Disclaimer: I do not own Once. But this moment from the Broadway musical will always stay with me.

She doesn't come.

He should have seen this coming, but it feels strange anyway, like his "little boy's room" is empty without her energetic, yet Czech-serious presence.

He thinks, she's married.

He thinks, she has her daughter and her ma t'think about.

He thinks, I'll miss her anyway.

So he sits in his room that doesn't feel right, and talks to his da. He plays him his music. Their music.

Unnoticed and out of the light, she sits on the bar, listening.

His da asks, "How's yer heart?"

He thinks for a moment.

(Of her.)

Of how his life was "stopped."

And how, with five days, a Hoover vac, and a piano, she un-stopped it.

He is thinking, she hopes, of something good. Something not-so-sad.

She leans in, farther and farther until she nearly falls onto the floor.

"Traveling," he says.

His heart is traveling.

She smiles, nods, leans back happily. Is good, she thinks.

They will be fine.