The morning air was refreshing in the Canadian land. Its grass was laced with dew and its skys and winds were warm, but had a slight chill to them. One that was quite calming. Now most people would hurry along to their ordinary lives and not pay attention to the wonders of nature that was happening right before their eyes. But, this one man was not an ordinary person. He appeared to be in his late teens, early twenty's. Say about nineteen. He had golden dirty-blonde hair, a few freckles (not really seen by most), and vibrant blue eyes. On the top of his head was a little piece of gravity-defying hair, called Nantucket and on his nose was a set of square glasses that he named Texas. The young man was wearing a red tee-shirt and jeans, with white converse shoes. He also had on an old WW2 military bomber jacket with the # fifty on the back.

This young man was named Alfred F. Jones or America. He was a personification of a country, and if you had read the sentence before this one you would know that he was the personification of the country America. Every country had a personification, no one (humans) really knew about them though. Except their boss who was the current ruler or president of that country. They were very different from normal humans. These personifications looked like normal people but in reality they were OLD! Well actually it depended on how long that certain country had existed. They could not die from normal physical wounds, but they could die if their nation died. Take Rome for instance, a powerful nation he was. But in time he slowly faded away because his empire was fading. Once the country of Rome ceased to exist they faded into air or "died". (Now Prussia is a different story but we will talk about him later).

As he was watching the sun rise in the distance, America felt a hand upon his shoulder. Turning around he spotted his twin brother Matthew or Canada.

"Hey Matt, just watchen the sunrise, man you got it good here!" exclaimed America as he looked up at his brother. No one really knew, but Canada was actually the oldest brother of the two. America just said he was the oldest because HEROES WERE ALWAYS THE OLDEST!

Canada patted his brothers shoulder, "Thank you America, but I think it is time to go to the world meeting, it starts in about," Canada cheeked his watch and his eyes grew wide, "fifteen minutes..MAPLE-!"

Grabbing his brothers arm with his massive strength (seriously that guy could tear down buildings with that stuff) America raced back into town. The hero wouldn't be late to a meeting (but he could if he wanted to)! After many sharp turns and almost crashing into a car with a nice old lady inside, they finally arrived at the world conference building. America slammed through the doors and ran down the hall. Upon seeing the main room doors America speed up and crashed through them, causing a loud "BANG" and the looks of all the present nations.

"Sorry were late, I was enjoying some Canadian sun and the time just flew," said America to all the staring nations, " but im here now so lets get this party started!" He fist bumped into the air only to receive rolled eyes from many of the others.

"America, get to your seat and can you please release Canada?" Snapped England and America just noticed that his hand was still holding Canada's arm. He let go.

"Sorry bro!" America apologized and he ran to his seat and jumped right into it.

Germany gave a cough that was meant for the meeting to start, "Ok to start this off we veed to discuss..."

*About ten minutes later*



Two nations (or should I say nation and micro-nation) were arguing in the far corner of the room, but they were less then quiet.


"OH YA, WELL I'LL SHOW YOU I CAN DO MAGIC AND YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO THE AMAZINGNESS OF SEALAND!" Sealand then put his arms in the air and closed his eyes mumbling some unknown words. He the opened them quickly and yelled, "REVERTOSE!"

A yellow, electricity ball of light then shot out of the micro-nation and into the air. Everyone in the room gasped. The ball was spinning out of control and flying everywhere. Some even had to duck to escape its wrath.

"SEALAND, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT, CONTROL IT NOW!" yelled England. Ok so he believed that the micro-nation could do magic now, but because of that a ball of electricity was flying around in the room!

"I CANT!" Sealand shot back! Even if he wanted to. Suddenly the ball stopped in mid-air and zoomed forward at a certain nation. It hit its target and they were thrown back agents the wall. The magic ball disappeared and all that was left was a cloud of smoke around the hit nation.

England was the first to get to them.

"Who did it hit? It went so fast I couldn't see who it hit, so who was it? What was thet thing? Did it do any damage?" Many of these questions were asked around as all the other country's huddled around England and the hit nation. The cloud of smoke lifted and everyone gasped.

"America!" Yelled England as he knelt down and shook the blond. America was burnt and singed in many areas, dam it looked painful.

"America listen to me, get up, open you bloody eyes!" England yelled again as he shook the nation harder this time. Suddenly, England's grip slackened and America shrunk, and shrunk, and shrunk! Once it stopped America looked to be about the age of when England first met him. His clothes didn't shrink though and they completely covered the de-aged nation. England wrapped America's now over sized bomber jacket around him and picked him up.

"Oi, Angleterre what in God's name happened to Amerique!" France asked. All the other nations were staring at both England and the little America, their minds trying to proses how America now looked like a child.

England then shot Sealand "the look".

"Sealand what spell did you do on him?" England asked but their was a tang of ...thankfullness in his voice.

Sealand blinked, " I just thought of a spell that I had read and said it backwarkds Jerk Engalnd."

"Only I dont really remember it though." mumbled Sealand. Almost the entire world exploded after that.

"Oi, what are we going to do?"

"America-sun is stuck like a child!"


"Ve~ America is soooo cute~"


"Awww, America is really cute~aru."

"Leave the burger-bastard alone brother!"

"He can become one with Mother Russia~da?"

Canada sighed. Yup, the day just got a whole lot more interesting.

Authors Notes:

Ok so this is from one of my ideas that I posted. If ya want to see them then cheek out my storys. Its really easy to find.

I just picked a randome one and it was: America is turned into a child with no memories and Canada takes care of him. But what happens when Russia, Cuba, and kinda China gets involved. /set during the Cold War/.