London was dreaming.

Beneath the pitch black sky, thousands upon thousands of people slept, their dreams deep and their slumber peaceful. There were no nightmares that night.

At least, no nightmares for those asleep.

The painted stars on Diana's wall glowed in the half-light, casting an eerie glow over the room. The light emanating from the small lamp on her bedside table flickered and died, plunging the room into darkness. Dia hugged her knees a little closer, with the instinct that tells animals to curl up when a predator was near.

A cold wind blew through the room, whistling as it went, sending the curtains billowing, pale shadows in the faint moonlight, and chills down Diana's spine.

The breeze had come from the window, and she had shut the window less than half an hour ago.

Diana's breath caught in her throat, her heart pounding. She sat frozen to the spot, her heart beat the only sound in the unerring silence. This fear wasn't in her nature- she was as bold as the hunting goddess she's been named for, and as fearless. Terror was a foreign emotion. A second passed, and then another, and as the seconds became minutes a sense of calm stole over her, settling her racing pulse.

With a small chuckle, as though to mock the very thought of her fright, Diana reached for the lamp switch and flicked it, illuminating the small box room. Though the light should have been reassuring- the dark carried with it an air of mystery, of things unseen and of all the horrors human imagination could conjure up- it was anything but.

Diana wasn't alone. Stood less than an arms width away from her, at the foot of the bad, was a thing. It wasn't human, though it was around the same size – no human had eyes like that, or teeth so sharp. It- there was no discernible gender- smiled, a rictus grin that showed yet more of those fangs, their tips edged with blood.

Every instinct and logical thought in Diana's head told her to move, but the icy cold dread that stole up her spine was paralysing. The fear she felt was beyond reason, beyond emotion, beyond anything but this unnatural terror of the thing.

Diana regarded it carefully, keeping her gaze fixed firmly on the creature as she edged slowly off the bed, the lamp gripped in her hand like a weapon. She couldn't recall picking it up, but it was reassuring in her hand.

The creature seemed oblivious to her movements, though it's dark eyes burrowed into Diana's- eyes so black they seemed like tunnels. Dia edged a little further away, her back to the doorframe. Her bare feet were soundless against the cream carpet, and the street too was silent.

Diana twisted the doorknob, but before she could take a step into the hallway the creature pounced.

Heart pounding, she sprinted through the small, dark hall, grabbing her keys from the hallway table and scrambling to undo the door. The creature bounded after her, not running but crawling like an animal, and she could feel it's hot breath on her skin.

With a animal cry Diana wrenched the door open and stumbled onto the moonlit street. She'd long since lost the lamp, somewhere in the confusion, but she still gripped a shard of glass from the bulb- the lamp must have shattered at some point.

The creature slunk towards her, teeth bared in a ferocious grimace. Diana backed away, the cold, damp pavement icy against her feet, but the creature was gaining. It stood so close she could see the flecks of blood on it's lips, and smell the rancid reek of old flesh. Dia took a sharp breath in, closing her eyes, and steeled herself for her last moments, but they bite she'd expected did not come.

Slowly, Diana opened her eyes, blinking cautiously. The thing was gone.

The street was dark as it had been, the only light the single street lamp, casting a glow over-

Dia started. A blue policebox.

There hadn't been a police box there before, she was sure of that. There hadn't been a policebox anywhere for years.

Eyes wide with a curious mix of fright and curiosity, Diana took a tentative step closer to it.

The door swung open, and she jumped back with a scream of alarm, the glass shard still in her hand.

Instead of the monster she'd been expecting- more of those creatures, perhaps- the open door revealed an entirely unremarkable man, with a shock of messy brown hair and a bowtie. It was that detail that brought Diana back to herself, and a small giggle escaped her throat at the sheer incredulity of the whole thing.

The man looked round, his eyes darting from Diana to where the creature had stood. Diana simply blinked, unable to do anything else but that.

After a pause that seemed like eternity, the man spoke, his expression friendly and his voice carrying a cheerful tone Diana felt was far from appropriate.

"Hello!" cried the man, with the air of a person having received brilliant news.

Diana remained mute.

The man continued regardless- he didn't seem to have been waiting for an answer.

"I'm the Doctor. Pleased to meet you."

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