"You'll go but try to sit as far away as possible and just be careful if you feel like you're about to phase get out of there, you can't let anyone know about this." I nodded. We sat around joking for a while until it got late, the guys dispersed and Jake kissed me goodnight. Paul called goodnight to me before heading to bed, I felt really tired and decided crashing was a good plan, my worry about school tomorrow, was overridden when my head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling quite stiff, I groaned as I stretched feeling all my bones pop and crack.
"Paul you up?" I yelled.
"Yeah, stop yelling." I chuckled and went through my morning routine.
As I hopped into Paul's truck, I was thinking that I should buy my own car, some nice and flashy, I mean I had the money. Phil had sold our old house, too many memories he murmured when telling me, all the money went to me. That along with all my mother's money, and inheritance from my grandparents on both sides and my dad's money I was basically loaded. I could easily spare 80 grand to buy a new car.
"Hey Paul."
"Yeah bells?"
"I was thinking, I should get my own car." I glanced over at him.
"Yeah sure, what were you thinking?"
"I don't know something fast though, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1." I saw him smile and nod appreciatively
"Good choice. I'll take you to the bank tonight after school and we'll get it all sorted out." I thanked him and we were silent for the rest of the trip. When we reached school Paul had barely switched the car off before I was pulled out of the car by Jake, I was smothered in kisses. He was hugging so tight I could barely breath.
"Jake... Oxygen... Now." I managed to spit out before he realised and loosened his grip on me. "Someone's happy to see me." I grinned at him standing on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek.
"Well, you are stunning and I figure everyone always watches you so I might as well show them you are mine." I repressed a smile and faked anger.
"Who said I was yours?" I pulled out of his arms and stood there with my hands on my hips.
"But... Bells... I thought t-that well you know... and cause we... and last night... and I'm sorry." He stuttered pleading at me. I smirked.
"Naw, Jakey of course I'm yours, but you know I like to play games." I stepped forward to kiss him on lips quickly, before taking his hand and pulling him towards the school.
"Bells, you know you're not nice sometimes." Jake said as I dragged him along to my locker.
"I know but you don't like me cause I'm "nice" you like me for me." I replied.
"True, but nice wouldn't hurt sometimes." I sighed
"It's not in me to be nice darling. Well not anymore at least." He sighed and opened my locker for me.
"Jake?" he paused and looked down at me.
"Are you mad?"
"No bells, never at you."
"But you look mad, is it because of my games?"
"No I'm not mad the games are fine just don't play them on me, for the sake of my sanity." I looked up at him through my lashes.
"Okay baby, forgive me?" he smiled down at me and lowered his head for a short sweet kiss. I giggled and walked off towards my class, everything was fine until chemistry, when I walked in the Cullen's weren't there yet fortunately, I had time to calm down, this was a test of control for me.
I smelt them when they walked in and I went rigid, the smell was sickly sweet and more bleach like then ever. I suppressed a gag and trained my eyes on the front of the room. I heard and felt when Edward sat next to me.
"So you and Jake then?" he said his voice had an edge to it, like anger or something similar.
"Yes and?" I still refused to turn, my hands were slightly shaking at the proximity that we were in.
"I don't like it, he's not right for you." I snorted
"How would you know? It's not like you know me." I said finally turning towards him glaring I was shaking a lot more now.
"I may not know you, but I can tell he's not right for you." I rolled my eyes.
"So basically what you are saying is that you are jealous, you don't know me, and you clearly are fascinated with me, so you want me to break up with Jake. Is that what you're trying to say?" I snarled my whole body was shaking I was starting to lose it.
"No- That-that's not w-what I meant at all." I just glared then turned to the teacher.
"ah, sir may I please go to sick bay I'm feeling faint." He looked up at me and nodded.
"Mr Cullen, how about you assist Ms Swan to the sick bay." I glared at the teacher and stood and stalked towards the door with Edward on my heels as soon as we were out of the room I turned to him.
"Fuck off, I don't need your help."
"But, I was told to assist you." He smirked
"And I told you to fuck off, now I suggest you take my advice before I break your pretty little face." I glared again and spun around leaving him behind. I rounded the corner only to have myself turned around by Edward.
"Do you not get the meaning of fuck off? How thick are you?" my eyes were narrowed to slits and I was shaking like a tuning fork I was going to phase, I needed to get outside and away from this stupid vampire. I spun away from him breaking into a run to the nearest exit one outside I bolted for the Forrest. I reached it I took a deep breath and gagged at the smell of bleach. I spun around.
"Do you have a fucking stalking problem or something, you're really getting on my nerves now, leave me the fuck alone before I rip your stupid fucking head off." I growled, there was no way I wasn't phasing I was too far gone, I placed my phone on the ground beside me and took off my jacket, I loved that jacket no reason to ruin it.
"Bella what are you doing, you'll get cold put your jacket back on." Edward yelled at me, so he'd learnt my name.
"Sorry dad" I sneered "But I don't take orders from people that sparkle." He looked taken back.
"How do you know that?" he was shocked and looked slightly scared.
"Because, I'm not some fucking little ignorant human." I sneered I could feel the change coming
"What are you?" he said just as I phased, I growled at him as I stood to my full height –not all that tall compared to the boys but I was about 6ft at the shoulder.
Bella? – Sam
Hey Sam, may have a little problem here.
I showed him Edward standing in front of me.
Sam growled be right there, do NOT attack, that's an order. I felt the Alpha meaning and growled the reply that I understood. It was a tense couple of minutes before Sam turned up my eyes had not left Edward who was still standing in the same place since I phased. Sam walked out of the surrounding forest in human form.
"Cullen." He came to a standstill beside me.
"Uley." Edward nodded his head.
"I hear you were stalking Bella here." I flattened my ears against my head and raised my lip at Edward. Growling the whole time. "I suggest you stop doing that she hasn't been a werewolf long, I cannot be held responsible if you aggravate her enough and she decapitates you." If vampires could pale he just did.
"But, how? She's a girl, I thought the gene was only in the males." Sam scoffed.
"Well, it's genetics baby and we aren't sexist." He grinned at me. "It's about the strongest of the tribe, doesn't mean it has to be male." Edward nodded
"Well then I guess I'll leave Bella alone."
"Remember Cullen the treaty still stands." Edward nodded. Before glancing at me and backing away slowly. I huffed and sat down as he left. Sam looked at me and I at him.
"Well Bella, I think you should go get some clothes from home and get your butt back into school." I glared at him, he raised his eyebrow as if to say 'are you really gonna go against me?' I huffed and picked up my jacket in my mouth making sure my phone was safe I headed off in the direction of home.

It was lunch time by the time I got back to school, so I walked straight to the cafeteria, when I opened the doors everyone looked up. Great I thought to myself what is it this time.
My eyes swept the room, coming to rest on the Cullen's table where they were all talking in hushed voices though still staring at me. I rolled my eyes. And muttered under my breath "Take a picture it'll last longer... maybe." I sighed and walked over to where the pack was unfortunately Leah was there too. Even better I thought. Jake looked up as I arrived.
"Where'd you go?" he questioned as he pulled me onto his lap.
"Um, may have gotten mad at a leech then escaped out of class phased and then Sam came and told the leech that he wouldn't be able to control me if I got pissed and that he should stop stalking me, etc. Then he told me to go home and get some clothes, hence the different outfit. Then I had to walk back here. Paul we are buying that car tonight." Paul just smiled and nodded. I sat there in jakes arms eating his food as the playful banter resumed around the table.
"You okay babe?" Jake whispered in my ear even thought the whole table could hear it gave the illusion of privacy. I smiled at him.
"Yeah, just burned out, after my entertaining morning." He smiled back and placed a kiss on my forehead before pulling me closer. I sighed content and lent my head on his chest.
"Like OMG, Like I heard she and Edward Cullen went off into the forest first period and she only came back now, and isn't she like wearing different clothes now?" Jessica said from the table across from ours.
"Like Oh my god you're right, she is totally a whore, mean sneaking off with Cullen then sitting there all couple-ly there with Black, and Tyler said she's screwing most of the rez guys anyway, the her and Jake thing must be a ploy." The pack froze –except for Leah- Paul looked furious, most of the guys did I couldn't see jakes face but his arms tightened around me, as if trying to stop himself from phasing, there were slight tremors running throughout the table.
"Yeah and did you hear what Mike said, she got sent here because her mum caught her in bed with her stepdad, like EWW Gross. That's like incest or something."
"Jess, that's not incest but it's disgusting, no wonder she got sent here, she's been here what two months and she's already slept with most of the rez and now she's working her way through Forks." They looked over at our table smirks on their faces, when they saw your stone cold looks they looked a little bit scared. I pulled myself out of jakes arms, growling under my breath, shakes were starting to tremble through my body. I walked to the top of their table.
"Wanna say that to my face?" I said glaring at them.
"Say what to your face?" Jessica said acting innocent. I slammed my fists onto the table making a loud sound.
"You know exactly what I'm talking about." I hissed." Why not inform the whole room, of this information about me that I didn't even realised had happened." Jessica flinched but stood up, bitch had guts, no brain but guts, I'd say her flight or fight mode was broken.
"I was just telling Lauren about all the guys you've slept with, and how you went and fucked Edward Cullen this morning when you stormed out of Chemistry, I mean it's pretty obvious you are wearing different clothes. Then About why you got sent here instead of staying in Arizona, it's because you slept with your step dad isn't?" she was standing in here 6inch heels facing me with her hands on her hips and a smug grin on her face.
"Well, Jessica I don't get how your mind comes up with such creative stories, you don't even have the brains for it. And no I didn't fuck Edward Cullen are you crazy that guys like... EW, and as for screwing all the rez kids... ah No that never happened, I am related to a few of them. And the reason for being here was I came to visit family, and you know what happened then, when I got hit by a car, my mother was shot. So don't pretend you know shit about me, don't believe what others tell you, just because they lead boring lives doesn't give you the right to make mine into a sick and twisted little story to make you feel better." I stood there glaring at her as the tension built; I could see the guys watching like hawks waiting to see if she'd say anything even more stupid. I could also see the Cullen's, Edward looked furious, he must of liked the fact that the rumour was spread about us, poor Leech.
"B-but you-you're meant-t... BITCH" she was pissed... She lost me.
"You're such a bitch, you just made me look like an idiot in front of the whole school." She looked like she was going to cry.
"Well, I'm sorry next time you're talking shit about me I'll just break your nose, At least then you'll have visible scars, at least then people can fake sympathy for you." I rolled my eyes and stalked back to my table kissed Jake, grabbed my bag then left.
"Stupid fucking whores." I muttered to myself as I walked down the now familiar hallway to my locker.
"Hey Bella." I heard Mike call after me as I turned into the hallway. I rolled my eyes so did not need this right now. "Bella, hey wait up." I sighed and turned my hands on my hips to hide the fact that my hands were trembling- with anger not fear.
"Yes, what do you want Mike." He walked up in front of me.
"Well, I was wondering are you busy Friday night?" did this boy not learn.
"I don't know maybe why?"
"Well, I was thinking you and I go catch a movie and dinner then maybe a walk on the beach. What do you say?" he glanced up from the floor
"No, No."
"So you won't go?"
"YES!" I yelled, and walked away, muttering the whole time. When I reached my locker I opened it, I was about to get books out when my locker was shut, I turned to abuse whoever it was but it was Jake.
"We're skipping the rest of the day cleared with Paul and Sam, leave everything in your locker we're going for a run." He grinned down at me, a smile crept up onto my face, I threw the locker open again, chucking my jacket, shoes, phone and bag in, Jake chucked a few items in then slammed the locker door shut. I jumped onto his back and he ran out of the corridor barefoot, I laughed at how good this felt, the bells rang so Jake slowed it down to a fast walk, when all the students came flooding out of the cafeteria, I just laughed harder and held on tight. We reached the parking lot then detoured into the surrounding forest.
"You owe me for a new pair of jeans, three actually" I said as I brought up the feelings for phasing.
"Is that so miss?" Jake said as I grinned we were both trembling, close to phasing.
"Yup, and underwear bras and tops, and one jacket." He grabbed me by my hips pulling me closer to him before lowering his head to mine.
"Not a chance my dear." He whispered before pecking me on the lips and pulling away phasing then running off into the forest I laughed, phased and chased after him.
Jake, why are you running from me?
I'm not running from you I want you to chase me –Jake

Alright then. I began running in the direction Jake was in; when he came into view I pushed myself faster to catch up to him.
Hey beautiful, that didn't take you long. –Jake
could've got here faster but I wanted to enjoy the scenery.
Yeah 'scenery' babe I watched you, your eyes didn't stray from the path. –
oh hush, I just didn't want to tire myself out. Now why are we out at the cliffs? I looked out over the cliffs you could see for miles, the blue ocean was sparkling with the little bit of sun breaking through, you could hear the rhythmic pounding of the waves below.
Baby, I brought you out here to talk, you looked like you needed a rest from the hell-hole called school. And I just wanted to spend some time with you beautiful. And I thought we could just call this place ours. –Jake
Naw, babe, I love it, it's so peaceful, and beautiful.
Nothing compared to you- Jake.
I snorted. When did you turn into such a sap?
When I fell in love with you-Jake
you love me?
Yeah, I guess I do – Jake
Wait you guess you love me.
I frowned
No baby I do, I love you. - Jake
I love you too.
I smiled and trotted over too were Jake lay, I curled into his side and we sat like this for hours talking about everything and nothing at all. When the sun started to set it turned the sky a mixture of pinks and oranges it was beautiful.
Okay lovebirds we've given you enough time alone –Sam
Yeah, it's not fun being told you can't phase till sunset – Embry
I don't see why they get to have time alone, it's not as if they've known each other long –Leah
Yeah that pissed me off
Leah, what the fuck is your problem?
You. –Leah
What the fuck have I ever done to you.
You are a pain, ever since you turned up, all it ever was, 'what's Bella doing today' or 'I wonder how Bella is.' I'm sick of having to hear about you. –Leah
By this time the boys were staying out of it and I had launched myself into the forest with Jake following headed towards were the pack was.
OH I'm sorry that people actually care about me, maybe if you weren't such a bitch all the time people might care about you enough to think about you too.
I don't care what others think of me- -Leah
Then why do you care that the think of me?
Because, I don't want to have to see you every time I phase. –Leah
So that's the only reason why you hate me?
No, I hate you because you have Jake! – Leah
So this is what this is about, the fact that Jake and I have found each other our imprints and you're pissed because you still have feelings for him.
Yes, I still love him and he should be with me not you, you too don't even make a good pair, you're a bitch and he deserves so much better then you.-Leah
You're calling me a bitch, you're the one the ones that's being a bitch, trying to steal my
imprint away from me.
By this time Jake and I had reached the clearing where the rest of the pack were, Jake went and left me to argue with Leah I could see all the boys sitting on the sidelines. Leah snarled when she saw me and her hackles raised. I snarled back my lip curling above my teeth and my hackles rising
You are just a stupid half blood, the only reason you're a wolf is because you got Jake and Sam' s blood without that you'd still be a pitiful little human. –Leah I crouched she was really asking for it.
Yeah, and you'd still be the only female, leading the elders to believe you were meant to be born a male.
What the fuck, I'm just special, I wasn't meant to be born a male –Leah
Special is one word for it.
The boys suppressed a chuckle as Leah snarled at my comment.
Is this how you protect yourself by insulting others? –Leah
No how I protect myself is with violence the insults are just for fun.
Yeah, well it doesn't suit the 'look I'm so cute so love me' act you're trying to get going –Leah
Whatever, now you're just making shit up again.
What like the shit I made up about your family? –Leah
Excuse me? What?
The shit I made up about why you're here you know the stuff that Mike Newton is now spreading around beautiful forks for me. –Leah
Fucking Bitch.
I couldn't hold back my anger as I attacked her leaping off my hind legs springing for her throat. It didn't take her long to react, leaping to meet me half way as we came down from the air teeth snapping, and claws flying all that could be heard were our snarls and the sounds of us fighting. We rolled around the clearing each trying to pin each other, Leah managed to land a decent bit to my shoulder which hurt like nothing on earth, but as retaliation I left three deep claw marks across her face which was now bleeding. She backed off for a second retreating across the circle as I gingerly placed my fore foot on the ground I winced that was going to leave a mark. I curled my lip at her, she did the same back. We circled each other both low to the ground snarling and growling continuously then we got into it again this time staying in the one spot near enough, I managed to take out her legs and stand over her effectively pinning her from moving out from under me as I sunk my teeth into her neck. She stilled, whining slightly.
ENOUGH! Bella you have proven your point Leah, accept defeat. –Sam It was said in his Alpha tone, so I had to agree, I scoffed and spat her out of my mouth before stepping off her and retreating to the other side of the field to lick my wounds, Jake trotted over to me, shielding me.
Enough of this petty fighting, you are both in this pack and we must work together. –Sam
Sam, I think that had to happen, the pack has a alpha male I assume that in most wolf packs that there is a alpha female too. –Jake
So, what your saying is that because there was two females, they were destined to fight for superior. –Sam
Yeah, I think that it makes sense that it's Bella too, I mean she did imprint on me and we all know that I am the 'blood-line' Alpha, so wouldn't it make sense for my mate to be alpha female? –Jake
That does make sense, I'll have to talk to the elders about this, now everyone home and cool down I don't want any more fighting am I understood? –Sam
echoed throughout the bond as we all dispersed. Jake helped me to my feet and we walked home.
You did great baby girl. – Jake
Thanks, I think that she may have done some actual damage to my shoulder though; shouldn't it be healing by now?
It'll heal when you phase back you're still using it now, so it doesn't have time to heal.
I grumbled then sighed. Oh get over it you big baby, it'll heal within half an hour and you can't even wait five minutes until we get home? – Jake
Oh hush, I'm surprised you didn't spilt us up though.
I would have but we got gag ordered a few weeks back when you broke Leah's nose, that if you were to phase then we would let you fight it out for as long as is healthy. –Jake
Oh I see, so does this make me alpha female now?
Most likely. –Jake
Oh, cool can I have a crown?
A crown? Why would you want a crown?- Jake

Cause, isn't that what ruling people have?
Sweetie, you won't actually have any power over the pack only the alpha male will. –Jake
Yeah I know, but it's the thought that counts right?
well, yeah I guess so... –Jake
Cool, I'll get Paul to buy me one. We're here, and I have no clothes, that could be a problem.
How is that a problem? –Jake
God, Jake you're such a perv .
I snorted and trotted my way around the house to the clothes line where thankfully one of Pauls shirts was I carefully pulled it from the line and phased slipping it on, I turned back to a naked Jacob, I cocked and eyebrow.
"You seem to be missing some clothing." I smirked
"Hmm, that I happens sometimes shame about that isn't?" I smiled cockily at me before approaching, my breath caught in my throat and he walked right in front of me standing less then inch was between our bodies, as he pulled a pair of Pauls cut-offs from the line slipping into them as if nothing had happened between us.
"Come on let's get you inside and check on your shoulder, it's still bleeding." I let out a shaky breath and followed Jake inside. Paul was up and raiding the fridge.
"Oh, you guys want something to eat?" he said never removing his head from the fridge.
"Naw a first aid kit would be better. Your parents here?" Jake said pulling me up onto one of the kitchen stools, rolling up the sleeve to look at the wound.
"Nah they went out to dinner, and what happened to you bells?"
"Got in a fight with Leah, got my shoulder bitten bad." I reported looking down at the deep angry marks that circled my joint.
"Really, did you win at least?" Paul came over and inspected the bite before turning and pulling the first aid kit from the top shelve
"Of course she won, put a decent sized bite into Leah's neck, kicked her butt and is now alpha female for the pack."
"Alpha female?"
"Yeah, I don't know we reckon because there's never been two females, so there's never been an opposition, hence the gag order that Sam threw out a couple weeks ago. "
"That makes sense now."Paul nodded as he and Jake conferred.
"Oh I'm sorry, I'll go be hurt over in the games room then" I went to leave the kitchen but Jake pulled me back by my good arm smiling.
"Baby, come back, I'll clean the bite then you can go to the games room." I scoffed at him but let him pull me back.
"Wow, yeah I feel loved don't I" I rolled my eyes as he pulled the alcohol from the kit.
"Babe, I love you and you know it, but you know how we guys get when it comes to the pack." I glanced at Jake who was concentrating on the alcohol and bite.
"Oh and I'm not part of the pack now?" my arm was starting to throb, and I could feel my anger rising.
"You're alpha female you are definitely part of the pack, and this might hurt a little bit." Without too much warning he poured the alcohol into the wound, I hissed in pain and flinched away. "Sorry, but that will heal now without scarring or infection." He smiled down at me as I blinked away tears, it shouldn't have hurt that much should it, I glanced down at my arm to see the open wounds now gone and left over were raised red marks. I sighed .
"I'm tired, I'm going to bed, Jake you coming?" I looked up at him.
"Yeah babe, that's cool right Paul?" Paul glared.
"Sure, but I don't want to hear anything. Nothing sus." He glared at both of us, I rolled my eyes and pulled Jakes arm as I walked to the Stairs. "Hey are those my clothes?" I giggled.
"Yup, sure are, I'll wash them for you if you want them back." I paused at the bottom of stairs.
"Uh, no you guys can keep them." He shuddered and went back to the fridge. I giggled and continued pulling Jake up the stairs.
We reached my room and I turned on the light. "You don't mind sharing a bed do you?"
"Not at all babe." Jake smiled down at me, then went and jumped on my bed, I smiled and walked over to my draws, underwear was needed. "What are you doing?"
"Putting on underwear clearly." I said while pulling out a black lacy pair of boy shorts. "See." I slipped them on and switched the light off before returning to the bed where Jake was laying there propped up on an elbow pouting, I leant over quickly and kissed his bottom lip Jake pulled me down onto the bed eliciting a squeal from myself, I promptly hit him on the chest before pulling the doona to rest on my hips Jake put his arm over my hip and pulled me closer to him, I curled into his warmth.
"Goodnight, I love you." I whispered kissing him lightly on the chest.
"I love you too darling." Jake kissed me on the head and hugged me tighter, and we both drifted off to sleep.

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