AUTHOR'S NOTE ::: This is crossover story includes several OLTL and GH characters as well as their storylines. This story is based off the hit soaps One Life to Live and General Hospital, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own ABC's One Life to Live or General Hospital or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. This story is AU.


"Thank you for taking me to my doctor appointment today, John. It really means a lot to me," Sam said as they stood outside her room at the Rendezvous Motel.

"You're welcome, Sam. I am glad I was able to help in some small way, even if it wasn't all that much," responded John.

"Are you kidding? You've done sooo much. You got me Franco's DNA samples from the FBI crime lab. You made it possible that I could get a paternity test on my baby to see if Jason or Franco is this baby's father," Sam said as she placed her hand on her protruding tummy.

"You've been here for me through everything. And you've been a wonderful friend," Sam stated as she hugged him tight.

John kissed her cheek as his arms lingered around her in a hug. "I should let you get some rest," he said as he pulled away and began walking toward his room. "Sleep well, Sam. And I'll see you in the morning."

"Thanks again," she said as she unlocked her door and entered her motel room.

Once inside, Sam turned off the light and slipped her shoes off her swollen feet. As she sat down on the edge of the bed, true exhaustion struck her. Very soon the results of her amnio would be back, then she would know if her child belonged to Jason or the man who had supposedly raped her, Jason's twin brother Franco. Placing a hand on her tummy, Sam whispered to the little one sleeping in her womb, "Don't you worry, Baby. It doesn't matter who your daddy is... because I love you. I am going to be the best mommy I can to you, no matter what those results might say. You're still my baby... and I love you."

Sam undressed and slipped on a materity nightgown. She yawned as she crawled into bed, switching off the lamp on her bedside table. As usual, she spoke to the baby who began to stir the minute she was settled. "Go back to sleep, little one. Your mommy needs some well-deserved rest." After awhile, Sam closed her eyes as she began to drift off.

She felt as though she were floating on a cloud as her dream took her away. In the dream, she wasn't pregnant. She was as slender as ever and she was walking through what appeared to be a thick carpet of fog. "Where am I?" Sam asked as she came into a room she did not recognize.

There was nothing there but a bed. She sat down on it's edge as cool breeze blew the long white curtains which surrounded her from every side. "John?" Sam called out because she could somehow sense his presense.

She heard footsteps and her heart started to pound. "John, is that you?" she asked urgently.

She looked up and she saw a face staring down at her. It was John... but yet it wasn't. The man staring at her had ivory fangs and his eyes were blood-red.

"No! NOOO!" Sam screamed as she tried to run from him. She was running through the fog, trying to escape, but her steps were taking her no where.

Suddenly she was back in her room at the Rendezvous Motel, and there was a man standing over her bed. He was smiling as he reached out to place his hand upon her protuding stomach.

"Remember me," he spoke to her in a whisper. "Remember this..."

Sam looked at his face and saw something there. His eyes appeared to be glowing with a bright, unnatural light. "No... no! It can't be you!" she was sobbing.

She was crying and thrashing around on the bed when John burst into her room. He caught her in his arms as he did his best to soothe her. "Sam! Wake up! You've had a nightmare," he urged her.

Sam opened her eyes to see John looking at her with tenderness and concern. "John," she said as she held onto him tightly.

"What is it, Sam? What was your dream about?"

"It was you. You were in my dream..." she whispered. "But it wasn't you."

"It was just a dream, Sam. Only a dream. You've been under a great deal of stress... and you need to go back to sleep," John urged her.

He tucked the covers around her and prepared to leave, but she wouldn't let him. "Please stay with me, John. I'm frightened."

John sat down beside her and held her hand in his. "I'll stay till you fall asleep," he soothed her.

"Thank you, John," she said with a heavy sigh as a small smile curled her lips.

"Rest well, Sam," John whispered as he stayed right by her side. Finally, Sam drifted off to sleep. This time the dreams didn't come to take her.