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Chapter 15 – Make Everything Ok

Janae was leaning into her husband's warm body and his hand was laced together with hers. He was softly whispering in her ear. She couldn't keep the smirk off her face. He always knew how to make even the most innocent comment come out as dirty as could be. He knew it made her feel naughty.

It had been six days since she'd been nearly crushed to death by two vampires who were now both dead thanks to Sam and Jake. Emily had been such a worry wart she made Janae stay with them until Dr. Cullen had come back to the house and double checked her over with a complete physical. Paul wasn't happy about Dr. Leech coming around Janae again, but one glare from Emily and he shut up and sat down. When Dr. Cullen had given her a clean bill of health, Paul had immediately scooped her up into his arms and took her out to his truck. Nothing else was going to stop him from taking his wife home.

Paul pulled into the driveway of their home. Blue eyes scanned the familiar house that they made into a home almost four years ago. They had moved in a year before they got married. And in a couple more weeks they would've been married for three years. Paul parked the truck and threw it in park while killing the engine. He got out and watched as Janae slowly moved across the front seat. She was still pretty sore and Dr. Cullen had said that was normal and in a few more days and a couple of warm baths she'd start feeling better. Paul waited until she got to the edge of the seat and lifted her into his arms and carried her into the house. Janae's arm was wrapped around his neck and she was softly kissing his ear and neck. Clearly he was enjoying it. "Janae if you don't stop that I'm going to drop you." Her giggles filled the air because she knew exactly what kind of affect her lips had on his body. It didn't matter if she kissed his lips, cheek or even the middle of his back; her lips completely lit his whole body on fire.

Janae pulled back as she smiled widely. "You wouldn't dare drop me. I know you better than anyone my dearest husband." She placed a soft kiss on his cheek as he chuckled and shook his head.

"So bedroom or couch?" He asked wondering where she'd be more comfortable. He wanted her to relax as much as possible. He'd made sure the school had gotten both of them substitutes while they were out for the week and today was Friday so, they had a couple of days before the final week of school then they would be as free as their students all summer long.

"Uh couch please my love." Janae smirked before she leaned over and kissed his lips softly. She felt him move over as he leaned down and placed her on the couch.

Paul went back over and closed the front door. He walked back to the couch before plopping down next to Janae and then cringed. "Sorry! I didn't mean to jostle you."

Janae smiled as she grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him to her. Her lips automatically capturing his in a nice deep passionate kiss. She pulled back slightly and rubbed her nose against his. "I can think of a few ways you can make it up to me."

Paul groaned. "Oh I just bet you can but first things first. I made a promise that if you were okay I'd talk to you about the real reason why I didn't want you getting pregnant."

Janae shook her head as she grabbed his hand. "Paul you don't have to do it right now. We can take a couple of days to just relax a little."

Paul shook his head negatively as he stood up. "Baby I respect and love you too much to not hold up a promise I made to you." He paced slightly and wasn't really sure where to begin. He stopped when he noticed his favorite pair of blue eyes was watching him with slight apprehension. Paul walked over and sat on the thick oak coffee table that he had actually made and stained for their living room. He leaned his elbows on his knees as Janae moved forward and her knees were between his and she took both of his hands and gave them a reassuring squeeze.

"Whatever it is Paul you can tell me. I love you so much. Nothing you tell me is going to change how much or how deeply I love you." Janae admitted honestly to him; her blue eyes still holding his onyx captive.

Paul exhaled heavily. "You know about the story of my parents. My dad with his anger issues and the fighting they did. Mom giving up and deciding she didn't want me and took my sister in the split." When Janae nodded, Paul swallowed hard. "I don't want to bring a baby into this world if that's what it has to look forward too. I don't want our kids to be raised by single parents. I started hating my mother by the time I turned 13. The night I phased it was my sixteenth birthday, my mother was supposed to come to town and I was to go out to dinner with her, her new husband, my sister and my step brother. They never showed up. She didn't even call to tell me she couldn't make it." Paul broke eye contact as he looked down at their joined hands. "Janae I can't put anyone though what I went through. I don't want our kids to hate either one of us if we make a mistake."

Janae could already feel tears sliding down her cheeks as her hands tightened around his and when he looked back up she could see the unshed tears in his beautiful onyx eyes. He had been holding all this guilt inside his whole life practically. She wished for just once his mother could see what a great man he turned out to be; what a great husband he was. He was loving and caring and he was a hell of a teacher; his students loved him. He might like to play around a lot during class and was NEVER prepared for anything, but those kids loved him. "Baby, I know you love your mother but let me be the first to say, she is the most selfish bitch I ever met."

Paul frowned as he blinked to keep his feelings at bay. "I know she was and you're right I do love her. But she missed so much of my life; I just hate her for it so badly." Paul caressed Janae's cheek. "I love you so much; I want to give you everything life has to offer. But part of my heart just won't let me do it and I don't know how to change it. I don't know how to fix that part of me that's broken. I'm so sorry Janae."

Janae's tears were like a waterfall down her tan cheeks as she jumped up and threw her arms around his neck, he grabbed her hips and guided her down onto his lap as he moved back over to the couch. "Paul, baby you're not broken and even if you were I can fix it I promise. Just like you said before; I never made a promise to you that I couldn't keep. But you're not broken, you was NEVER broken. You're heart is hurting and maybe a little cracked; but you forgot one important thing."

It killed him to listen to her voice crack and cry because of him. At least he wasn't hurting her on purpose; he knew this was going to be emotional for her he just never thought he'd feel so hurt to bring up the past. Paul looked up at his beautiful wife. "What's that?"

"I'm your imprint. Your mother was not your dad's imprint they didn't have the bond to hold them together like we do. I will do everything in my power to make you understand I will never go anywhere in this life without you. You're the very best thing that came into my life at a time when I didn't even know I needed you. You didn't ask me for anything more than friendship and that's what I gave you; but what I got back from you was so much more." Janae smiled softly. "I got a soul mate and the love of my life. I got my husband and my best friend; and I'm hoping soon to add the title of father of my children, because I don't want anyone else. No marriage is perfect Paul, sure we have our fights and we get on each other's nerves, but at the end of the day you are ALWAYS going to be the ONLY one I want in my life."

He smiled softly at his wife. He kissed her lips softly. "Have I told you how much I love you today?"

"Today? Umm no; at least not that I remember." She laughed as she played along with him.

"I love you so much baby. You're right at the end of the day you are truly the only one I want or will ever need in my life." Paul cupped her face as he captured her lips with his.

Janae felt him pull back sooner than she liked and then felt as he stood from the couch with her in his arms. "Where we going?"

"To make a baby." He answered honestly as he walked into the bedroom.

"But…" Her words died on her lips as he kissed her again.

"But nothing…Even if you don't get pregnant right away; well have lots of fun practicing." His sweet smile had been replaced with his signature smirk as he softly laid her on the bed and joined her.

She fixed him; he knew she could make everything ok.

The End