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I ran fast, boy did my chest hurt. I was using the slave feet my god had given me to lead these Nazi fucks to my team. My name is Iris. My last name, Monroe died with the separation and beheading of my family. I am twenty two now and I have rounded up the best African American killers I could find. I escaped prison at nineteen in German owned France and was lucky to have made it to America where I was trained by the best Generals the U.S had. Why would they train me and put me, an African American female, in charge of an African American male and female team? Well it was because I had seen the horrors of the Nazi fucks and they trained me to kill and to take the life of the sociopaths.

A gunshot stunned me from my thoughts and it missed and hit a tree. I remembered I was running from a small group of Nazis who had found me roaming the woods. It was actually my plan to get me to follow them. I saw a hill on my right and knew it was dangerous to run off the road to go over it but if I could get to the other side of it my ambush could happen. I took the largest inhale I could muster up and I ran right. The scum shouted and their firing resumed. I felt my body elevate up as I began to run over the hill. I felt a gunshot hit beside my feet and I quickly jumped over the hill and began to roll down it past the men who were lying in the grass with their machine guns in hand. As I continued to roll I heard louder gunshots and smirked as I finally hit the bottom, landing on my back and staring at the sky with happiness. My long jet black locks were covered in leaves and I just felt nothing but warm butterflies in my stomach. I looked to see the ambush has worked and I watched as Nazi bodies fell to the ground.

I stood up and looked to see a woman, Diamondback, she called herself, come over to me with a smirk. She was in green pants and a black tank that showed her stomach and a black Nazi jacket, a trophy, was over her. It was obvious the jacket was too short because her large bust was a forty double D and it was very noticeable.

"Good job, commander." she said. Men and women from our camp which was miles from our current position started to arrive and meet the men responsible for the ambush.

"Thanks. Strip them of weapons and clothes, you know the drill." I replied and the group nodded. There were seven males and five females. I had yet to lose any of them. A young male, Martin, confronted me then saluted me. He was one of the ambush gunmen.

"Commander we have three surviving Nazis." he replied. Survivors were my favorite. I was going to reply when a scent caught my nose. I looked around at the trees and realized we had company and it was not of the German persuasion. I was told another American team was roaming the lands with the same goal as mine. Killing all Germans, good or bad. They were known as the Basterds.

"It seems we have an audience." I replied in a low tone so only Diamondback and Martin heard me. They both tensed but I smiled playing it off and they quickly loosened up.

"Lt. Darnell….bring me the survivors." I replied. I planned to make a demonstration of the survivors and I knew the Basterds would watch and see what I did to my prisoners. The men were brought to me to their knees and I looked at them, each one. One had a brown mustache and he had years in his old eyes. The other was a black haired blue eyed man who looked at me with a frown. Last was another man with wrinkles on his face and was a slime man. I looked at my team and they knew to spread out and they formed a circle, their guns tightly in their hands. I looked up at the other hills around us to see we were still watched. Good, so they were interested. I slowly moved towards the three men, who were covered in the blood of their friends.

"English?" I asked. The three nodded. That wasn't good enough for me. "Can't really hear you."

"Yes." they all firmly, but not in unison. I nodded and placed my hands on my hips. I was not armed but I could still take them both down if I wanted too. I smirked.

"Good," I said and stepped closer to them. "Do you see me? Do you see what I am?" I was very calm while talking. The three men looked confused and didn't answer. I rolled my hand down my slim body.

"I am a woman, not just a woman, an African American woman who, with the help of my wonderful soldiers, shot your team down. But you don't see me as a woman you see me as a bitch, but you don't just see a bitch do you?" I asked. They all tensed at my words. "Now I have served in your camps and you called African Americans different names. Diamondback what are we to white German Nazis?"

Diamondback scowled at the three.

"We're niggers commander." she replied. I nodded and held my hand open and Martin knew what I wanted. He began to pull out my machete and moved over to me and placed it in my hands.

"That's right. We are niggers to you all. But look at that not only did a bunch of niggers take you all down; a nigger bitch is going to be the one to kill all three of you. Ha so much for the ultimate race." I said almost happily and crazily, but my attitude was a show for the Basterds watching.

"Oooh she's a bad ass nigga." Diamondback whooped. My team laughed and hollered in fun. I gripped the handle of my machete looking it over. Dried blood stained it, Nazi blood stained it. I looked at the man with the mustache. He didn't look worried or afraid. I smiled.

"Killing so many innocent people has just killed the humanity in you hasn't it?" I asked. What I got back was a wad of spit on my face. My eyes closed on reflex and now the team got quiet. I simply wiped the spit off my face and nodded at the man slowly. "May you go in pieces."

Without another word my hand came up swiftly and I came down fast and in one foul swoop his head rolled on to the floor. His body fell over and did not move. Blood streamed across my face and I inhaled sharply not caring about it. Sometimes blood was good for the soul.

"You fucking bitch!" the wrinkled soldier shouted and he got up to run at me but one gunshot to the head by Boxer had him on the ground dead. I looked at him. He was a muscular man with a serious look on his face. He was silent and rarely said anything. He placed his gun on his shoulders and nodded at me. I smiled and looked at the last member of the three. He looked afraid and scared. His fear meant nothing to me. I looked at him now and slowly placed the tip of my machete at his throat and he tensed and tried to put on a brave face. I stared at him for a moment. It would be so easy to kill him, very easy.

"You do not wish to die?" I asked softly. He looked up at me and shook his head, body trembling.

"Nein." he replied. I hid my scowl for that wasn't good enough.

"Nor did the innocent people in concentration camps," I replied and slowly moved back from him and turned my back on him.

"Take aim." I replied in a stone voice as I began to walk past Diamondback and in unison my team cocked their guns and had them on the soldier. I turned and looked at his crying face once I was behind the circle. "Fire."

Gunshots stabbed the silent air and the man's body jerked in many different directions and blood flew everywhere. Diamondback did not shoot, but gave me a small towel to wipe the blood off my face. I smiled and took it and cleaned myself up.

"Well that was interesting." I replied. Once the firing stopped my men looked at me and I looked at them and I nodded with respect and they nodded back. I now looked up at the hills. "Whenever you are ready to show yourselves."

Now I wanted to meet these Basterds and see what would happen.

Author's notes-

Okay hope yall liked it. I didn't like saying the N word but I felt it necessary to say coming from Iris, but like I said if you don't like it don't read, the N word will not be said again in the story.