Five Seasons

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Hena's POV

Summer had come and gone, and autumn had come to visit again. I stuffed my cold hands into my jeans pockets, and hastened my pace until the school came into view.

I gasped when I scanned the pristine school surroundings. It was huge, and what caught my eye immediately was the towering marble fountain just a few metres from the open school gates. The clear waters flowed steadily from it into a large pond, and as it sparkled in the rays of the weak sun, it looked as if there were stars in the sky even in the day. With the curled orange leaves twirling gracefully down from the trees, it made the scene before me even more splendid, making me awestruck.

So this was where cousin Yoh studied before he went to America! As expected of one of the top astronomy schools in Japan.

"Hena-sama, would you like your suitcases taken to the dormitory?"

Snapping out of my thoughts, I turned around to see my butler motioning at the stack of bulging suitcases. I grinned sheepishly and replied "Hehe, sorry. I guess I shouldn't have brought that many clothes. Yes, please take them into the dorm."

As the butler started lifting the suitcases down the car, he asked, "Do you really wish that Yoh-sama not know about your transfer to Japan?"

"...Yes. If he knew about my transfer, and the reason behind it, he would surely kill me!"

I am doing all these for my dear cousin's sake. When he returned to France, I saw his eyes glazed with pain and longing, and I guessed he got dumped by that girl he used to happily prattle about. After days of seeing him locked in his room or not eating as much as before, I've had it, and decided to confront that "precious" little girl. What was so good about her, that she could actually reject my charming cousin?

I frowned. Yahisa... Tsukiko...


I sighed as I saw the piles of unpacked clothes and messy boxes, and flopped onto the bed of my new room. I did not look forward to tomorrow, when I would have to start my first day of school in these new surroundings.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Must be the butler bringing my dinner... I tiredly dragged myself to the door, and pulled it open.

"Hey, you didn't forget my drin-" I stopped, mouth agape, as I saw a girl with long, straight brown hair staring at me, mouth also opened in a small 'o'. Her eyes were the same light brown as her hair, and she was dressed in a purple nightgown. We were about the same height, and did not have to tilt our heads as shook my hand, her face brightening into a toothy smile.

"Hello! You must be Hena-chan! Well, I live on this floor too, so don't hesitate to ask me for anything! I remember how lonely I felt when I was the only girl in this school, but luckily, now there are about five girls here, when four enrolled in in spring! With you, it would be six!"

She then realised that I was still standing there as still as a stone as she rattled on, and flushed with embarrassment.

"Ah... sorry. It's a bad habit of mine to talk too much... Oh! Tomorrow is your first day, right? The Students' Council had specially drawn a map for new students..." She search anxiously in her pockets and finally produced a small brightly coloured piece of paper with a hand drawn map.

The way she was so cheerful and how her actions were so animated made me giggle. She gave me a feeling of wanting to protect her, just like a child.

I broke into a grin and exclaimed "Arigatou! Are you from the Students' Council? This map seems to be drawn by you!" I felt I could easily make friends with her.

"Yep! I am the secretary. I join the archery club, the first aid club and the Students' Council, so you could visit me after school if you like! Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I am a Second Year, Yahisa Tsukiko!"

Yahisa... TSUKIKO? I almost tore the map in my hands into half.

I looked down, and felt my face darkening with irritation. To think that the monster was right at my doorstep, and I was deceived by her innocent facade! Trying to contain myself, I droned ""

She sounded shocked, as she spluttered "..H-h-hai...?"

I pounced ferociously on her, and she fell to the (unfortunately) carpeted ground with a squeal.

"How could you cheat cousin Yoh like this! Did you know how devastated he was after coming to Japan, all because of you? You might be kind of pretty, but he is the most handsome guy in the whole world, so he should be the one dumping you!"

"Y-you are... Yoh-kun's cousin? No wonder your crimson eyes looked so familiar!"


"I'm-I'm sorry, Hena-chan! You must have mistaken... I did not dump Yoh-kun... please let me sit up so I can explain..."

"Fine," I pouted.

With that, I let go of Tsukiko. Rubbing her sore red wrists, she sat up and looked awkwardly at me. I knew her wrists must must have hurt badly, I wasn't the black belt karate queen in karate class back in France for nothing. Snapping out of my frenzy, I muttered "Sorry... I..."

Despite the pain, she still smiled gently and replied, "It's okay, Hena-chan. You must have been really worried for your precious cousin to had bravely came all the way here to Japan to find me."

I blushed and stammered out, "N-no... I... its nothing mu-uch..."

After that, Tsukiko told me about Yoh and her, and I finally understood. She was dating her childhood friend Kanata Nanami, and Yoh, knowing that she would be happy with Kanata, was satisfied and left Japan with a smile.

She was either speaking the truth or churning loads of lies, but I seeing her honest face, I stuck with the former.

Hearing her explanation, I felt even more guilty and blushed even harder.

"Sorry... can we... can we still be friends?"

Tsukiko flashed a gigantic smile, and proceeded to hug me tightly. "Hai, Hena-chan!"

Suddenly, the door opened with a creak, and my butler came in with a food tray. "Hena-sama... your guest?"

Tsukiko and I looked at each other, and laughed.

Life here between these walls might not be that bad after all.


I didn't sleep much that night, as I worried about the next day's events. Tossing and turning in bed for about the hundredth time, I sat up in bed, and looked at the clock.

It was 6am. Frustrated, I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Might as well make sure I am not late for my first day of school...

After putting on the academy uniform, I made my wall to the full length mirror at the cupboard and checked my attire. I smoothed out the creases in my black jacket and the matching plaid miniskirt. Using my fingers, I combed through my flowing gold tinted hair, letting some locks fall loosely around my waist. I hope no one would tease me about my foreign hair colour... I am half-french after all, like Cousin Yoh.

Leaving the dorm room with my bag, I unfolded the map Tsukiko gave me and decided to follow the arrows in the map to the school canteen to have my breakfast.

Not surprisingly, the canteen was almost empty except for a few students sleeping on the benches or last-minute studying for their tests. It was only 6.30am after all. When I entered, though, most of the conscious ones turned their heads to stare at me. I think that girls in this school are a rare sight...

I got a cheese sandwich and sat down at one of the vacant tables, chewing happily at it. Suddenly, heavy footsteps seem to approach me, and a large hand placed itself on my shoulder. Startled, I whipped around and found my face only inches away from the the stranger's.

I found myself staring into a pair of pretty emerald green eyes, and grey bangs that covered part of his face. His eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked at the shocked me, and he went on to put his arm around me, drawing me closer.

I could only sit there breathlessly, feeling a deep blush creeping up on my face.

"Hena-chan, right? Nice to meet you! I am Kazuki Shiranui, the president of the Students' Council. Tsukiko-chan had told me a lot about you and your strength," Kazuki exclaimed excitedly, totally oblivious to my reddened face.

"Argh! Y-you, president or whatever, get your arm off me!" I piped, as I shoved his arm off my shoulders with a swift fling. My heart still continued to pound furiously.

He seemed shocked for a second, before grinning again.

"Impressive. So what Tsukiko said about your strength was true. I would like to officially hire you as the new Students' Council bodyguard! You should be honoured, Hena-chann~~"

I could only gape, astonished, and before I could even protest at his preposterous request (or should I say- command), he started dragging me out of the canteen, with my cheese sandwich and all.

A few seconds later, I was standing in a beautifully decorated room, which I presumed was the Students' Council room. There was even a tea preparation room sectioned in a corner, the walls lined with sakura flower paintings.

"Nui-nui! You are back with our bodyguard!" A guy with short purple hair jumped out from behind a table, followed by Tsukiko and another guy with light red hair.

"Welcome to the Students' Council!" the four of them chorused.

Faced with this awkward situation, I only managed to stammer as I glimpsed at each of their cheerful faces, "I... no...Tsukiko... I don't want to!"

Kazuki, as if he had expected this reply from long ago, brought from under the desk a plate of pudding.

Not just any pudding.

It was the irresistable white chocolate pudding from Hanco's.

He beamed. "Not even with this?" The delicious white chocolate fragrance wafted slowly to me, and I gulped, my eyes fixated on the creamy dessert.

"Hena-chan... please...?" Tsukiko pleaded with her puppy dog eyes.

I struggled with my inner thoughts for a moment, and nodded hesitatingly.

"ALL RIGHT!" Tsukiko shouted zealously, as they started to bombard me with the council's activities and information.

I wondered how Kazuki knew about where I was in the morning or how I would react to my favourite dessert, though... ...