Ivy Lily Potter didn't understand what was happening. Her Aunt Petunia made her get up in the middle of the night along with her cousin, Dudley, and get in a cabbie. The cabbie driver looked at them with pity while Aunt Petunia looked at the cabbie driver with distaste. Ivy didn't think they looked that bad. Sure she was wearing Dudley's old jeans and a slightly ripped shirt and she had her hair up in a bun that her aunt forced her to do. Her aunt was wearing her tan skirt and white blouse under her trench coat that she only wore when it was raining. Dudley was wearing his new jeans and a red shirt. Maybe the cabbie was looking at them like that because she was wearing glasses that had cracked lenses, some dried blood under her nose, and a hand-shaped bruise forming on her shoulder/collar bone that was really close by her neck. Or maybe he was looking at her Aunt who was cradling her left wrist to her chest and had a black eye. Either way he didn't say anything and he made sure he got them to where her aunt wanted them.

The next few days were confusing. They made their way to the United States and then to California. Every night they stayed at a new hotel room and Aunt Petunia was always on the phone making calls till one day, about a week after they'd been there, they went to a medical clinic and Ivy ended up having to give blood, had a giant Q-tip go in her mouth, and some hair cut off. Four days after the clinic they had just moved into another hotel room when Ivy's aunt called to see if the results were in on the testing. Ivy had been sitting in the corner chair watching cartoons with her cousin as he laid on the bed in the room when her aunt gave a loud sound and immediately started to put her shoes on while indicating for them too also.

"What's going on Mummy?" Dudley asked as he slowly got off the bed and put his tennis shoes on.

"Where going to the store to get a new outfit for everyone and then we're dumping the girl with her father, so hurry up," Aunt Petunia said already grabbing her purse.

Ivy froze, "I thought you said that my father was died!"

Aunt Petunia grabbed her arm and forced her to follow after her and Dudley, "Your mother's husband is died. Your real father is still alive and kicking, so you'll be going to live with him. Now shut your trap and move it!"

They quickly made their way to a store where Dudley got new dress pants and a matching blue button up along with glossy new dress shoes. Aunt Petunia got a new pants suit that was black with a pink button up and new loafers. Ivy was dressed in the first dress she could ever remember wearing. It was dark blue with a black sash that went under her chest, she got a black cardigan that hid the bruise that was now a green with some blue still in it, and black flats. Aunt Petunia forced them in a family bathroom to change and made sure their hair was neat and flat and in Ivy's case her hair was put in a half up half down hair style.

They made their way into a cab that Aunt Petunia flagged down and made their way to a tall building that said 'Stark Inc.' in the front. Aunt nervously checked everyone before leading the way in.

"I'm Petunia Dursley and I have an appointment with Mr. Stark at 1:30," Aunt Petunia announced when they reached the guard at the front.

The guard checked in a book that was sitting in front of him, "I'll need some ID for all of you Mrs. Dursley."

"Of course," her aunt pulled out her driver's license and Ivy's and Dudley's passports.

The guard checked them and had Aunt Petunia write their names down, the time they came in and then gave them visitor stickers to put on. "Just go on up to top floor and there will be someone waiting for you."

"Thank you," Aunt Petunia said.

They made their way into the elevator and Aunt Petunia hit the biggest number on the panel to the right. "Dudley if you're quiet while the grown-ups are talking mummy will take you out to any place for dinner tonight. You girl not one word, understand me?"

Ivy nodded before huddling even further in the corner. Aunt Petunia glared but quickly walked out of the elevator when the doors opened. She had Ivy and Dudley sit in the chairs while she walked up to the brown-haired women sitting behind the desk.

"Petunia Dursley and Ivy Potter to see one Mr. Stark," she said when she reached the desk.

"Have a seat Mrs. Dursley and someone will be out in a moment," she said to Aunt Petunia before she hit a button on the phone. "Mr. Stark your 1:30 is here."

They didn't have to wait for more than five minutes when a pretty red-haired woman came out a door. She was wearing a black skirt suit with a maroon frilly button up underneath. "Mrs. Dursley, nice to meet you. I'm Pepper Potts, Mr. Stark's personal assistant," she smiled as she held out her hand to Aunt Petunia.

Aunt Petunia gave her fake friendly smile as she shook hands, "Nice to meet you as well, Ms. Potts. This is my son Dudley and this is Ivy Potter, my niece."

Ms. Potts stooped to where she was the same height as Dudley and Ivy, she smiled at them both. "Hello Dudley and Ivy. How are you enjoying the United States?"

Dudley frowned, "I think it sucks. They don't have any good programs on the Telly except for Saturdays."

Ms. Potts looked a little surprised, "I can see why that would suck, not being able to see your normal programs." She then turned to Ivy, "And you Ivy?"

Ivy quickly looked at her aunt who was glaring at her and quickly looked down, "It is a lot brighter here and not a lot of rain."

Ms. Potts smiled before standing up and gestured for them to follow her through the doors, "Is that a good thing Ivy? Not a lot of rain?"

"Not a lot of rain means you don't get as wet when you're outside," Ivy said matter-of-factly.

"Do you like going outside?"

"I'm always doing the garden, rain or shine," she admitted before blushing and looked down at the carpet.

Ms. Potts looked from her to her Aunt Petunia who was pale and frowned.

Aunt Petunia quickly said, "She enjoys being outside and love playing in the rain. I try to keep her in but sometimes she is too quick."

Ms. Potts was still frowning but she nodded as opened another door. There were two gentlemen in the room who were standing by a table that held six people. They were both wearing suits but one was younger by a good twenty years. He was wearing a grey suit with a maroon button up, glossy dress shoes, and he had a pair of sun glasses on. He had dark brown hair almost being black and he had a goatee. The older gentleman had graying hair that was trimmed neatly and he was wearing a totally black suit, shirt too, and black leather loafers.

Ms. Potts smiled as she walked towards the gentlemen, "Mr. Stark and Mr. Conrad may I introduce you to Mrs. Petunia Dursley, her son Dudley Dursley, and her niece Ivy Potter. Mrs. Dursley, Mr. Dursley, and Miss. Potter may I introduce you to Mr. Tony Stark and Mr. John Conrad, Mr. Stark's attorney."

After introductions were made Ms. Potts brought a tray over to the table that had six glasses and a water pitcher on it. Ivy quickly realized that everyone was there to talk about her and where she was going to stay. She kept quite as Mr. Conrad told Aunt Petunia that they were going to take things slowly so both parties could become used to each other. Aunt Petunia looked like she ate something foul but agreed to the terms that were set out. This was that they would have little get together so Ivy could get used to having a father and so that Mr. Stark could get used to having a daughter.

As they were getting up to say goodbye Mr. Stark came and knelt down by Ivy, "I hope you understand that I do want a daughter and I do want you to live with me but we should take things slowly so we can learn about each other. You still have family that has been caring for you for the past six years after all."

Ivy nodded still a little confused by what was happening. Mr. Stark smiled, looking relieved. "I'll see you tonight for dinner and hopefully you'll look to me as your father." He then proceeds to give her a hug.

Ivy stood there frozen as she realized that her father was giving her a hug and wanted to see her again. Ivy was six years old when she first met her father and hope.