Chapter 1


Smokey grey eyes stared out the window almost in a trance. She watched as the trees drifted by as if they were running away from the VW Rabbit as he rolled smoothly down the road.


She was oddly aware that in the next ten to fifteen minutes she would be starting a new school. She wasn't all that thrilled about it, but when her father had passed away from a heart attack almost five years ago, she didn't realize at the tender age of eleven the kind of money it took to keep a house a home and when her mother came to her two weeks ago and told her they would be moving to La Push Washington to stay with her father's twin brother William Black and her cousin Jacob Black; Now at the age of sixteen reality crashed down around her.

"Janae, are you in there?"

Janae's smokey grey eyes pulled from the side window as they peered over at her cousin Jacob. He had a hint of a cocky smirk on his red lips as he chuckled slightly. "You okay Jany?" He used the nickname he'd given her and everyone picked up on when she was five.

Janae nodded slowly. "Yea, I'm about as okay as I can be Jake. Sorry – I don't mean to space out on you. I'm just a little nervous."

Her and Jacob had been the closest two cousins could possibly be. They had been born five days apart, they practically grew up together, but when her father got transferred to Seattle for his perfect dream job, when she was just nine years old; they both had separation issues. Her grey eyes studied him as she reached over and ran her fingers through his cropped black hair. "I can't believe you cut off your beautiful locks. It always looked like black silk curtains."

Jake chuckled. "It was bound to happen eventually. I just got tired of it always being in my face when I work on the cars at the garage; easier to keep cooler too. This high body temp that dad passed down; I really must thank him properly someday."

Janae couldn't help the giggle that slipped. His relationship with his father was much like her relationship with her mother; very playful but also very respectful during serious times.

Jake reached over and squeezed her hand slightly. "You shouldn't worry so much. You already know Quil and Embry. We were all like the four musketeers growing up. You just have been present for a few years."

Janae nodded. "I know it'll be nice to see them again. I've actually missed all of you immensely."

Jake nodded. "If you think my hair is short, wait until you see Embry's and Quil's. It's just as short."

A shocked looked crossed Janae's face as Jake turned into the school parking lot and shut the car off. "You're kidding me. Embry said it would be a cold day in hell before he ever cut his hair."

Jake chuckled. "Yea hell froze over and took his hair with it." Jake got out and Janae fell in step beside him as he took her to the office to get her class schedule and get her a locker near his as well.

Jared scratched the back of his head. "So who is this Janna or Jinan chick to Jake again?"

Quil and Embry both rolled their eyes. Jake had started two weeks ago with telling everyone to be on their best behavior because his cousin was moving back. Quil and Embry were excited and couldn't wait to see her. She'd left when she was nine and even though they'd both had several short conversations with her over the phone when she could call Jake or vice versa it was never the same as seeing her in person. It had been seven years and she would have definitely changed a lot.

Quil looked over at Jared. "You ass Janae is Jake's cousin. Billy has a twin brother and he died a few years ago so Janae and her mom moved in with Billy and Jake."

Paul chuckled as his onyx eyes shifted back and forth in the hall and he watched every underclassman parade around the hallways of La Push High in their short skirts or too tight jean covered asses; licking his lips several times to keep himself from drooling. He'd bagged a few of them and then he'd started dating Jake's older sister Rachel. She was a senior this year; he'd been able to control his urges simply for the fact that Rachel had an even more wicked sexual appetite than he himself did. They'd both kept each other sexually satisfied. They fucked like a couple of bunnies and in the oddest places; barn, school janitorial closet, science lab which they almost got caught. Hell Rachel had even let him bang her against a tree in the woods. Shit they'd nearly been caught by Billy when he had her pressed against the side of the house.

Rachel would be graduating high school early and had already put a down payment on a small apartment in Forks and once she graduated she would be moving into it. Paul hadn't imprinted on Rachel and was hoping to never imprint on anyone.

Paul cleared his throat. "It means we have to watch what we say around Jake's cousin or she's going to find out about our hairy secrets. I have a feeling she's going to find out anyway. We do too much together as a pack and Billy is always involved. She's going to suspect something or she's going to figure it out on her own. Either way we're all fucked if she finds out."

Jared nodded. "Maybe someone will imprint on her and we won't have to keep it from her."

Paul growled. "That's disgusting. Can you imagine imprinting on the female version of Jake? Jeez, hairy legs, big head, no waist, and a five o'clock shadow every morning. She's probably gotta shave every night before bed and every morning before leaving for school." Paul involuntarily shivered as he gagged.

Jared chuckled. "I'm sure she doesn't look like Jake. I'm sure she looks like any female here at school."

Paul fluttered his eyelashes as he leaned his elbow on Jared's shoulder. "Anyone but Kimmie." Paul got an elbow in the ribs for good measure.

"How does my pointy elbow feel in your lung dickhead?" Jared snapped.

Embry and Quil leaned against each other as they heard the exchange between Paul and Jared. Paul was forever teasing Jared about Kim; Jared's imprint. Only three of the guys had imprinted as of yet, Sam their alpha, Jared on Kim and Jake. Everyone else was just waiting for it and Paul was praying he was never that whipped for any female; not even Rachel Black.

Paul coughed slightly as he rubbed his ribs where Jared had elbowed him. "Asshole." He muttered under his breath.

"Maybe next time you'll watch what you say about my imprint." Jared glared over at Paul. They were best friends so teasing each other was a daily give in. They could tease each other about everything and anything; well except Kim. Jared wouldn't stand for it. She was sweet and pure of heart and there was no way he would allow one of his pack brothers to hurt her.

Quil perked up as he noticed Jake and Janae walking closer to them. "Oh my God. She got HOT."

Embry chuckled as he reached over and smacked Quil in the back of the head. "Dude, that's your best friend's cousin. Let's not go there unless one of us imprints on her."

Jake stopped in front of the guys. "Hey guys this is my cousin Janae, Janae these are the guys."

Janae started to say something when Embry ran up and lifted her off the ground and spun her in circles in the middle of the school hallway. Her giggles filled the small school as they echoed and bounced off the walls. The next one to grab her was Quil who did the same thing.

Jake made a face. "Okay enough you two, you're gonna make her dizzy and she'll puke in the hallway." Jake looked over and saw the terror twins and smirked. "Janae the two on the end are Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote."

Jared waved as Janae waved back and Paul drug his eyes from some girl's ass as he looked over and saw Jake's cousin. He got a feeling in the pit of his stomach. There was something different about this girl; he couldn't put his finger on it. Suddenly his eyes fell onto hers and he felt his world as it tilted and spun completely out of control.

Son of a bitch, Paul just imprinted on Jake's cousin. Paul began to shake from head to toe and he broke eye contact with Janae and looked at the other pairs of eyes on him. He pushed off from the lockers he'd been leaning against as he slammed his fist into a locker. He turned and ran from the school, barely making it into the trees before he phased.

Jared made a face after he turned his eyes back to his friends from the direction his retreating friend just headed.

"This is not good."

All four boys nodded in agreement as Janae frowned. "Was it something I said?"

None of the guys answered her as the first period bell rang and Jake rushed her to class.