I would like to apologize for not updating sooner or posting an A/N note. I had several deaths in my families since the middle of January and I recently had to put my dog, who I've had for ten years, down- due to bone cancer.

I haven't given up on this fic and I am currently trying to write the next chapter, just struggling with parts of it. I would like to have chapter fifteen out before Iron Man 3, which I'm super excited for! I would like to thank everyone for their reviews. I have been reading them but didn't get around responding. So thank you and to everyone who has favorite and followed.

Since the beginning of the story I've pretty much knew who I wanted Ivy to be with but I would like to know if you would want her with Steve or Loki. I've recently been flipping between the two and have two separate ideas on how it would work. Just leave who you think in a review that would be great, I'll stop taking reviews for the relationship on Monday.