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Ch 22 – The Zoo

Jackie's POV

So today, Catherine and I decided to go to the Miller Park Zoo, here in Bloomington. I was so excited; I literally jumped up and down but go slightly light headed. So that wasn't the greatest idea in the world, especially since I've been getting dizzy lately with the pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, Catherine's been great making sure I've eaten and that I'm drinking plenty of water. I got as much as I thought we needed for today. Waters, a couple of saltine crackers for me to munch on.

Now all I needed was to wake up Catherine and have her get ready for today's events. I am so excited. I walk up the stairs to my room, and I see that she is still sleeping soundly. I want to watch her sleep, but I am just too excited. I crawl on the bed as best as I can. I gently kiss the spot below her ear and whispered "Good Morning honey," she stirred as I said that. I kissed her a little more below her ear, and moved down her neck.

I really needed to control myself. I could feel myself getting hungrier and hungrier for her, not for food. I wanted her so badly. Catherine rolled over and smiled

"Good Morning, Porcupine, what are you doing up so early?"
"We're going to the zoo remember?"
"Yes, I remember, but why so early? Its 8am, you're all dressed too. I'll go get ready. Give me 10 minutes okay?"
She gets up to go to her room, and grab some clean clothes that she wanted to wear today. Heads towards the bathroom does her business, not even two minutes later she comes back. She grabs me, put her hands on my waist and pulls me close to her, she brings her right hand to my cheek, and she gently massages it.

"I love you! I just want you to know that." Catherine tells me
"I love you too, now get ready" I say

About an hour later, she was ready. We got in the car and she drove to the zoo. I am so excited. I can't believe I never went here.
"Are you ready, Porcupine?"
"Yes, let's go. I got our bag with water and food. I know you're going to ask that."
"Where do you want to go first?"
"Umm, let's start with whatever is closer, probably the giraffes? I like them, but the monkeys are my favorites along with the lions. Is that okay?" I ask
"That sounds good, let's start our day. But remember if you get tired we have to sit down. Understand?"
"I understand, don't worry" I tell her

We walk around for about an hour and a half, we took a lot of pictures we figured we would hang pictures up in the babies' room. We found a picnic table to have lunch and just rest for a little bit. I was getting tired and hungry, so we stopped to rest.

"What do you think so far?" Catherine asks
"It's cute, I love it. I love going to the zoos. I never got to do this when I was younger with the show and all, you know? I want to take our kids here, and all to the other places I've never had the chance to go." I say

We walk for another hour and we decided to head home. My feet were hurting really bad. We got home within an hour.

"Head into the living room, I'll get some water for you, and I'll give you a foot rub." Catherine asked
"Are you sure? You don't have too"
"Nonsense, I want to. You were on your feet for most of the day. Put them here." Catherine said pointing to her lap. She starts at the base of my feet, and working into the center. She really works on my ankles. Switching feet every so often. I feel so comfortable I fall asleep. Catherine nudges me awake, and tells me to head up to take a nap, she'll be up in a minute.

I listen and I walk upstairs. I was so exhausted from the day. I just needed to rest for a little bit. About twenty seconds later, Catherine came up and laid down with me. We fell asleep within minutes. We were just worn out from our events today.