Chapter 19

By: MysticFantasy



"NO!" Thor shouted as he reached the ice that held Steve inside.

Loki smiled with evil pleasure as he watched Thor stand in front of the now frozen figure of the super soldier.

"One down, one to go." Loki mused as he slowly walked down the small flight of icy stairs.

"Why?" Thor asked as he turned to his adopted brother. "Why, Loki?"

"Don't try to appel to my soft side." Loki snapped. "It didn't work when you tried to stop me from taking over Midgard. It won't work now. You and your friends stopped me my taking what should have been mine and now I'm going to make all of you pay. The Captain was the first. When the rest of your friends return, they will be next and you will witness every single one of them fall before your eyes."

"I will not allow that to happen." Thor declared.

"It will happen, Thor. You have stopped me before but this time it won't work."

"How can you be sure of that?!" Thor demanded, even though he knew he should always be on toes around his brother because of his famous tricks.

Loki smirked as his skin began to turn blue and his eyes glowed red. With a wave of his hands, he revealed none other than the Casket of Ancient Winters.

"How did you get that?!" Thor demanded.

"You keep forgetting of my tricks, Thor. Getting into the vault was easy enough. But don't worry. I did not touch your precious Tesseract. The Casket of Ancient Winters is the only weapon I need to stop you. The great weapon of my people."

"We are your people, Loki. You and I grew up together. As Asgardians! The Frost Giants never knew of you. They believed you to be dead and even when you did make yourself known to them, they did not acknowledge you as their prince."

"They don't need to anymore." Loki stated. "When I am finished with you, I shall use the Casket to freeze all of Midgard and then my own birth world. All of you shall pay."

"I will stop you." Thor vowed. "Even if it means taking your life."

Loki grinned wickedly.

"We shall see." he said and unleashed a blast of ice.