~ * ~ * Announcement III ~ * ~ *

Yeah, you're probably pissed. Sorry, but this isn't a bonus chapter, it's just another fucking announcement. But this seriously important, at least to me.

This story, as well as my other story "Somebody That I Used To Know", has been nominated for the best Fairy Tail story of 2012.

You have to be nominated by the readers, so whichever one of you nominated this story, thank you and I love you so much! I can't even begin to describe how awesome it would be if this story won best FT Story of 2012.

For details about the competition, check out the story "The Best Fairy Tail Fanfic of 2012" by OoComputerFreakoO. They'll explain what the competition is about, as well as how to vote and the other nominations.

As for the people who keep asking questions about the ending of this story: Natsu isn't dead. He just left and comes back occasionally, from time to time.

I hope you guys vote for me, thanks for nominating me, and happy voting!

Aye, Sir!,



-New sign-off, considering the fact that Fairy Tail's epic theme music is made by bagpipes.