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Three years after Operation Outland Storm

Kiara looked in her mirror and sighed, she looked good, but something still didn't feel right. Her mother approached her and put a hand an arm around her. Nala smiled and ran a hand down her cheek.

"You look beautiful Kiara." She said and Kiara smiled. She then turned so that Nala could see the special design of the wedding dress Kovu had paid so much to get her.

"Thanks...but still..." She couldn't finish her sentence and looked in the mirror again.

"Hey...I know how you feel. We all get these feelings before our wedding." Nala reassured her and looked at her watch.

"It's just that I don't feel like I deserve him, he's so nice and I killed his own mother!" Kiara sighed and collapsed back down onto a chair.

"Don't worry, he loves you more than you know. And it's not like he misses Zira anyway. Hell, you probably miss her more than he does! If it makes you feel better, I'll give you this..." Nala said and slipped off her wedding ring; the pin to the grenade that Simba had used to take down Scar's helicopter.

"This is what your father proposed to me with. Did I care that at one stage it took life? No. He'll love you Kiara, no matter what, and I can see it in him." Nala said wisely and ran her hand down her daughter's cheek again. Kiara smiled and pocketed the ring.

Suddenly, Vitani burst into the room and looked at her watch.

"Guys you're going to be late...Kiara your Dad's waiting for you so I'd hurry up." Vitani said and left, shutting the door behind her.

"Are you ready?" Nala asked Kiara and she smiled.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Thanks for the ring by the way." Kiara replied and exited the room.

Kiara could hear the shouts of thousands of loyal citizens who had gathered for the royal wedding. Apparently, Kovu and Kiara's wedding was getting up to twice as many views and Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding of England. She looked up at her father, who was wearing his usual white King's uniform and army officer's hat, with all his war medallions pinned to his chest. He smiled when he saw Kiara and hugged her.

"You look beautiful sweetie. Kovu's one lucky son of a bitch." He said and hugged her.

"Thanks." Kiara said and blushed.

"Now lets rock and roll." Simba exclaimed and took her by the arm. Kiara had been enjoying her father recently, ever since Outlander Storm he had really loosened up.

They slowly walked out of the foyer and into the huge monument park. Kiara stepped into the light; and into the view of all the people gathered there. They all turned their heads and cheered when they saw her and Simba slowly marching down the huge walkway that ran between the two parts of the crowd. It was a long and awkward walk to the altar set up out the front of the palace, and Kiara just looked forward, unlike her father who was constantly waving at TV cameras and paparazzi. Several Pridelander soldiers dressed in ceremonial uniforms lined the two sides of the walkway; as still as could be. As Kiara walked she noticed several important international figures among the guests seated up the front (Away from the crowd) She managed to recognize Queen Elizabeth of England, President Obama of USA and Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia among the people invited. Surprise dad didn't invite the whole of the UN. Kiara thought and sighed as she walked.

Kovu stood at the altar and smiled when he saw her; he thought she looked drop dead gorgeous. His groomsmen stood behind him proudly as Kiara started up the stairs. They were: Timon, Pumbaa, Captain EJ Jones and Private Tim 'Swifty' Swaford (who was now in a wheelchair due to his battle wounds). Kiara's bridesmaids were: Vitani, Corporal Colette Lorenzo, Maria (Timon's old chef and her godmother) and her high school friend Jasmine. When she reached the altar, she smiled at Kovu and he pulled the veil from her face.

Rafiki smiled too then started the wedding.

"In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit." He said into the microphone, to get things started.

"We're gathered here today to celebrate the union of Kovu and Kiara, Outlander and Pridelander, solider and princess. We hope that their example may inspire others around the world to realize that the only boundary between people is themselves. Through their love, they ended years of cold conflict and have brought forth a new, bright era for all." Rafiki said in his distinctive African accent.

He preached on until he finally got to the part everyone had been waiting for; the vows. He said the lines and questions, and Kiara and Kovu repeated them all.

"Do you Kovu, take Kiara, as your lawful wife, promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love and honor her for all the days of your life?" Rafiki asked and Kovu smiled.

"I do." He said confidently.

"Take this ring, as a sign of my love and faithfulness." Kovu said and slipped the expensive platinum ring on Kiara's finger.

It was Kiara's turn now and Rafiki turned to her.

"Do you Kiara, take Kovu, as your lawful husband, promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love and honor him for all the days of your life?"

"I do." Kiara said and pulled out the ring/grenade pin Nala had given her.

"Take this ring, as a sign of my love and faithfulness." She said and put it on his hand.

Rafiki smiled happily and raised his hands into the air.

"I now pronounce you...Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now." Rafiki said and Kovu pulled Kiara close.

He put his hands on her cheeks and she put her arms around his neck as they kissed long and hard. The crowd behind them then burst into cheers, and waved Prideland flags through the air. The soldiers lining the sides of walkways then raised their ceremonial vintage rifles and fired a solitary shots into the air. Kovu finally pulled away and turned to make the 'peace' sign with his fingers to the massive crowd behind them. Simba tried his best not to cry, but couldn't help it. His little girl had grown up. He wiped the tears from his face and Nala laughed.

"You always were the softer of us." She joked and nudged him.

Kiara and Kovu then linked arms and started down the huge walkway, as flowers were thrown and people whistled their approval. Kiara's huge white dress dragged across the red carpet as she went. Kiara looked up and saw Prideland Royal Air Force fighter planes above them flying in a v-formation, spraying the blue, green and white colors of the Prideland flag behind them in smoke as they soared. They finally reached the road out the front of the monument park, where their wedding car waited: A brand new GT-500 Super Snake with white ribbons tied to the front. Simba had bought it for Kovu personally.

"Oh yeah..." Kovu muttered as he got inside and started steering away from the palace.

Kiara noticed that the streets had been cleared for them, which was as usual. But then she noticed something else; someone had put safety barriers near all the turns and had installed racing lights in the middle of the road. She then turned her head in alarm and saw Simba and Nala pull up next to them in Simba's old GT-500. It only just started to hit her what was going on.

"Oh no...You're seriously not thinking of..." Kiara started but Kovu cut her off; with a wicked grin on his face.

"Oh I am. You better buckle in." He said and slipped on a pair of sunglasses as Kiara gulped. I thought dad was a bit more mature than that.

In Simba's car

Simba buckled himself in and revved the engine, meanwhile red lights flashed in front of him. Simba gave Nala the same wicked smile Kovu had given Kiara and put his sunglasses on. Nala knew what he was doing and her jaw dropped.

"Don't you even think about it...KOVU!" She snarled and Simba laughed.

"Too late!" Simba said just as the light turned green. He stamped his foot down on the accelerator and their rear wheels spun, flicking up smoke and Nala screamed.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" She yelled out above the roar of the engine.

"I've waited years for this honey." Simba said and focused on the road. The media's going to kill me for this. Simba thought as he engaged in his 'legal' street race with Kovu. They drove the same car, but one was old an one was new, just like the couples inside.

Kovu eventually started to build a lead and Simba saw the dreaded rear end of the car and the 'just married' sticker on the rear windshield. How he enjoyed himself now that he had stopped worrying. The two cars sped off into the sunset.

3 days after wedding...

Simba was checking his emails on his laptop casually until he heard a knock on his office door. He looks up.

"Come in." He said and Kovu appeared in the doorway.

"Ah, Kovu my boy...What's on your mind?"

Kovu pauses and sits down, trying his best to hide the knife in his sleeve.

"There's something that's been bothering me...I really need to talk to you about it."

"Fire away."

"Well after the wedding...I kind of felt that know...didn't really deserve her. I was a soldier, sent to kill her and you and deceived the both of you for so long. It really makes me feel like a monster. I hope you can forgive me...and understand." Kovu said and starts to tear up.

"It's okay...You have my forgiveness." Simba said and stood up, stretching his arms out, gesturing for a hug.

"Please forgive me...Please..." Kovu sobbed and hugged him.

"It's okay...You're my son now. You are part of my family and will always have my protection and guidance." Simba said as he hugged him.

Kovu sees his opportunity and slowly slides the knife down his sleeve...

"You are one of us you hear me? There's no need to be...ARGH!" Simba cried out in pain as Kovu plunged the knife into his side, fatally wounding him.

Kovu let go of Simba and he dropped to the ground with a look of shock, fear and pain in his eyes. Kovu leans down next to him and whispers evilly.

"Do you think I care about YOUR forgiveness? It's you that should be begging me...for mine! You should have trusted your instincts old man. You're not my father...You're just the man who killed him." Kovu growls and lets Simba bleed out on the floor, with a punctured lung. His mission was finally complete, after a few nasty and unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Kovu yanked his wedding ring off and threw it out the window; as he wouldn't need it anymore. He then storms out of the palace and Simba dies slowly on his hard office floor...

Kovu jumped out of bed, sweating and panting. Kiara was still sleeping next to him, undisturbed. What's wrong with me? What have I become? Kovu thought frantically as he panted. He then put his hands on his face so he could wipe the sweat away. When he put his hands back down, he noticed something on them: blood. What? Where the hell did that come from? He wiped his face again and saw that it was coming from the Scar on his left eye; which hadn't bled or hurt in years. He furiously dabbed the wound with a tissue but it did no good. So what the hell is this meant to mean? No...I can't...Kovu thought and looked at his beloved wife; Kiara sleeping next to him.

I'll never hurt you...ever.


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