A sequel to 'Promises of an Addict' – say what? Yeah . . . I can't say that updates will be fast and consistent, but they will come! :)

I don't own Twilight/its characters, but I do own this plot.

"Monday night I feel so low

Count the hours they go so slow." Be With you, Enrique Iglesias

"What's wrong, Edward?" I ask as I sit down.

It's Monday afternoon, I just came back from my editor's office in Seattle to find Edward agitated, and pacing; it's going to be a rough night. He shakes his head and stands up when I touch his arm.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I ask, fearful.

He doesn't answer me as he grabs his keys and goes for the front door.

I jump up and try to go after him, but he stops me.

"I'm sorry," he tells me, his voice shaky and unstable.

"What—EDWARD!" I yell as he turns around and walks out.

I rush to the door and swing it open in time to see his car taking off, going faster than he should. I slam the door shut and slide down it, suddenly feeling as though I'm 20-years-old, and it's just like it was six years ago.