hello i'm rocket1728 this Challenge is for someone who can do the ultimate n. italy x all fem. countries and all nyotalia countries in 4 mouths time or sooner get me a link too your story the winner gets me too help them write for you, give half of my ideas to them for 5 mouths and i fav. you as an author and tell all i know about your stories and your

and the story must be

language: English ( others if you want but english first so i can read it)

Rating: Rated M (and yes for sex reasons i don't wanna beat around the bush and yes anything goes ... and i'm not kidding i'm a prevert ... but a kind nice prevert that doesn't go crazy with it.. most times anyway if you can't tell it in your way it might not be a true story to the readers a non true preverted drama~... that was deep what i said right there~...)

Romance & Drama

Romance & Humor

take your pick~

also leting people vote on the next couple because everybody likes voting but try to keep it in the time strem like first n. italy x nyotalia fem. Holy Roman Empire~ or n. italy x hungary or n. italy x nyotalia fem. austria~

and yes me and you and can write the story with me and can still win (it's not cheating~) and you can write the story with as many as 10 people to write the the cause you the story wins am gonna have to get the prize to all who wrote it

well now that that's done let the Challenge begin!~

p.s. if we can do this the uiltimate n. italy x harem story ever~

...GoodNight EveryBody!...