"Alfred, Alfred where are you?"

Canada was almost at the point of a seizure. He looked everywhere and there had been no sign of his little brother. Where the heak was he! Canada searched the house frantically, previously America had wanted to play hide-and-go-seek. Canada had agreed but he didn't know the consequences of his actions until later. Now there was only one thought inside the Canadian's head...WHERE WAS HIS BROTHER!

Canada paused. He had to get a grip, being frantic would not help. Canada stood up from his crouching position and listened. It was almost funny, it reminded him of a moment he had shared with his brother back when America was grown. But as he realized now everything was not how it seemed then. America still had his secrets...



This was the fourth time Canada had knocked on America's door. He was getting impatient and standing in the intense heat of American summer did not help in the slightest. The door finally opened after about the sixth time of knocking.

"Yo bro, whats brings you here?" America motioned for Canada to come in and he gladly accepted.

"I just wanted to see how you were holding up. We really need you in the war."

Mentioning this made America frown. It wasn't just his bosses decision to not join, it was also his own and he was still trying to recover from the depression. They all were but he got hit the most. America shook his head, "I'm fine but I'm still not joining. Please cant you guys just accept that?"

This time Canada shook his head. "We need you Al."

"Is that just why you came over. To try to make me join something I have no part in?" Canada didn't like the sound in America's voice. It seemed...angry. But why?


"Well you cant make me. I have my own rights and I choose no!"

Canada glared at his brother, "You are being selfish, we need you!"

"Why so you can just use me and sap out all my energy and will in this stupid war?" America swung a fist but it wasn't intended for him. It hit the wall making a enormous hole in the wood and shattering a few pictures that soon fell to the ground. "I'm just so tiered of being used.." Canada heard America mutter under his breath. Retracting his fist from the wall America turned to Canada.

"If that is all you came to say then I will ask you to please leave."

Canada just stood there staring at his brother pick up the shattered portraits. After a while he soon left, feeling that America would talk to him no more. As he walked down the street one picture came to his mind. It was not like the others. The picture was old, to old to even be a picture. Probably a painting. It had a young America probably back in the Indian times. America looked different though. His skin was darker and his hair was almost black. Next to America was a women who looked almost identical. She also had black hair and darker skin though while America had on a prideful expression her's was hunger. Hunger for power.

'Who was that women?' Canada thought. He soon stopped in his tracks after walking about five blocks. He should go back and apologize to America. Maybe he would be less angry?

Turning around Canada headed back to America's house though when he got there said nation was nowhere to be found.

"America?" Canada called quietly as he went down the hallway. The glass was still on the floor but the pictures were neatly hanged up. All except for that certain one. He soon heard muttering coming from America's room and followed the voice. The door was cracked open so Canada peeked inside.

"They have no right to ask, " America was mumbling as he paced the room. He stopped at that picture hanging on the wall, "You were the same. Always power hungry, always trying to use me." His anger looked to be building up into rage, "Well I didn't let that happen, I broke free of you and England. I am free!"

He grabbed a glass of water and threw it at the painting, making the glass shatter but the picture still remained unharmed.

"Aš esu laisvas...sister."

Canada's eyes widened. He didn't understand what language his brother was saying (probably because America was the melting pot of the world and he knew almost every language out there)

1) only Canada and Mexico knew this because they are his brother and sister

but he could get the last part. He raced out the front door without saying anything to his brother.

What was America hiding?

~end flashback~


Canada jumped out of his thoughts. That last question still hung in his mind. What was America hiding? He walked over to the door and opened it, hoping it not to be the Russian. Thankfully it was not but Canada's breath hitched as he discovered who it was.

"Don't touch me you bloody wanker!"

"Aw, but Angleterre."

It was England and France...just great.

*In a secret building somewhere in Russia*

A confused Cuba looked up at the towering Russian,"So what your saying is-"

"Da~" Russia answered. Cuba put his hand to his chin in thought.

"But what if it might not work?"

Russia smiled, "It will comrade." Cuba though didn't look satisfied.

"You want us, two of the United States most wanted communist, to break into-"

"Da comrade, da~"

"But its the-"

"Yes I know."

Cuba smiled devilishly, "Alright then, time to break into the Library of Congress."

Authors Notes:

Got another chapter done^^ Today I watched National Treasure 2 so when I was writing this a thought suddenly came to my head. What if Russia and Cuba break into the Library of Congress! Just a thought ;D

Ok so *ah-hem* who is this mysterious sister in the picture? And why America so angry at her? All will be revealed SOON!

Aš esu laisvas = I am free