'Yes, Gabriel. Everything,' Crowley said as he stared down at the blueprints spread across the kitchen table. He tapped on the center of one blueprint after the lines finished wavering. 'There is supposed to be a supply closet here.'

'No, there isn't,' Gabriel insisted with a blush. 'It's an empty void where hopes and dreams go to die.'

Crowley raised a brow and looked around the table. 'It's the supply closet closest next to my office.'

'There's a heart on the ceiling! With positions! How many times did I—?! I have to check rooms now before I enter them,' Gabriel wailed.

'Why were you looking at the ceiling?' Crowley asked.

Gabriel blushed brighter and stared at the floor. 'No reason.'

'Oh! Is that the Kali closet?' Balthazar asked with a wide grin. 'She get you on your back?'

Gabriel's shoulders dropped as Sam started laughing. 'It's not funny. I'm mentally scarred for life,' he said miserably.

Sam leaned down and whispered a promise of how he would help erase any and all traumatizing memories after they got Castiel back. He smiled as Gabriel reluctantly agreed and leaned against him.

Crowley looked between the two and shook his head as he directed his attention back to the blueprints. 'As I was saying… There are several backdoors and unguarded entrances. Once we get in, there are more than enough hidden passages to safely navigate the building,' he explained, pointing out several doorways.

'Don't you think he would have noticed that the walls are thicker than normal?' Bobby asked.

'It's called "magic",' Crowley said as if speaking to a child. 'If you use the right spells, then you can—'

Bobby shut Crowley up with a glare. 'All right. I get it. So why doesn't Cas use them to escape?'

'A blood spell of some sort, if I had to guess,' Crowley replied. 'Probably ordered to stay put. And if that isn't the case, then why let on to one of the advantages you do have?'

'So where's Cas's room?' Dean asked, staring at the blueprints.

Crowley pulled out a sheet that displayed one of the upper floors. 'Seventh floor, northeast corner,' he said, tapping on the outline of the room. 'Gabriel's is on his left, mine is on his right.'

'You think that's where they'd keep him?'

Crowley nodded. 'It's definitely one of the more defensible positions… Hard to get to if properly guarded. Even when you take the passageways.'

'So we stick to hidden passages and carefully make our way up,' Michael said. 'There are plenty of them. It shouldn't be too much of a hassle.'

Crowley let out an exasperated sigh. 'Obviously, someone doesn't know how to read blueprints with warding. Gabriel. Would you be so kind as to enlighten him?'

Gabriel stepped up the table and snapped his fingers. About half of the lines shifted in color. 'So, red halls are demon-friendly, blue is angel-friendly, green means everyone, and yellow is for humans-only,' he explained.

'None of them lead to Castiel's room,' Michael pointed out in monotone.

Crowley licked his finger and traced a line from his room to Castiel's then from Gabriel's.

'I never knew that was… All those times I was grounded…' Gabriel trailed off in thought. 'And that's how he got out all the times he was grounded.'

Crowley shrugged in response. 'He only ever went to the kitchen.'

Meg laughed and quickly covered her mouth. 'Sorry. I caught him a couple times in the kitchen and the third floor lounge. He always had his wings hidden under his stupid trench coat. Everyone knew it was him.'

'He wouldn't even bother to sneak back in,' Anna added. 'Just waltzed right up to his door and would stare at whoever was guarding it until they opened it for him.'

'Why would you tell him and not me?!' Gabriel whined, his wings twitching in irritation.

'I never told him. He found out,' Crowley replied as he sifted through more papers and placed new lines. 'Do you remember when he went through puberty?'

There was a collective groan around the table.

'What? What happened?' Dean asked, looking around.

'An angel going through puberty is…quite the event,' Michael replied. 'Demons even more so. I can only imagine what a half-breed would do.' He looked at Crowley and was surprised when the demon looked up with a solemn expression.

'He had a bit of a god complex for about half a year. Then he set fire to the fourth floor because he didn't like the color of the curtains. The building was mostly evacuated for about two years,' Crowley said. 'It was not a good time. My profits were cut by about ten percent.'

'Mindless destruction one day, then wanting to adopt every homeless animal in existence the next,' Gabriel added. 'I just dyed the water supply and thought everyone wanted to talk to their food.'

'And the doors not matching up correctly?' Crowley asked, and Gabriel ducked his head, mumbling an apology. 'How many times did the front entrance lead to the roof?'

'You can warp space?' Michael asked, surprised. 'Can you still do that?'

Gabriel shook his head, staring at his feet. 'Not there.'

'The building's warded against most of Gabriel's tampering,' Anna explained. She looked to Crowley and tilted her head in question. 'If we could get to the warding…it could potentially tip this fight in our favor.'

Crowley glared at the blueprints as he tapped his chin. He waved his hand over the papers, and a smattering of symbols appeared. 'Tear it down. Tear it all down.'

'There are…wards against demons!' Michael said. 'You limited your own power?'

Crowley shrugged in response. 'I'm a businessman. Some sacrifices have to be made in order to turn a profit. I can't have demons and angels fighting nonstop.'

'It takes us down to about half power,' Meg said. 'Big surprise the first time you lash out and find your attack didn't do what you wanted…'

The Hunters looked around the table at the angels and demons before sharing a look.

'So you guys are used to working at half power,' Dean said. 'Does that mean you go full power when you're out of the building, or…'

Sam looked down at Gabriel, who had begun shuffling his feet.

Gabriel's eyes darted around the table and caught Michael's interested stare. He pressed closer to Sam and relaxed a little when an arm wrapped tightly around him. 'I, uh… I can do a lot more than you've seen…'

'More?' Bobby asked in disbelief.

'Er…yeah,' Gabriel quietly replied. 'If we take down the warding, I could make all doorways lead to about a mile away. Probably get rid of half of Lucifer's guys before they caught on. Send in a fake army… I could do that with the warding up, but they wouldn't pack the same punch.'

Bobby whistled and nodded. 'That's damned useful.'

'Illusions and displacement… It's what I'm good at,' Gabriel said with a shrug. 'How do you think I managed to mess with you so much that first week? I think one of your credit cards is still in the middle of your soap,' he said to Sam.

'The soap that went missing?' Sam asked with a grimace.

'It's in the chimney.'

'So which ones to we need to take out?' Dean asked, leaning over the table. 'Looks like it's by floor…' He glanced up at Crowley and received a nod.

'Gabriel can get us into the mixed apartments,' Crowley replied. 'That would be the best way for us to get inside. From there, we can access the main building's basement and dismantle the wards to the first floor's east side. The western half is protected by warding on the second floor.'

'That won't work,' Gabriel argued. 'All the apartments are warded!'

'There is a five minute window every hour when the wards against you, specifically, are lowered,' Crowley explained. 'Really. I would have thought you'd have figured that out by now. Castiel knows the rotation. How did you think the two of you managed to get by without being detected?'

Gabriel stared at Crowley in disbelief. 'How was I supposed to know that?!'

'You weren't,' Crowley replied. 'But I was expecting it.' He shook his head in dismay. 'Rather disappointing, actually.'

Sam hugged Gabriel tighter as the angel tensed up in the sudden silence. 'Look, let's just work on a plan of how we're going to get in…'

Gabriel shrugged off Sam's hold and smiled up at him. 'It's not what you think,' he assured. 'He's not disappointed with me.'

Sam frowned down at Gabriel in confusion. 'But, he just said…'

'It's a…a missed chance at mischief. Keep everyone on their toes,' Gabriel explained. He looked around the table at the confused looks that came from everyone that didn't work for Crowley. 'I usually get into everything. I tried it once, but gave up because I thought the mixed apartments were just as warded as the main building.'

'I see,' Michael said as understanding dawned on him. 'It would be expected that in an area where there is a concentrated mix of creatures…you would have just as much, if not more, security than their place of work. They wouldn't even try beyond the first failure.'

'And they do try,' Crowley said with an amused smile. 'And it is quite secure. Just not with Gabriel for the specific reason of needing to get back in undetected. The basement is the only floor of that building that does not record the movements of my…more trusted employees.'

'Does that include us?' Balthazar asked, gesturing to Anna and Meg.

Crowley thinned his lips and gave a small shrug. 'Honestly? It only includes Gabriel.'

'I'm trusted!' Gabriel said with a triumphant shout, raising his arms. 'Wait. Hey, I'm not your employee!'

'I pay you, don't I?'

'That's allowance.'

Crowley raised his brow and turned his attention back to the blueprints. 'If it makes you feel any better, I trust you more than Castiel. Now, let's work on this plan.'

Gabriel crossed his arms over his chest with a huff. 'Do I at least get a plaque?'


Castiel sat on the floor beneath his window, numbly staring ahead. His eyes were red and puffy from crying nonstop. In his hands were the shattered remains of his cuff.