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Everyone was actively avoiding Crowley, so he took the privacy as his chance to wander the house. He ended up in the living room, and his eyes swept over it, taking in every little detail. Bookshelves lined the walls, and a large desk sat in front of the fireplace. He sneered at the ugly, frayed couch and small television that also occupied the room.

He walked over to the desk and began opening drawers, rummaging through them. He pulled out an old journal and flipped through it. From the entries, he gathered it belonged to John Winchester. A throat cleared, and he looked up, not at all embarrassed at being caught. 'Yes?' he said as he went back to reading the journal.

Bobby glared at the demon. 'What do you think yer doin'?'


Bobby stalked up to Crowley and snatched the book away.

Crowley gave a bored sigh and raised a brow at Bobby. 'Was that really necessary?'

Bobby shoved the journal back into the desk drawer and slammed it shut. 'You wanna read somethin', you ask first,' he said as he crossed his arms.

Crowley rolled his eyes and made to turn away, set on finding entertainment elsewhere.

'Why ain't yer eyes solid?' Bobby asked.

Crowley looked back up at Bobby. He blinked, flashing dark red eyes at the Hunter. He grinned at the sudden intake of air. Another blink, and his eyes looked normal once more. 'Did you really think we wouldn't learn to hide?' he asked. 'First thing you learn as a demon. Don't get it or can't control it? Well, that's natural selection.'

Bobby looked away briefly. He had killed his fair share of demons over the years, and none of them had presented themselves as calmly as the shorter man that stood before him. He had to keep reminding himself that the man was a demon. 'I take it "natural selection" applies to the crazies, too?' he said.

Crowley grimaced. 'There are a few that can't control their…urges,' he admitted.

'Urges?' Bobby scoffed. 'You're all a bunch of fuckin' evil bastards!'

'And humans aren't?' Crowley countered. 'We were born from your race. Humans are just as capable of evil as demons. More so, I should think. Your lot knows better.'

'And you don't?!'

Crowley shrugged. He didn't want Bobby to know so much, but he needed the Hunter on his side. He leaned against the desk, deciding how much he should reveal. 'I understand the concept of right and wrong. I just don't really care,' he eventually said. 'It's the same with angels. You must have noticed.'

Bobby frowned. Karen cared deeply about him and the boys. But, when it came to all others, she lacked any sort of emotional connection. He had caught her sighing and staring into space on several occasions when they would have to speak to the families of victims. Gabriel would laugh maniacally at tragic news reports, but the moment Sam would misplace something or stub a toe, Gabriel was right there, acting as if the world had come to an end.

'Good example: I want to kill Sam and Dean for taking my boys. Slowly torture them, make them beg for death. I want to slice that fat gut of yours and watch your intestines spill to the floor because you're housing those two,' Crowley said, ignoring Bobby's indignant squawk. 'The only thing that's stopping me is that I'd rather have you on my side.'

'On your side?! After you tell me that?!' Bobby shouted incredulously.

'Well, yes,' Crowley replied as he nodded. 'See, it would do me no good to kill off a small family of Hunters. That grabs attention. I don't need that sort of attention. I need allies, not vengeful Hunters breathing down my neck.'

'Yer not very good at makin' allies,' Bobby growled.

'Oh, but I am,' Crowley responded with a smile. 'I could kill those two boys with no problem, and be lauded a hero. Last of Campbells. Dead, and I'm responsible.' He pushed off the desk and took a step back as Bobby began to advance on him. 'I'd make plenty of new friends that way, but I don't want those sort of allies.'

Bobby paused, staring at Crowley in confusion. 'Then what sort of allies are ya' lookin' for?'

'The sort that keep my boys safe. I have my priorities, and they are my top priority,' Crowley said.

Bobby stared at the demon. It all clicked together. Karen, Gabriel, Castiel, even Crowley. 'It's family. That's all you care about.'


'Demons and angels. You don't care what it takes, who you have to take out,' Bobby said, 'as long as they're taken care of.'

Crowley sucked in a breath. He hadn't been counting on Bobby being smarter than he looked. These Hunters were too full of surprises. He turned and quickly left the room, not knowing what else he could do. He passed Meg in the hallway, looking entirely too smug for her own good. He grabbed her arm and narrowed his eyes at her.

'And what's got you in such a good mood?' he asked.

Meg's eyes went black as she held Crowley's gaze. 'If you think I'm in a good mood, you should see Castiel,' she replied.

Crowley released his hold. 'And what are your thoughts on Dean?'

'He likes Castiel,' she replied. 'He apologized for asking Cas a question. Never seen a Hunter do that before.'

Crowley nodded and waved her away. 'Don't answer any of the older Hunter's questions. Or anyone's questions, for that matter.'

Meg grinned knowingly at Crowley. She hurried away as he rounded on her.


Castiel sat at the foot of Dean's bed. He waited patiently while Dean drew a few symbols onto the door in chalk.

Dean turned around, tossing the chalk onto a nearby dresser. He dusted off his hands and grinned at Castiel. 'That should keep out any demons or angels,' he said.

Castiel nodded as he frowned at the symbols on the door. 'And keep me in,' he pointed out.

Dean crawled onto bed and positioned himself just behind Castiel. 'You could always jump out the window,' he replied before slowly running his hands over the black wings. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Casitel's neck. 'But do you really want to jump out the window?'

'Sometimes,' Castiel answered, then ducked his head as he realized what he had just said. 'Er, I mean…' He buried his head in his hands and groaned in frustration. He gasped and arched his back, forgetting his embarrassment, as Dean ran fingers down his spine.

Dean chuckled. 'Don't worry. I get it,' he said. 'Gabriel jumped off the roof a few times to see if he could fly.'

'We can't,' Castiel moaned as Dean reached around to stroke the undersides of his wings.



'I don't care.'

Castiel sighed happily as he leaned into Dean's touch. He was pulled back to reality as he felt confusion flitting along the cuff's connection. 'What's wrong?'

Dean frowned at Castiel's back and tugged at Castiel's jacket. 'I give up,' he said. 'How the fuck do I get this off you?'

'Oh!' One thought, and he was naked from the waist up. He looked over his shoulder and gave a cheeky grin when Dean gasped. 'Is that better?'

Dean surged forward and ran his tongue between Castiel's wings, giving his answer.

'Ah!' Black wings suddenly stretched out, shedding a few feathers. Castiel moaned as Dean stroked his feathers and kissed at his neck. He was a panting mess when Dean slowly guided him further back on the bed. He turned and caught Dean's lips with his own. He straddled Dean's lap as he pulled at Dean's shirt.

Dean twisted as Castiel pulled at his clothes. He tried not to break the kiss as the young angel attempted to push his shirt over his head. He broke away long enough to pull his t-shirt off and toss it into a corner. He stared at Castiel and was rewarded with a sharp pulse of need. He smirked as Castiel's wings splayed out, showing off every feather. He reached up, lacing his fingers through Castiel's hair, and pulled him down for another kiss.

Castiel was having a lot of trouble thinking straight. Everything was so bright and vivid. So intense. So much better than any dream. Better than anything he had ever felt. He was drunk off of Dean's lust for him, and he was feeling lightheaded. He was uncertain where his thoughts ended and Dean's began. He just wanted more of the Hunter. Wanted to hear him cry out in ecstasy.

Dean gasped as he was he pushed back. He blinked in confusion as his brain processed what he was seeing. Castiel's eyes were glowing brightly. He opened his mouth to speak, but Castiel quickly dipped down. Dean grunted as the angel rolled his hips back and along Dean's throbbing erection. He grabbed at Castiel, but soon found his wrists being held tightly. He tried to move them, but Castiel held them firmly in place on either side of Dean's head.

Dean stared at Castiel dazedly. Castiel's eyes were still glowing as he grinned down at the Hunter. Dean had a confused frown, but lost his train of thought as Castiel ground into him again. He arched his back and bucked against the angel, trying to gain some more friction. He cried out as he felt a hot mouth settle on his throat. Teeth nipped at his skin. A trail of sucks, kisses, and soft bites made its way down to his collar bone where he felt a particularly hard bite. He gasped as he wondered if Castiel had broken the skin.

Dean moaned as Castiel worked his way back up and settled over his pulse. He writhed and gasped as Castiel sucked, and Dean knew for certain there would be dark spot when the angel finished. He felt a small thrill at the thought. His angel was marking him for all the world to see. There would be no doubt as to what they had gotten up to. He desperately wanted to return the favor. Let everyone know that for as much he was Castiel's Hunter, Castiel was his angel.

He could see Castiel's wings hovering just above him. Just out of reach. He tried to pull out of Castiel's grip, but the small angel was much stronger than he looked. 'Cas…wanna touch you…lemme…lemme touch you,' he moaned needily.

Dean pulled at his wrists again and let out a strangled cry as one of his nipples was relentlessly attacked. 'Oh, fuck! Yes, God! Cas, please!' He squirmed and bucked, but Castiel held him in place. 'Please, Castiel, please. I wanna touch you. Lemme touch you!' he begged.

Above Dean, Castiel stilled.

Dean tugged at his wrists, but found them still held firmly. He felt soft tremors coming from Castiel. He looked up to find Castiel leaning over him, shaking and breathing raggedly. He flinched as a drop of blood landed on his cheek.

'C-Cas?' Dean's voice wavered as he spoke. He searched Castiel's eyes, feeling a small bit of relief as they began to dim.

Castiel's eyes focused on Dean. He stared at the blood on Dean's face and wondered where it had come from. He felt…odd. A second drop of blood joined the first, and realization hit Castiel. He quickly let go of Dean and felt the relief of the cuff wash over him. He jumped off the bed and attempted to run out of the room. He couldn't get very close to the door, so he backed into a corner, where he promptly hid himself in his wings.

'I'm sorry!' he sobbed. He sank to the floor, shaking.

Dean stared Castiel. He slowly got off the bed and carefully approached Castiel, keeping himself between the angel and the window. He sat on the floor and gently ran his hand over Castiel's wings. 'It's okay,' he said soothingly. 'You didn't do anything wrong. It was all good. I…I'm sorry I ruined the mood.'

'I fought it! I shouldn't have fought it!' Castiel cried as he shook his head. He allowed Dean to pull his wings aside. He sniffed as fingers lightly ran through his hair.

'You were just really into it. Havin' fun,' Dean said. 'I liked it.'

Castiel looked up. He stared into Dean's eyes and found nothing but honesty there. His gazed drifted downward to the deep red mark on Dean's neck, and he blushed. 'Y-you did?'

Dean grinned and nodded. 'Yeah. You looked so hot holding me down,' he said huskily before leaning forward to give Castiel a kiss. 'Here… First thing tomorrow, I'll make you a new cuff. Just like it used to be.'

Castiel breathed in sharply. 'You…you mean it? But…'

'And tonight, we can just take this off,' he said as he laid his hand on Castiel's cuff.


'We'll take it off and have a little fun,' he said and kissed Castiel again.


'Just…' Dean sighed and looked away in uncertainty. 'I'm hoping you'll stay…'

Castiel hesitantly reached up and cupped Dean's cheek. He nodded when Dean looked at him. 'I'll stay,' he promised.

'Tonight…no cuff, no bond…just you and me.' Dean laughed as Castiel threw himself forward and they fell to the floor. 'So, I guess this means you're a demon in the sack!'

'Shut up, Dean.'