"Oh no, no, no, no!" Mike Ross was running late. It wasn't anything new, but he always freaked out when he was late. Biking to work made his life both easier and harder.

After three years, you'd think he would just learn to leave earlier. Harvey seemed to expect it now.

He hadn't even meant to be at that first interview. Trevor had talked him into a deal and it was a set up. When he stumbled into the conference room and his briefcase spilled out enough marijuana to put him away for a long time, he thought his life was over.

After twenty minutes with Harvey, it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was a miracle.

Except that Harvey could be the biggest jerk on the planet. He was smug and ruthless, and the best closer in New York.

Maybe even America.

The bastard.

Mike liked to believe that sometimes Harvey actually cared about him, but if Harvey ever did him any favors it was when Mike wasn't looking. He had mostly had to deal with Louis and the other associates on his own. Not being the top of the class had really put him at the bottom of the food chain despite his stellar score on the Bar exam, and he had been clawing his way up ever since. Louis had threatened to fire him his first week there. His ability to regurgitate information had not impressed Louis at all.

Sometimes he just wished Harvey would back him up when he needed it. Not always, just every once in a while.

Mike arrived, and was beyond happy when he saw Harvey's empty office. Donna smiled up at him. "Sorry, champ, he is here. He's just stepped out to talk with Jessica."

Mike winced.

She smiled at him. "Alright, he hasn't been here long so maybe I could tell him that you got here early and spilled coffee on your suit or something and had to change. If you head over their straight away you could probably pull off the lie. Good luck, I'm heading down to Realty."

"You've literally saved my life. I'll go spill coffee on my spare suit then." Mike turned and booked it for his cubicle. After he did that he'd go find Harvey, to give him the news about the deal he had scored.

When he approached Jessica's office, they were just staring at each other. He opened the door. "Harvey, are you still-"

Harvey turned and Mike froze. He was interrupting something again. He stayed still until acknowledged. No sudden movements. "What is it, Mike?" Harvey sounded tired.

"I have thing…" Way to sound intelligent and grammatically correct, Michael. Now tell him what thing. "The thing for the Reinhart proposal?"

Suddenly, Harvey's face got the look he got when he was about to close a big deal.

"But if you're still busy I can-"

"No, Mike, I think you want to be here for this." Mike stepped slowly into the office and close the door behind hiHe nervously took his place by Harvey and waited. Harvey gave him that smile that said that Mike needed to be with him on this. "Jessica, Mike and I are getting married."

Wait, what?