Me: Helloo everyone!

Cam: Phaux it's 8 A.M!

Me: :D I know! Say hi!

Cam: No now leave me alone before I do something your gonna regret.

Me: Aww does poor Cammie wammie need his sleep?

Cam: _ Call me that again and I swear to whatever god you worship I will kill you.

Me:If you do that then you won't be able to be with Arella because the story would not be complete and I the author would be dead.


Arella:Seriously its 8 A.M

Me:I know but I am in school so yeah.

Cam: How can you type and be in school at the same time.

Me: Because I can. Now who wants breakfast?

Cam: EW god don't eat it's poisoned!

Me: _ -throws pillow at your face-

Cam: _

Arella: =_= ====tired

Me:I cook good.

Cam: I'm sure you do.

Arella: Can we start the chapter now?

Me: Yes we can :)

Arella's P.O.V

Arella looked up at Cam speechless. She felt sick to her stomach. All of her memories from this life and apparently a previous one, and Cam's...Immortal life. Had threw her through a loop and it appeared that it had threw one on Cam too. For all he was doing was looking down at her mouth hung open speechless. After what seemed like forever Cam moved off top of Arella never breaking the eye contact they had.

" angel?" Arella said.

"You should probably get back to your dorm your late for your date with Jake." Cam said getting up and turning his back to her and began to walk away

"Wait! Cam!" Arella shouted making him stop.

Cam's P.O.V

Cam stopped his back still turned to her. He wanted to tell her about her life not his. He didn't want her to know what he was. He didn't want her to know the bad things he did. So why would she want him to wait? A moment later he felt Arella turn him around. Her honey gold eyes barring in his.

"Why? Why are you running away?" Arella said shocking Cam.

"Why aren't you running away?" He asked her.

"Well why should I?" She questioned making him gape at her.

"You've seen what I am who I am and that doesn't scare you!?" Cam shouted.

"Why should it scare me. You were just misunderstood and

choose the wrong side but ended up redeeming yourself." Arella said.

Cam looked at her speechless. She wasn't stubbornly innocent at this point any more she was just plain stupid. Turning his back to her again he frowned and began to fight within himself. He wanted to distant himself from her, but yet he wanted to be near her. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to fulfill the dreams he had seen. Finally after what seemed like forever he gave in turned around and pulled Arella into his arms. He couldn't help it he was drawn to her he felt the desire to be near her and with her. Though he felt as if he didn't deserve to be with her. For he was the reason she had died in the first place.

"I'm sorry, because of me you died before you had to." He said holding her tightly.

"I died happy knowing that I had someone who cared for me." She replied.

"I think I should walk you back it's getting late." Cam Said pulling away.

"Yeah I guess it is." Arella said.

Arella's P.O.V

Arella frowned when Cam pulled away she felt so relaxed and loved in his embrace. She knew that her life was going to change after this night for it has already changed. She was curious about her past life. She was curious about who she was and what she was like. As Cam was walking her back she looked down at her watch and her eyes widen it was 7:00 P.M. She had stood up Jake by two hours. Instantly she began to feel bad.

"Something wrong?" Cam asked making her grimace.

"I feel kind of bad I stood Jake up with no explanation." She said.

"I'm sure he'll understand." Cam said a bit to quick and smugly.

Before Arella knew it she had spoken to soon for when she was walking down the hall to her dorm she had noticed Cam had stopped and looked in the direction he was looking at to see Jake. Arella sucked in air when Jake had turned and noticed her and Cam. Slowly he began to walk towards them instantly she had noticed Cam's demeanor had change to laid back and positive to defensive and negative.

"I was wondering where you were at?" Jake said.

"I'm sorry I lost track of time." Arella said.

"I'm sure you did." Jake said looking at Cam.

"You don't have to be so defensive. It's my fault I kept her away without

asking if she had any other plans." Cam said lying smoothly making Arella

advert her eyes and sigh.

"Oh I figured that." Jake said anger evident in his eyes.

"Jake you don't have to be so rude. It's my fault that I didn't tell him and lost

track of time." Arella said looking at him with a frown.

"It doesn't matter any ways." Jake said shoving past Cam and sulking off.

Arella was about to ask what that was about until suddenly she felt very dizzy and began to hold onto Cam for support. There was a fire in the pit of her stomach that she could not explain it she felt it begin to spread all over her body. Her skin began to tingle it felt like electricity was dancing on her skin. She fell to her knees and distantly heard Cam call out her name. The fire in her began to turn into pressure a type of pressure that needed to be released. The experience was beginning to scare her. She didn't know what was happening to her. She didn't know if it was harmful or not. Suddenly she felt the pressure release. Before darkness consumed her she seen Cam being thrown against the wall by an unseen force.

Jake's P.O.V

Jake stormed out filled with rage. Cam knew had knew what he was planing to do and took her away so it wouldn't happen. Suddenly before Jake had stepped any further out of the building he felt himself being shoved onto the ground. Getting up he turned around to see an enraged Cam. Instantly Jake felt himself being lifted off the ground by the front of his shirt.

"What did you do to her!" Cam shouted.

"What are you talking about?" Jake asked.

"Don't play dumb with me! What did you do!?" Cam said shaking him.

Jake began to struggle against Cam's iron grip only to have Cam grab him by the throat.

"What is your problem?" Jake said gagging.

" My problem...MY PROBLEM! I'll show you what's wrong." Cam said dragging Jake back into the building.

Jake tried desperately to get out of Cam's grip even though he knew it was no use. He so wanted to use his powers, but that was against the law. Once getting to the hall that Arella's dorm room was in he noticed the shift of energy. It was dark and negative. Instantly Jake grabbed Cam's wrist and snapped it making him hiss in pain and release him.

"If you think I did this your wrong. If anyone caused anything it was you." Jake said.

"Me? Your damned kind never takes responsibility for your possible actions do they?" Cam said shaking his head. "Your going to fix her!" Cam shouted then grabbed Jake and threw him in Arella's dorm.

"What do you mean?" Jake said.

"Why don't you see for yourself." Cam said with venom in his voice.

Jake turned to see Arella levitating about a couple inches off her bed instantly he gasped. It was way too soon for her to awaken. It wasn't even a full moon yet alone October.

"I didn't cause this." Jake said.

"To hell you didn't." Cam almost yelled.

There was then a knock on the bedroom window. Instantly Cam went to the window and opened the curtain. There floating up in the air was a very angry Arriane. Opening the window she flew right in and looked at Jake and Cam with a frown.

"You both caused it." She said her hands on her hips.

"Ever since Dany boy has been living it up you guys have the idea that you can lecture me and tell me what to do since he isn't here to do so. Why is that?" Cam said sneering.

"I was sent here by the throne." She said making Cam's mouth drop.

Jake looked at the girl in front of him her black hair came just past her shoulders. While her wings shined with a sort of transparent glow instantly he deducted that she was an angel not a demon. So why was she associating with Cam? That wasn't his concern now hearing that she was sent here by highest power in the world had worried him and he did not want to be associated with any of it.

"I didn't cause this so I'm out of here, but unless you really want me to help her then she needs to come with me." Jake said standing up and headed towards Arella's bed.

"You ain't touching her." Cam said instantly standing in between the two.

Jake looked at Cam then Arriane. He couldn't possibly take on two fallen angels. He would have a hard time with just one. So he instantly turned on his heel and looked at them he was going o say something then changed his mind and walked out of the room.

Cam's P.O.V

Cam slowly turned and looked at Arriane. Why the girl was here was beyond him, but he knew what she said early was a lie. He had the sinking feeling that Ronald had sent her. Seeing that she was the next best choice when it came to kicking his ass. Sicne Gabe was no longer here to do so.

"Why are you really here?" He asked.

"Even someone like you deserves a happy ending right?" She said then turned and looked at Arella.

"So you came here thinking I need help?" Cam asked.

"No, I came her knowing you need help." She said smiling.

"Whatever. If you want to help then help me make her stop levitating. Her dorm mate will be here god knows when she'll be here." Cam said.

"I don't think I'll be able to. Why don't you try." she stated.

Cam went over to Arella and began to call out her name. Before she had went unconscious. He had noticed the pure distress on her face. He could tell that she wasn't in any pain she was just scared. Finally Arella was back on her bed and her eyes fluttered open. Cam stared at the deep honey gold eyes that he had loved oh so much.

He helped her sit up all the while they could not break the hypnotic trance they were in. until Arriane cleared her throat making Arella turn her head to see the girl and gasp. Cam stiffed a chuckle.

Arella's P.O.V

Arella looked at the girl in front of her in awe. She had wings. Beautiful large glowing transparent like wings. They reminded her of fairy wings.

"Wow. There beautiful." She said.

"Why thank you." The girl said. "I'm Arriane and you must be Arella." Arriane continued.

"Yes that's me." She replied.

"Well I best be going...Oh and Cam." Arriane stated going to the window then put a hand on her hip in a dominant posture.

"Yeah what?" He asked.

"Keep your hands to yourself." She said cracking a grin then flew out the window.

Instantly Arella blushed at her comment then began to laugh at the look on Cam's face. It was a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment. Cam then turned and looked at Arella with a frown who was trying so hard to not laugh. A minute late Cam joined in with her. About five minutes later they both calmed down and she was in his arms.

"What do your wings look like?" She asked.

"Nothing like Arriane's... There horrible." He said looking at the ceiling.

"Oh they can't be that bad." Arella replied nuzzling into his chest.

"Arella I'm not like Arriane. When the war between heaven and hell was still going you seen what I chose. I chose hell." Cam stated.

"What does that have to do with your wings?" She asked looking up at him.

Cam then got off the bed and stood in the middle of the room. His back turned to her. After a minute he turned around and looked at her straight in the eyes and before she knew it she was looking at pure gold. Looking closer she notice black reflective looking streaks in the gold. Why did he think they were hideous she thought they were the most beautiful things in the world.

"There beautiful Cam." She said in awe and walked up to him.

Slowly she reached out and touched them. They were soft, softer then anything she had ever felt. This is probably what a cloud feels like she thought. She then buried her face in one of his wings laughing lightly causing it to be muffled. She then felt his wings wrap around her and pull her into him. Looking up at him she smiled. They were both in there own world and Arella wanted it to stay that way but she knew it couldn't. She was curious as to what had happened to her in the hall way and she knew Cam possibly knew what happened. Instantly she somewhat pulled away and looked at him.

"What happened to me in the hall way?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"I'm not necessarily sure, but I think I know that it might be connected to what I found out earlier." Cam said.

"Which is what?" She asked.

"Arella you're a witch." He said looking her dead in the eyes.

Me: dun dun duuuunnnn.

Cam: Could you be any louder?

Me:Yes I can would you like me to be louder?

Cam: No.

Arella: Wow that was quite suspensful.

Me: Mhm. Fellow readers I am making a question air for anyone curious about the story. If you have questions for Arella or any other character in the stroy that they can answer then please pm them to me them so I can post it here.

Cam:No one has any questions for you or us.

Me: You don't know that.

Cam: Yes I do.

Me: :-/

Cam: :D

Arella: Phaux be nice.

Me: He being mean to me though DX

Cam: waaaa waaa waaa waaa that's all you do is whine

Me:...-takes out notebook and writes and says aloud- Jake kisses Arella and she likes it.

Cam: 0o0 What!

Arella: wha wha-what /

Me: :D

Jake: What?!

Me: Till next time my dear friends till next time.