Did Hinata just do what I think she did?
Story Start
The happy and satisfied couple walked towards to door, ready to go on with their adventurous life!

As they were walking to his door, Naruto had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Hinata looked over at Naruto's pensive frown and wondered what was up.

"Ano...what is it Naruto-kun?" She asked as she linked his arms with hers.

Naruto grinned, "I don't really know. Its just that weird sensation of doom of dread. Like that sort of life flashes before your eyes sensation!" Naruto exclaimed towards the end as he saw Hinata start giggling.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but I didn't think that you knew any 3 syllable words." she teased.

"Oh...I see how it is, you think I'm stupid like everyone else too!" He said as he turned away in mock hurt, of course Hinata couldn't pick up on it and really thought she hurt his feelings.

"Naruto-kun! I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it, forgive me!" She said quickly.

Naruto became quite puzzled by this, did she actually take him seriously? Why would she be acting like this all over a joke? He wondered...but he didn't wonder long because when he turned to face her, he say her beautiful lavender eyes well up with tears that were about to overflow. Acting on instinct, he hugged her before she could release those tears and whispered kindly into her ear, "Hinata, it was just a joke...I-I...I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't actually mean to make you worry about me."

"B-But you sounded so s-serious!" she said a bit choked up.

"When you become a prankster like me, you learn to master all facades! Ope! There I go again saying those three syllable words again!" He pulled Hinata away slightly so she could she the genuine smile on his face and let her know that she didn't hurt him. She then giggled slightly as she wiped her eyes.

"Naruto-kun?" she asked


Smiling, she said, "That's only 2 syllables!"

He gave her an incredulous look and said, "You 're serious?" he then pondered a bit and with a dismissive wave of the hand, he said, "Eh...a word is a word is a word."

Just as Hinata was about to reply, a large roar was heard...from Naruto's stomach.

"Eh, heh heh." Naruto said as he put a hand behind his head in a nervous gesture. "Er...it looks like it's time for my mid-morning ramen snack!"

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed, "We just had breakfast 45 minutes ago!"

"46 minutes and 24 seconds." Naruto corrected

She gave him a puzzled look and so he decided to explain, "You see, I always eat my ramen snack one hour after breakfast, unless I'm on a mission. Even then though, I pack my own ramen...just in case."

"Yea, so, do you mind if we stop at Ichiraku's before we do anything today?" Naruto asked.

Hinata took this as a very thoughtful gesture I mean, he was willing to sacrifice his ramen time for Hinata! What an honor! He must really love her . And so, with a nod they both headed out to Ichiraku's ramen.

"Hey ojii-san!" Naruto greeted the propiter of the shop. Teuchi's ears immediately perked up as only one person ever called him that.

"Naruto!" He turned around with a huge grin, then a frown as he said, " Where the hell have you been?" To say the least, Naruto was a bit taken back by the sudden change in demeanor.

"Did you know that I nearly went bankrupt because you didn't come to Ichiraku's for the past few years?" Naruto shook his head vigorously. "Well, anyways, what would you like to have oh and by the way, it is good to see you again. My daughter would be happy to see you too actually. Hey Ayame! Look who's here!"

From behind the kitchen's door, out came a beautiful, 18 year-old brunette with long hair that reached the small of her back. When she glanced at who was making the commotion, she noticed Naruto...In all his handsome glory. She blushed slightly as Naruto waved at her to come nearer. So she did.

"Hey Ayame! Long time no see! How have you been!" Naruto said happily.

"I've been good. I've been working here, as usual. Did you know, that with all the money you spent on ramen here, I was actually able to go to school? You basically paid for my education! Other people helped, though, not as much as you."

Naruto was shocked...did he really spend that much money here? Meh, Ramen is always a good place to eat so it doesn't matter, he concluded.

"Well, I'm glad to see I helped." Naruto said as his smiled, the then insistent rumbling came back and Naruto frowned at the bad timing.

"It's ok, Naruto-kun, I know you're hungry. What'll it be? The usual?" She asked with a somewhat flirtatious smile on her face. Hinata, immediately picked up on this and was beginning to become wary of her actions toward HER Naruto-kun.

Naruto shook his head and then pointed towards Hinata, "Ask her first, After all it would be impolite to choose first before your guest." Ayame and Teuchi blinked and became puzzled at Naruto's maturity. Was this Naruto or an impostor? To Ayame, it didn't matter. It just made him that much more attractive.

"You're so mature Naruto-kun" she emphasized with the kun with a hint of sultriness in her voice. This of course, went unnoticed by Naruto, but was picked up by Hinata who glared at the girl. Too bad Ayame was too busy paying attention to Naruto in order to see Hinata's glare.

Naruto chuckled nervously. For some reason, the way she said it made him feel...awkward. In the end, he shrugged and said, "Well, I did learn a couple of things from ero- er...Jiraiya-sama." A simply beautiful save.

"Oh!" Teuchi exclaimed, "You were taught by one of the legendary sannin? Amazing! What else di-" Another roar was hear from Naruto's stomach. Could it be the Kyuubi actually got addicted to ramen too? Setting that aside, Naruto asked, "Can I order now? I'm really hungry."

"Sure thing Naruto." Teuchi said.

"Er...Hinata first, what do you want Hinata? I'd choose the beef ramen, or chicken, or miso, er...they 're all good actually!" Naruto said with a smile. Hinata giggled a bit and decided to get 1 bowl of miso ramen.

"Ok, what about you Naruto?" He said as he turned to Naruto.

"Hm...I'll have 12 bowls of beef 7 bowls of chicken, 10 bowls of miso, and 3 bowls of pork." Naruto nodded happily while everyone was left shocked. Everyone was having the same thought, where did all that ramen go? Teuchi shook his head and went off to get the ramen. In the mean time...

Jiraiya woke up to a very bright light shining at his eyes. It wasn't till a minute of staring that he realized that he was staring at the sun. He felt really tired, especially from all the blood loss. He then remembered what had happened and immediately stood up as if nothing had happened. With a smile, he went off to go find Naruto and congratulate him. After a minute of searching, he came upon Naruto and he saw him with that Hyuuga girl. Abruptly, he realized that one whole day had passed and it was actually close to noon. Sacrificing his hunger to do his 'research' he studied the two as the ramen was served to them.

Hinata was only halfway done with her ramen bowl when she noticed that Naruto had finished his 3 bowls of pork and 7 bowls of chicken already. She also noticed that genuine happiness on Naruto's face and couldn't help but wonder...was he that happy when he was around her?

"Naruto-kun..." Hinata said quietly.

"Yes Hinata?"

"Which do you like better? Me or Ramen?" Naruto froze at the statement. Damn it, why did girls always ask the hard questions?

Naruto was now thinking deeply, which made Hinata sad because he had to think so hard about which choice. Of course, Naruto realized that it wasn't really a hard question and he knew the answer right away, he was just trying think of way to tell her.

He turned to Hinata, with a huge smile on his face. This relaxed Hinata a bit. Then Naruto chuckled a bit before saying, in a somewhat husky voice, "Well, I know which one tastes better." To Teuchi, it caused him to drop his cooking utensils, to Ayame, it caused her to feel sad, to Jiraiya, well, he passed out again from blood loss. Hinata blushed as her skin seemed to light up like red Christmas light. For a moment it seemed like Hinata had a speech idempotent, "N-Naruto-kun!" she then looked down and even though she was fully clothed, she instinctively tried covering her feminine features right away.

Naruto laughed a bit and said, "Hinata Hinata Hinata, how could you even possibly think that ramen is more important to me than you? You're a human being, and ramen is food. I do need it to live, but I couldn't live without you either." Hinata was touched by his words and was about to reply until she felt herself being pulled into Naruto's arms. Jiraiya woke up again and found Hinata and Naruto hugging, he quickly jotted down some things in his notes.

"Hinata, for thinking of such a dumb question, I will have to punish you." Naruto said in a serious tone. This caused Hinata to actually be a little scared of what he had in plan for her.

"What are you going to do N-aruto-kun?" She asked, still in the embrace of Naruto.

"This..." He quickly reached into her pants and rubbed her womanhood through the fabric of her panties. Hinata bit her bottom lip as she tried so desperately not to moan. Jiriaya, with a perverted smile and blood leaking heavily from his nose, said quietly, "Go Naruto! Go GO GOOOO!" He then passed out again, this time, for a long time.

As luck would have it, a pink-haired bitch...er...yea, came by and happened to see what Naruto was doing to Hinata.

"NARUTOOOOOOOO!" Screamed an all too familiar voice.

Hinata and Naruto immediately thought the same thing, 'Oh SHIT!'