an hour later, the carriage arrived at Vinkus, the kingdom that Fiyero was destined to rule one day. The horses slowed from a gallop into a walk to allow the family to gaze at the lovely scenery.

To Fiyero's surprise, the citizens of Vinkus lined the streets, all hoping to catch a glimpse of their future ruler and his family. Suddenly, the carriage came to a halt as one of the horse cried that he had lost a shoe.

Fiyero cursed under his breath as he hopped from the carriage to look at the horse. Sure enough, a shoe had been loosened and was now lying a few feet behind the horse.

"Excuse me!" called Fiyero, spying the blacksmith. "Could you-"

"Oh, but of course, your highness!" cried the blacksmith, helping the horse to his home, where he would take care of its hoof.

"Elphaba, I think we may need to walk," announced Fiyero to his wife, who donned a black cloak and stepped out of the carriage with her three daughters trailing behind her. Everyone gasped at the sight of the old wicked witch of the west and her three beautiful daughters. Elphaba walked up to Fiyero, who helped her onto a horse with little difficulties and began the short trek to the palace where his parents were waiting to greet them.

As they passed by, the people went silent and looked terrified. Elphaba thought that it was because they all thought that she would turn them into warty frogs or something.

So instead, she muttered a spell and had sweets fall out of nowhere for the children to enjoy.

"Nice one," muttered Fiyero as they watched the town children scrambling for the gifted sweets.

Finally, after what seemed to be two hours, the family arrived at the palace Glimmermore, where they were to live. Fiyero had at first refused his parent's generous gift until the king told him that it was a "late wedding present", and then he agreed.

The king and queen were please to see their son and his family, but were mortified when they learned that one of the horses had thrown a show on the carriage ride over.

"Yero, I need to lie down," grunted Elphaba as her husband helped her off the horse.

"Oh! Dear child, forgive me, please! I completely forgot about your condition!" cried the queen, gesturing for Fiyero to help her into the palace. The three girls were nowhere in sight, probably off exploring.

As Fiyero carried his wife to their bedroom, Elphaba fell asleep with a peaceful smile on her face.