Hey Guys, so this story I had originally posted on my first pen-name, but then I forgot my password and began writing under this one, so I decided it was time I moved everything over and began updating some more, my first story ever written. (Only in Australia) is currently under complete renovation, because I was a terrible author back then. This story is just getting a once over so unfortunately you're going to have to suffer with a couple of short chapters (Which I apologize in advance for), before I get to writing new material. Hopefully you guys can give me some knew feedback and i might edit and refine some of the coming chapters some more and make this story amazing.


So if someone had of told me that if I went and stayed with my cousin, that I'd get mixed up with werewolves and by a freak accident I get turned into one then I would have told them to go admit themselves to the nearest mental institution. Well that was until I lived with my cousins in the Quileute reservation in Washington.

"Mum, I'm going to miss my plane if you don't let me go like right now" I yelled at my mum who was latched onto my neck.
"You don't have to go you could stay here, you don't have to visit your cousins."
"Mum, I want to go and I'm only visiting for a couple of weeks nothing bad is going to happened, relax."
"It's just I feel like I'm going to lose you."
"Mum it will be fine now let me go, I'll be back soon I promise you won't lose me to La push."
That was the last time I had a conversation with my mother, it was when I said goodbye to sunny Arizona, to my mother, to all my friends, It was the last time I said goodbye to being completely human.

I slept for the plane trip over, it wasn't that long but for some reasons plane trips just put me to sleep. When I got to the airport I was swept off my feet by my cousin almost as soon as I stepped of the escalator.
"BELLA-BEE!" Paul yelled using my nickname from when we were little kids
"PAULINEY!"I squealed, yeah... so what, I called my older cousin who is completely tank Pauliney.
"God, it's great to see you it's been far too long, let's get your go Sam, Jared and Jacob are waiting for us." He grinned and towed me over toward the bag collection.
"So, what's with the private guard for coming and picking little old me up?" I asked while looking for my bag.
"Well bells you see the thing is Sam is the only that can drive and wherever Sam goes Jacob goes and I dragged Jared along for the fun of it." He glanced sideways at me and grinned
"Oh god, I know that smile, I'm in for it aren't I?"
"Yup, it'll be a fun car trip home I assure you." Paul grabbed my bag and tugged me to start moving "Come on, Your carriage awaits you."
"Shit." I muttered and started to follow him.

When we reached the car park Paul veered towards a massive black jeep, and I mean massive as in you could probably live in it... or you can seat about 9 or so people in it. When Paul stopped behind it I had to ask.
"Damn, whose car is that?" I asked while I stared
"Ah, Mine, I just haven't got my license yet" Paul stated staring at the ground. He was lying he always looked at the ground while lying
"Bullshit." I narrowed my eyes and glared at him "tell the truth."
"Fine, it's Sam's" he grinned at me. "Anyway seems like the boys fell asleep in the car."
I walked around to a side window and sure enough I could see in the car three guys snoring their heads off. I caught Paul's eye, he just grinned and motioned for me to take a step away from the car, I frowned but did. Then all of a sudden Paul rammed into the car shaking it badly.
"WHAT TH-..."
"I DIDN'T DO IT...huh?"
I burst out laughing when the three guys got out of the car looking completely dumbfounded and confused. Paul had come around to my side and we were leaning on each other laughing.
"Wanna explain Paul?" One of the guys asked, he was the oldest, so I guessed he was Sam, and dam he was tank, when I looked at the other guys they were also tank they each had short hair same style as Pauls and they all had the same colour skin, a beautiful russet colour.
"Nope, but girls this is my cousin Bella, Bella this is Sam, Jared and Jacob." He pointed at each in turn and I nodded back.
"Boys, So when are we leaving... I'm hungry!" I said looking at them expectantly; they just looked back with that cute dumbfounded puppy look. I rolled my eyes. "Let's go before I fade away from hunger." I was really hungry like majorly, I hadn't eaten in like hours I was late so I didn't get breakfast, so I think starving covered it more fully. I jumped in the jeep and made myself comfortable and waited for the guys to get it together and get in the car.
When we were finally on the road I demanded that they stopped at any fast food place and bought me food. Then with food in my stomach I started to get restless so I turned to Paul who was sitting on my right –I was in the middle of Jared and Paul.
"Are we there yet?" I asked
"No." Paul answered
"Are we there yet?" I asked again
"No." Paul replied
"Paul?" this was fun I thought
" Are we there yet?" I asked again. I swear he growled
"No." Paul growled
"What!" he yelled at me. I blinked
"How long until we get there?" I said with the smile that he couldn't stay mad at. He glanced at me and saw the smile I could see his face relax.
"Not long Bell, I promise." He turned away. I sighed and lent against him
"Wake me up when we get there then." And with that I drifted off to sleep.

Criticism very much welcome, I know it's short and not the best, but I love the story to much to change that much. I'll start reading over the next chapters and probably post some more. :)