A/N: Hey, I'm new to writing this fandom, and I've not read all of the books in this series I'm half way through Frostbitten right now, so forgive me if I miss over things. This story is centred around Logan and Kate, mostly Logan as I'm so intreagued by his character that I just wanted to write something about him.

I'm looking for a beta, if you're interested, please let me know. x


"I'm worried about Logan," Elena sighed as she stared up at the ceiling. She could feel Clay beside her, they had tried to sleep with as little touching as possible, when they touched more often then not that friendly touch turned into something more adult; something that after Kate had walked in on and asked 'why was daddy hurting mommy?' they had made a point not to do it when the kids could interrupt.

"What are you worried about?" Clay asked as he turned on his side, he reached out and stroked a hand through his lovers soft blonde hair, glad that the simple touch seemed to make her relax. He could tell that something had been bothering her for a while but he knew better then to question her in it. Knowing that when she was ready he would talk to her.

"Kates loud, shes active. At pre-school her teachers always have such positive things to say..."

"And they always say the same thing about Logan. That he sits in the book area, he makes no attempt at talking to anyone, and always has his eye on Kate."

"He's protective. He always has been. I know there is nothing wrong with that its just the wolf inside of him." The wolf that she was certain was there, just waiting for him to come of age, so it could make an appearance. "But hes supposed to be at his happiest when hes a child, i don't want him feeling like he has to miss out on anything."

Clay stayed quiet for a few minutes, letting his mind process what Elena said to him. He understood her concerns. He felt them too, maybe not as much as her, but the concerns were still there. "I'll talk to him. Maybe do something just me and him, that way he can be himself and not be overshadowed by Kate."

"Okay," Elena nodded, that sounded like a good idea. She knew Logan probably needed a little daddy time. She yawned, feeling the tiredness that had been pushed aside by her worries. Clays strong arms tightened around him, soothing words were whispered into her ear that eventually let her drift into a peaceful sleep, confident that Clay will talk to Logan and everything will be okay.