Title; The Only Thing I'm Missing
Repertoire; 00
Authoress; ChromeHearts
Fandom; My Candy Love
Main Focus; Lysander x Candy
Rating; K+

A/N: So, this boy had me running all over campus to find everything that he has lost, and Mother of God, he loses everything! Hence the title of the story…. Kinda. xD Yeah, it's lame. I know. But it's the only thing I can think of. Oh well~


I sat, legs drawn into my chest, back hunched over; crying. My hands shook, my heart ached.
But, he remained the one thing on my mind. It felt as though he had just ripped my heart out of my chest as though it were a worthless, tangible object that could be tossed aside once broken and easily replaced - a toy. And as much as I tried, as much pain and heartbreak he had caused me, he was still the only thing I could think of.
I remained in the hunched position for hours; the sky had long clouded over, sending the world beneath it into darkness. It had been at least an hour after the rain started hammering against the ground that my body finally felt numb and I could no longer cry.
Instead, I just sat there, wondering what I did wrong and how I could fix it.
The rain stopped hitting my body and the concrete around me darkened.
Looking up, I squinted through my matted hair – there in front of me, stood a silhouette, arm outstretched in front of them.
My eyes fixed on the face of a boy, then, slowly travelling upwards, saw that he was holding his umbrella above my head.
I wasn't quite sure what to do, exactly. I was both relieved and annoyed that I had been found.
"Janey," the boy said quietly, kneeling next to me, umbrella still in hand. "What happened?"
I shook my head, refusing to speak. Instead, I let out a quiet whimper and buried my face back into my knees.
"Janiel," he said, a little more sternly this time, giving my shoulder a gentle tug backwards so my face was visible.
I bit my bottom lip, remaining quiet.
Sighing, the boy leant backwards, resting his back against the brick wall behind us.
"Fine," he said. "You don't need to tell me if you don't want, that's your choice."
I expected him to leave after saying that. I, after all, was a stubborn little teenager who most people wouldn't think twice about.
But instead, he just sat there in comfortable silence next to me. Just waiting until I was ready to talk, or at least move.
Although not pressing the subject farther, he showed his concern just by being there.
And for that I was grateful.
The sun rays broke through the clouded sky at last and I looked up.
"Ready to talk now?" he asked, and I forced a smile.
"No," I said, my voice hoarse from crying. "It's okay. I…" I thought for a moment, trying to string the words together so they made sense. "I was just having a bad day."
I could tell that he didn't believe me, but he wasn't one to question people.
Smiling, he got to his feet.
"Okay then. I guess I'll see you around then, Janey."
"Right," I murmured. "See you."
I watched his retreating back and sighed.
I didn't actually think he would care for a silly little girl who cried when things got too difficult for her.
I moved my hands to push myself to my feet when I felt something damp and smooth under my fingertips.
Quickly grabbing it, I looked up.
"Hey, wait!" I called after him. "You forgot your umbrella!"
He didn't turn around.
"Maybe he didn't hear me," I mused quietly as I made my way home.
I shook my head and, for the first time that day, smiled genuinely.
He was always leaving things at the house.
Forgetful, that's exactly what he was.
My brother's best friend was forgetful. Forgetful, but incredibly kind.
And most importantly, he worried when people hurt.
Even for his best friend's little sister.
Lysander. He cared.

A/N: Aaaand, that's it. Fairly certain that didn't make sense. I spent all day at work, and decided to write this on a break from essay-writing once I got home.
Rushed or not, hope you enjoyed reading the prelude~