After seeing SWATH I wondered, what if Snow White ever spoke to the mirror after Ravenna's death? What would the mirror say to her?

"Ravenna," I whisper in the dark. She fixes her death stare upon me, her eyes as I remember them, cold, deadly. If looks like hers could kill, we'd all be dead.

"I thought you were dead," I whisper to her.

She smiles at my foolishness. "I'm always here in your heart, my dear Snow White."


I wake, sweat dripping from my brow. My chambers are silent and I am still queen where I am destined to be. In spite of my change of fortune, there are still questions I have that remain unanswered. Quietly as I can, I wrap my scarlet robe around my white nightgown before leaving my chambers. None of the guards stop me in my path. My stepmother was dead, but she had left something precious behind in the room of the tallest tower—the mirror. In haste, I climb the never-ending winding staircase. It had been more exhausting to do clad in heavy armor. Finally I reach the place where Ravenna had met her doom where the mystery still lies—the mirror. I stare into it, wondering why I had still kept it here even after my coronation. What use was it to me? Two enemy guards my armor had captured said Ravenna had spoken to it, continually asking the same question. Should I do so now? Perhaps part of her powers are still contained in it waiting to be unleashed. Slowly I begin to speak.

"Mirror, mirror, reveal your hidden powers to your queen."

Nothing happens. What was I thinking? Suddenly, the mirror begins to move toward me and stops abruptly taking the shape of a gold hooded figure. A deep, foreboding voice comes from it.

"I have waited long to meet you, Snow White, fairest of all in the land. I am honored to be graced by your presence."

Now is the time for questions. "Why did Ravenna want my heart?"

"Her obsession for your beauty drove her mad. Something inside of her was dead, Snow White and your heart would have given her life to sustain her craving for immortality."

"And you told her how to get it?" I persisted.

"I had no choice. I was bound to her desires alone. I was her slave as she was to her vanity. Now you have freed me from her gaze. I am yours."

I'm confused. What can a mirror do for me? "How can you possibly be of help to me?"

"You can tell me what ails you."

I can't help feeling drawn to the mirror's answers, its openess to my will. Never had I felt so powerful before gazing at it.

I admit to it, "I am torn between the love of two men. I am afraid to admit my feelings for them."

"Yes, your friend William and your Huntsman. They're equally desirable, but why do you need them? You already have everything."

I shake my head, dismissing the mirror's question. "The Huntsman saved my life and William…we've been friends forever. I can't lose either of them."

"But how can you be sure the Huntsman loves you?" the mirror persists, "He still grieves over his wife Sarah."

"I know, but he saved my life twice. The first was for her and the second…I don't know. He kissed me I remember and I could suddenly breathe again."

"You give life to those who have none, Snow White, even in death. You have not lost your good heart your mother had hoped you would hold onto."

"How do you know about my mother?"

"I reflect the face of the world, Snow White, and yours represents its healing. I am a mystery because you are a mystery."

I sigh, trying to take in the mirror's words. How much information had the mirror fed to Ravenna?

"Were you the reason for Greta's death?"

"Yes. My nature is to tell the truth one needs to hear and you, my queen, are troubled."

The mirror catches me off guard, reading me like a book.

"Ravenna haunts me and I fear a part of me will succumbto her power. I fear I will become like her—that I won't be able to give up the power I now have. I feel safer than ever now and I can't bear the thought of bringing harm upon anyone in my kingdom. I want the people to trust me."

The mirror says something that surprises me. "You and Ravenna are similar in one way: you both were taken from your families very young and faced despair. The paths you each chose to fight it were very different. Ravenna died a broken woman, desperately clinging to life, which is you."

"How do I even have that power?"

"Your mother, like Ravenna's, instilled a power within you. For you, she taught goodness. She had eyes your father didn't. Your mother could see with clarity what was evil and what was good. You have the same gift."

Uncertain, I ask the mirror, "What must I do to protect it?"

"That answer lies before you."

Could the mirror be more cryptic? Why had I even bothered to trust it? What was the point? No, the choice is mine. I remember what the Huntsman had once told me: whatever you do, don't hesitate.

"You are the fairest of them all," the mirror urges, "and you can be forever, keeper of the black knights and the Dark Forest. Your will can make you a goddess and no man can take that power from you."

"No," I shake my head, "I can't be that forever. Death taught me that."

Without thinking anymore, I lift Gus' sword in my hands and shatter the mirror in one smooth stroke. Ravenna's cry erupts from it, transforming the shattered pieces into black ink that floods the floor. The impact of the sword's hit sends me falling to the floor, plunging me into darkness.