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Cam walked the streets of Avignon deep in thought. He knew he should not be doing such a thing with only a few days left till the repeat of the fall, but even so staying in a hotel room with Molly and Gabbe was not pleasant. Cam suggested that they stay in a room and go through the clues they had to find the third relic. Everything was good until they got to the room and started discussing clues. Once again he and Molly had gotten into it making Gabbe kick Cam because it was HIS fault that the argument started. Rolling his eyes he took a sharp left and stopped dead in his tracks due to hearing a group of people yelling, looking up on a hotel balcony he spotted a girl and two women one much older than the other. Instantly he began to listen in.

"Lisa it is time you put your daughters act together right now." The older woman said harshly as if the young girl was not standing there in front of them.

"What act is there to put together I told you I didn't do anything!" The young girl shouted.

"Do not yell at your grandmother." The woman said looking at her daughter.

"What do you mean there is nothing to straighten up. You were all over that man acting like the little ill-mannered hussy you are." The older woman said bitterly.

"I told you he came onto me!" The girl yelled once again.

Cam watched the three women argue. He was in a trance like state due the young girl's beauty. True he had seen many beautiful women in his life well eternity, but this one was exceptional. She was small and petite. Her long black hair was like a waterfall of midnight hugging her small waist. It was a shame he could not see the young girls eyes but he was sure they held anger in them due to the argument.

"Lying is a sin young lady god can only forgive so much." The older woman said.

"Forgive! Forgive! God doesn't forgive us he pities us! Aren't you the one who told me that he wouldn't forgive his own children because they fell in loves with us humans! So if he won't forgive his own damn children why would he forgive us? Plain and simple because he pities us that's why he is all forgiving!" The young girl screeched at the top of her lungs then ran back into the room and out then out the hotel and into its garden.

Cam stood there shocked he never imagined something so tiny could produce something so loud not only that, but her comment had shocked him as well. Be it to say he was curious and followed the girl to see her sitting on the fuming with tears streaming down her face. Cam took another step and to his dismay cracked a branch and winced while doing so.

"Go away mother I do not." Was all she let out untill when she turned around realizing that it was someone else. "I'm sorry I thought you were my mother." She continued.

"Quite alright I always manage to stumble in things that I have no business in." He said.

Cam sat down next to girl looking at her. He had no idea what he was doing. He shouldn't be dilly dallying around when he still needed to find the missing artifacts. To prevent Lucifer from changing time itself. Getting a closer look he noticed the girl's eyes were a honey gold that you could just melt into and swim in them. They were so bright and vibrant due to the mixed emotions of anger and sadness that was held in them.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Cam heard himself ask.

"About what?" She snapped.

"Obviously there is a reason you're crying. No one cries for any reason." He stated.

Even though he already knew why she was crying, but why freak her out, by saying hey I seen what happened and I wanted to make sure you were ok by hitting on you. Is that ok? Though talking to a complete stranger is just as bad.

"Some random guy came up to me and started feeling me up and my mother and grandmother caught me assuming that I was the one who started it. Then she said something about god forgiving so much and…wait, why do you want to even listen to my troubles?" She asked.

"I'm your personal guardian angel and was sent here to do so." He stated winking at her making her stifle a laugh.

"I don't believe in angels or god for that matter." She said rolling her eyes. "Those people in my hotel room aren't even my real parents. I found out that my real parents didn't want me and ever since then I prayed to god that they would come to take me back for three years I have prayed every single night to be saved by my parents or anyone for that matter, but what happens nothing." She said with sadness holding herself as if she was thinking that she might break.

Cam looked at the girl with pity. He knew in a way what it felt like to not be wanted. The day Lilith had threw their marriage certificate into the river into river had shattered his heart and when Daniel had tried to make it better he only made it worse by making Cam feel as if wasn't wanted by the love of his life and his brother. That was what made him turn to Lucifer's side, that is what made his soft white wings turn to gold, and that is what caused him to get the sunburst tattoo on his neck to appear. Cam then snapped out of his thoughts realizing the small girl was staring at him, tears no longer flowing down her checks or wielding up in her eyes; just the glassy stare that came after crying.

"I'm sorry did you say something?" Cam questioned.

"No, but I would like to know the name of my "Guardian Angel." If you don't mind?" She said.

Just when Cam was about ready to tell her his name he spotted an elder out from the corner of his eyes bow in hand with a star shot loaded in it. Instantly he flung himself at the girl making them topple onto the ground the star shot barely missing Cam who was muttering to himself. He knew star shots couldn't kill humans but he wasn't going to let a human girl sit on bench as a sitting duck in this case target. Cam jumped up and grabbed the girl dragging her behind the building while his hand was over her mouth. He could hear her muffled questions, but was hoping he could spare an explanation as to why they were being shot at with bows and arrows. The girl managed to remove Cam's hand so she could take a gasp of air. Moving away from him she put her hand on the building continuing to gasp for air when she turned around her eyes widen making Cam get a confusing look on face right before he felt something come down on his head making him fall to the ground. Cam turned his head a little only to see Mrs. Sophia standing over him with a grin. Cam was about ready to get back up when he felt and elder slam his head into the pavement making him hiss in pain.

Cam was about to tell the young girl to run when he seen that she was running towards Mrs. Sophia yelling at her to stop what she was doing. Cam tried to throw the elder off him only to once again have his head slammed into the pavement again. The last thing Cam saw before he lost consciousness was Mrs. Sophia plant a dagger straight into the girl's chest and watch her lifeless body fall to the ground.

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