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Chapter 1



Natasha was doing her best to keep her laughter back as they watched Tony try with all his might to lift Thor's hammer from the ground. His face was turning red and the Black Widow wasn't sure if it was from the strain or from anger.

"Give it up Stark. Hulk couldn't even pick the thing up." Clint declared. "I'm pretty sure us regular humans can't pick it up."

"What's the deal Thor?" Tony exclaimed giving up on trying to lift the hammer of the thunder god. "Why can't we lift it?"

"Because my father has made it to where only those who are worthy of my power can lift it." Thor answered leaning against a metal desk with an amused look on his face from Tony's efforts to lift Mjolnir. "It was a way to make sure that no evil being could weild it."

"Well he did a good job of that." Tony declared sitting on a lab stool.

"Indeed he did." Thor mused. "Many have tried to lift Mjolnir but none have succeeded."

"Thanks for rubbing it in buddy."

Thor chuckled.

"My apologies. I did not mean to offend."

"Don't worry about it." Tony replied waving his hand dismissively. "I just wonder if we're ever going to find someone else who can lift that hammer."

"Chances are slim." Bruce said from behind the desk Thor was leaning on.

"I think it's impossible to say that there may be someone on Earth who could actually do it." Clint stated.

"Do what?" a voice asked.

All eyes went to the doorway where the legendary super soldier himself walked through and into the lab.

"What's going on in here?" he asked curiously.

"Tony and Bruce were running a few tests on Thor's hammer." Natasha answered. "Tony tried to pick it up and couldn't."

"Is it that heavy?" Steve asked looking at the hammer that sat in the middle of a red ring on the floor.

"The Hulk couldn't even lift it." Bruce answered.

"Wow." Steve said amused. He knows how strong the Hulk is, having seen it first hand during the battle against Loki and his army.

"Yeah, we all tried to pick it up and none of us have been able to move it an inch." Clint added.

"Why don't you try Cap?" Tony suggested. "You're the only one left who hasn't tried to pick it up."

"If the Hulk couldn't lift it, what makes you think that I can?" Steve asked.

"Go ahead and try. Otherwise Tony will never leave you alone about it." Natasha said.

"Yes, please try Captain." Thor added.

"Alright, alright." Steve agreed moving to the hammer.

The five Avengers watched as Steve grasped the hammer with one hand. He held the handle tightly and, with little effort, managed to lift the hammer from the ground.

"Holy..." Clint gasped as Steve held the hammer to eye level.

"I thought you said this thing was heavy." Steve said twirling the hammer in his hand.

"It is!" Tony declared. "How'd you do that?"

"I just picked it up." Steve answered. "You saw for yourself that all I did was pick it up."

Thor walked over to the soldier and eyed him carefully.

"You are the first that has ever been able to lift Mjolnir." he said. "You are worthy to have my power."

"Whoa, whoa." Steve said handing Thor his hammer. "I like just being a soldier. I don't think I'd be able to handle the power that you have Thor. I'm not sure that I could survive handling lightning."

"But you are worthy Steven Rogers." Thor said pushing the hammer back towards the super soldier. "My father has deemed it so that only those who are worthy to weild the power that I possess can lift Mjolnir. You are worthy."

"Wait, let me get this straight. Only those who can lift this hammer, which barely weighs a thing by the way, can handle the power that you have?"

"That is correct." Thor confirmed with a smile. "We must tell my father of this news at once. He will wish to meet the mortal who can weild my hammer."

"I don't know Thor. This really doesn't seem like a big deal." Steve said tossing the hammer to its owner who caught it easily.

"But it is Captain." Thor insisted. "Also, my father advised me to bring to him the person who is worthy to lift my hammer. I think he will be very pleased to meet you."

"You're taking him to Asgard?" Natasha asked.

"I am and all of you are welcome to come along to meet my father." Thor answered.

"I think I'll pass Thor." Bruce said. "I don't want to take any chances turning into the Other Guy in your realm. It might send the wrong message to everyone if I did."

"Heck, I'm going. I want to see just how 'advanced' Asgard is compared to Earth." Tony declared.

"Come then." Thor said and spun his hammer quickly before pointing it straight in front of him. A flash of light shot from the hammer and created a circular portal that showed a large gate.

"When was this agreed?" Steve muttered as Thor walked forward and through the portal.

"Come on Cap. Time to go meet Thor's daddy." Clint said pulling Steve along through the portal.

"We'll fill you in on everything." Natasha told Bruce before heading to the portal.

"See you in a while buddy." Tony called.

"Don't cause too much mischief in Asgard." Bruce called.

"No promises!" Tony replied stepping through the portal.