Hey guys, this is the sequel to my first story. Just a heads up, this particular scene is not in the movie, I just put in to give the story a little action. And you know no one loves a car chase better than bullittstang6897.


Battle of Prideland City, + 18 years

Timon gunned the car around a corner and three Outlander vehicles were in hot pursuit. He looked into his rear view mirror and saw them starting to gain on him, their supercharged BMWs were quite a bit faster than the old GT-500 he had borrowed from Simba, but he still had the skill to lose them, well at least most of them, Vitani was quite the driver. Timon led them into a tunnel, the snarling of the engines was echoing all around them. He had his foot flat to the floor, but it was doing no good. Vitani rolled down the window to her BMW and stuck her arm out, revealing she was carrying a Glock-18 machine pistol. She fired a burst at the speeding Mustang, but the shots just scratched the bulletproof glass, making a sickening CLUNK! Noise as each bullet hit.

As the King's private vehicle, the glass had to be bullet proof for security. The Mustang had already proven itself in a chase years before, and it needed to do it again if they were to survive. Vitani snarled in frustration and pulled her arm back into the car just as they exited the tunnel, and started down a dangerous, curvy mountain track. The Outlander cars started to slow down, but Timon just kept going and didn't decelerate. He threw the car into a drift-like turn, just missing the guardrail that separated the road from a giant cliff. Timon exhaled in relief and kept driving, he then turned to look to see if his attackers had bothered following.

Sure enough, Vitani followed aggressively and the two other cars followed behind her, much more cautious of the steep, curvy mountain road. Timon could see the furious expression on Vitani's face; As Zira's number one hit-woman, she didn't like it when someone got away. Timon then stamped on the gas pedal again and continued down the twisty road, drifting into corners and just missing the fence each time. The Outlander cars followed, but could not keep up with his expert driving; Timon had learnt a few things from Simba about driving.

He threw the car into another corner; this one tighter than usual and he just skimmed the metal fencing. Shit that was close. Timon thought and looked back. One of the Outlander vehicles skidded into the dangerous turn and stopped just right in front of the guardrail, but the second car didn't stop in time and crashed into the first, sending the first car tumbling over the cliff before hitting the bottom and exploding into a ball of fire. Vitani sped past her shocked comrade and continued after Timon. One down. Timon thought and pressed onwards. He eventually got to the bottom of the cliff safely and onto a straight piece of road.

This was his chance to hit back at them.

"Pumbaa take the wheel!" He shouted out above the noise of the engine.

Pumbaa, who was sitting in the passenger seat, complied and held the steering wheel steady. Timon picked up his UZI submachine gun from under seat and pointed it out the window; he aimed at the second Outlander vehicle and fired a burst. RATATATATAT! The bullets smashed through the glass and killed the driver of the second car, and it spun out of control and crashed into a tree on the roadside. One to go: Vitani. This ain't going to be easy. Timon thought and looked back at Kiara in the back seat. She had one hand over her ear, trying to block out the deafening sound of gunshots, and the other was gripping onto Pumbaa's seat.

"Just sit tight kid we're almost safe." Timon yelled.

Timon then stuck his arm out of the window again and prepared to fire again, but Vitani had anticipated it and was preparing to shoot.

They had made it all the way to the freeway, and were approaching the infamous train station bridge where Mufasa was killed twenty-seven years ago. Vitani fired a few rounds from the pistol and they struck Timon's outstretched arm. Timon roared in pain and let go of the steering wheel. The famous Shelby Mustang then swerved out of control and smashed into the train station bridge pillar.

Timon and Pumbaa pulled themselves out of the wrecked car, severely wounded. Vitani then pulled up next them and got out of her car. Simba looked on from the bridge stairs, the same place he was when his father was killed. He tried to reach for his handgun, but invisible forces restrained him, and sucked the air out of his lungs so he couldn't cry out. Vitani cocked her pistol and pointed it at Simba's two best friends.

BANG!...BANG! She killed them with one shot each, each between the eyes. Timon and Pumbaa collapsed onto the floor in their pools of blood. Kiara then emerged from the wreck, miraculously unscathed. Vitani aimed her weapon at her, Kiara was her assigned target and was the one she was being paid to kill. No...Not Kiara...please! Simba thought hopelessly.

Vitani smiled evilly and pulled the trigger...BANG! Kiara collapsed back onto the floor, dead. The air suddenly rushed back into Simba's lungs and he screamed in anguish.

"NOOOO!" He roared. His beloved daughter had just been killed right in front of him, and he couldn't do anything. Kiara's scream, although it broke out around fifty meters away, rang in Simba's ears like she had screamed right next to him.

Simba lurched out of bed, sweating and panting. He looked at his alarm clock, which read: 2:28 AM. Nala slept next to him peacefully and undisturbed. He could hear Timon and Pumbaa in the lounge room, watching late night movies again. He could also hear Kiara in the room next to him, sobbing at that day's events. Just a dream buddy, they're fine. Now get some sleep. Simba collapsed down onto his pillow and closed his eyes, thinking about yet another horrible nightmare to add to his collection. I need to end this war now. He thought, maybe then he could finally be at peace again, not just with Zira and the Outlanders, but with himself.

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