Sadism of the Devil

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I have decided to re-write this story. I really disliked how I wrote my initial idea. I think I screwed it up badly.

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This story will deal with dark materials – such as rape, torture and self-mutilation. Thus, the T rating. I will up it to M if the contents of subsequent chapters get a little heavy or dark.

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He had waited for this day for very long. Ever since, he first saw her walking out of the doctor's office, he knew he had to have her. She looked just like her. She had her eyes, thin lips and nose.

He tugged her stray hairs behind her ear. His fingers caressed the outline of her face, stopping just below her chin and lifted her head. He pressed his lips on hers and his tongue snaked into her mouth.

Her taste was different but it was sweeter, like honey nectar. He breathed her scent in deeply and crinkled his nose. He hated lavender scent. He preferred fruity-scent shower gel. He took note of what he should buy in the Walmart later.

He reached for the pair of sharp scissors on the bedside cabinet. He sliced through her tank top and her white cotton bra mercilessly. She did not need any clothing in this room.

The cloth fell apart, revealing her creamy skin. He stroked the exposed skin and marveled how smooth it was. He rubbed the peaks of her breasts vigorously and watched them turned taut.

He trailed a path of kisses from the valley of her breasts to her navel.

Her pair of dark blue jeans was an obstruction. He unbuckled her belt and freed it from the loops. He unfastened the button of her jeans and pulling the zipper down, he yanked the jeans off her long legs.

He loved how she wore matching underwear. The white cotton panties were slightly stained by her arousal. He reached under the sides of her panties and ripped it apart. Her short brown curls glistening under the harsh white lights he installed. He dipped two fingers into her core and pulled it out when he felt her moisture had fully coated his finger.

He breathed in her scent. Musky but light. He placed his finger into his mouth and sucked it. His eyes went glaze after tasting her essence. He wanted more but he had to wait. He could not risk her waking up. He was not trained in martial arts or self-defense but she was. He did not want to take a chance at all. He knew that when she woke up, her whole body would be weak but there might be a possibility that she would fight for her life. Adrenaline rush did wonders.

He reached for the purple silk sash he had tied to the bedposts earlier on and wound them around her wrists. He tightened the bonds and moved to her legs. He spread her legs wide and looped the silk sash around her ankles.

When he was satisfied with his work, he crawled off the bed and padded towards the bathroom. He shed his clothing – his branded coat, tailor-made dress shirt and long fitted pants lay rumpled on the tiled flooring.

He moved into the shower and let the hot water washed away his fatigue.

He could finally hold her in his arms again. This time, he would never let go. He would never allow any guys near her. She was his, solely his.

He reached for the knob and turned the water off. Wrapping a blue terry towel around his waist, he stepped out of the shower area. He wiped the steam off the mirror and smiled at his reflection.

He still looked good for a fifty years old man. He flexed his arms. His arms muscles bulged. He almost wanted to kiss his reflection but decided it was stupid to do that.

Opening the bathroom cabinet, he reached for the small bottle of medicine.

Everything was peachy for him, except for his sexual performance. It was a big blow to his ego. He ejaculated prematurely and was unable to sustain long.

He hated how she rolled her eyes and pushed him off. She scoffed, and dipped her fingers into her intimate area, stimulating herself. She laughed. He could never forget her piercing, insulting laugh. When she got herself off, she stalked off to her bathroom to shower, leaving him in her room humiliated.

He snapped when she found someone new. She hooked up with a young, promising and blonde doctor.

He had slashed her throat in her bathroom. He dismembered the blondie in the same bathroom.

He sneered. They were all dead now. They could not laugh at his performance any more.

He popped the little blue pill into his mouth and swallowed. He waited for a while and watched his manhood sprang into life.

Walking back to the room, he grinned when he heard some groaning.

She had a feisty character. She struggled against her bonds weakly.

The morphine he had injected into her body had not wane off completely yet.

He pulled off his towel, letting it dropped onto the floor and walked to her bedside.

Her eyes registered shock but she did not show it. She just glared at him angrily. She shouted vulgarities.

"Shout all you want. I have sound-proofed this whole room." He climbed onto the bed and covered her body with his.

"Get off," she screamed helplessly and wriggled under him. She hated how close his manhood was to her intimate area.

"You will like this," he bit her nipple hard, not enough to draw blood but enough to inflict pains.

She wailed, and her tears pouring out from her eyes. No one had touched her this way since that betrayal.

She could feel him prying her folds open and inserted two fingers in.

"Come for me, baby," he screamed, as he plunged his fingers in and out hardly. She closed her eyes, as she knew what was going to happen next. She shrieked painfully when he entered her. He could no longer wait for her to come. He had to release.

She stopped fighting and lay there impassively, waiting for him to finish.

He did after several long minutes, which felt like an eternity to her. She felt him shooting his warm load into her.

He collapsed on top of her, keeping his manhood in her.

"We'll be doing this again later," he shoved his tongue into her mouth.

"My lovely Debbie," he rolled off her and watched her beautiful face. He shook his head.

"No, it should be my lovely Sara."

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