Battletanx Crossover Part 1

Characters & Gangs

Griffin's Army

Leader: Brandon Spade (Battletanx)

Description: A 18 years old boy with red hairs. He wears a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt, dark blue pants and some goggles.

Tank color: Grey

Emblem: A red griffin holding a gun

Sub weapon: Machinegun

Special weapon: Power Edge (An edge that deals no damages to surroundings enemy units but confuses them and may take them. Cannot destroy buildings.)

More infos: Brandon is the son of the legendary Griffin and Madison.

Note: For the Power edge, it is better that you check some Battletanx: Global Assault footages to understand it.

Urban Decay

Leader: Twitch (League of legends)

Description: A small rat humanoid wearing a green coat with pockets full of scrolls with a gold colored cap. He also carries a customized crossbow.

Tank color: Dark red

Emblem: The gang's initials painted in yellow and orange.

Sub weapon: Swarmers

Special weapons: Spray and pray (Fires bolt that passes through enemy units and deals slightly more damages than normal bullet. Stops when hitting a building and cannot destroy them.)

More infos: Because of pollution, Twitch mutated into a mutant and now represents the polluted city of Zaun.

Psycho Brigade

Leader: Ripper Roo (Crash Bandicoot)

Description: A blue kangaroo in a straightjacket with yellow spiral eyes.

Tank color: Blue

Emblem: A burning eyes going to the right

Sub weapon: Shield

Special weapon: Explosive Insanity (Throws explosives at random locations and deals massive damage. Can destroy minefields.)

More infos: Ripper Roo was the first creation for a military project. Because he got shot twice by a prototype of the Evolvo-Ray, he became insane.

Note: In Battletanx, shields reflect projectiles.

Charlie Company

Leader: Captain Price (Call of Duty)

Description: An old man wearing a beige military outfit

Tank color: Dark green

Emblem: A white star with a hole in it in a light green circle

Sub weapon: Laser

Special weapon: Sniper rifle (Fires explosive bullets that deal massive damages to one enemy unit. Long range

More infos: Price may have killed Vladimir Makarov but he lost all his friends.

Note: Personally, because I didn't want to play Modern Warfare 3 due to the second that made the story pointless, I spoiled the entire game to myself.

Mech Maniacs

Leader: Dr Willy

Description: An old man with grey hairs and long mustaches. He wears a scientist suit.

Tank color: Light green

Emblem: Two wrenches put to form an X

Sub weapon: Gun buddies

Special weapon: Combat robot (Turns the tank into a Combat robots and improves battle stats.)

More infos: Willy helped Dr Light to create Megaman but he decided to conquer the world.

Nuclear Knights

Leader: Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem)

Description: A muscled man with blond flat hairs and shades. He wears a red muscle shirt and black pants.

Tank color: Dark brown

Emblem: A sword on a blue shield with a red atom on it

Sub weapon: Shotgun

Special weapon: Nuke (The weapon of massive destruction. Deals extreme damages in a citywide area an decreases over range. Instantly destroys buildings. Also affects teammates.)

More infos: When aliens came to destroy the world, Duke Nukem made it a personal revenge.

Note: I was thinking of putting Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft) but I played Duke Nukem 3D and thought that he would fit better as the gang instead of the alien woman.

Skull Riderz

Leader: Death (Castlevania)

Description: A skeleton wearing a black robe with a hood and carrying a scythe

Tank color: Red

Emblem: A skull mask seen from the left side in a dark red circle

Sub weapon: Guided missiles

Special weapon: Scythe of doom (Instantly kills an enemy unit. Cannot destroy buildings.)

More infos: Rumors say that the Death cannot be killed but vampire slayers proved that they were wrong.

After Shocks

Leader: Scaler (Scaler)

Description: A small blue lizard humanoid with darker blue stripes on his body. He also has yellow hairs and stripes from the back of his neck to the tail where the stripes become rings.

Tank color: Gold

Emblem: A lightning in a red triangle

Sub weapons: Grenades, mines

Special weapon: Static bomb (Deals moderate damages and paralyzes surrounding enemy units. Cannot destroy buildings.)

More infos: Rumors say that Scaler comes from another universe where habitants are man-sized reptiles.

Note: I couldn't think of someone else for this gang because I only wanted to pick one character per franchise. However, using him may involve a plot twist for the story.

Dark Angels

Leader: Kefka (Final Fantasy)

Description: A clown suited man with royal cloths

Tank color: Dark grey

Emblem: The sign of woman with angel wings in light blue.

Sub weapons: Cloaking

Special weapon: Fallen one (Weakens nearby enemy units so that any attacks will kill them.)

More infos: Kefka succeeded to destroy his world once.

Special thanks: Ssbfreak ("Vigilante 8: VG battle" on Fanfiction)