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Hena's POV

I unlocked the door and closed it gently behind me. I leaned my back on its cool wooden surface, still thinking about the events from just now.


A brown haired teenage boy came into view, pushing up his dark framed- spectacles, obviously worried for me. Butler-san… or should I say, Shizu-kun.


I first met Shizu-kun when I was just five years old. My grandmother and I were on our way to the train station to catch a train to Bordeaux, when a street scuffle caught our eyes. It was actually quite a common sight, to see the city boys pick up a fight with each other, but there was a boy with brown hair getting kicked repeatedly by a gang of burly boys. Brown hair was quite a rare sight in France, and seeing so many people gang up on one tiny boy… I clenched my fists in anger.

I pulled away from grandma, and ran towards the boys, sending a fist at one of the biggest boy in the group. A vein stood on his forehead, and his face turned red with rage. He picked my tiny frame easily off the ground, my legs kicking in the air.

"Let… me… GO!"

"Oh… a rich little insect from the upper class society! Brothers, what should we do? Pull off her little arms?"

He started to laugh, a slow mocking laugh, until a cane whacked him across his head, and he almost fell from the impact.

Grandma! I almost teared with joy.

She continued teaching the other street boys a lesson with her menacing walking stick. "I am not the karate champion in my younger days for nothing!"

With the bullies out of the way, I hurried over to the victim of the scuffle. His dirty shirt was torn and ripped in many places, and tears flowed from his eyes, leaving clear streaks down his dust infested face. The grey eyed boy was taller than me, and I brought my handkerchief to his cheeks, rubbing the dust off his face.

"Big brother, you should go home quickly, before the big bullies catch up to you again!"

Knowing we had a train to catch, we wished him a safe journey, and planned to whisk off to the train station. I suddenly felt a trembling hand clinging on to my wrist. He knelt down in front of us.

"I… have no home. Please, kind people, I am willing to work for you!" I rushed to him, imploring him to get up, but he did not move an inch. I looked, panicked, at grandma.

Grandma seemed to ponder for a moment, and scanned his scrawny arms, and bone-thin legs. A smile played on her thin lips.

"Get up. Three of us have a train to catch to Bordeaux."


From that day, he had served our family as a faithful butler, and grew close to us. Grandma had ordered me to call him Butler-san, though I had always treated him as an equal… a childhood friend, in fact. He was always there for me, and I trust him as much as Cousin Yoh. He also readily volunteered to protect me on my secret mission to this school.

"Shizu-kun…" I muttered, and hugged him furiously. His eyes widened with shock, spluttering, "He-hena-sama…! I am… your butler…"

I stuck out my tongue at him, and retorted, "Stop with your formal speeches! Grandma is not here! I- no, we are free now!" I grabbed him tighter around me, and he flushed red.

"But…Hena… sama!"

"NO, Shizu-kun! Its Hena-c-h-a-nn!"

His eyes softened, admitting defeat, as usual, and returned my hug. "Hai, Hena-chan,"

I buried myself deeper into his warm chest, feeling my worries drain away in an instant. He always felt so safe, so… fuzzy.

He helped me take off my shoes, as I showered and had my dinner, dragging myself to the study table to finish up my homework. I felt so burned out after today…

I seemed to have drifted off to sleep, and I felt a warm hand caressing my hair softly, and a blanket was pulled against my back.