The Dark Tales of Farie: Peter Pan
By C.D

Chapter 5: Gifts from the Sky

The morning that followed was a yucky one. Typical London weather revealed a rather small storm system had settled over the area. Yet in a sense it was a good thing, cause that way Peter and Tinkerbell could fly away in the cloud covering and not scare anyone.

The clouds weren't gray, in fact they were an odd yellowish-gray color. I take it this spurred from the sunlight attempting to make it's way through.

I sat on the top of our apartment building, which was a feat in itself considering the freakish slant of the roof. I looked down onto the filthy streets to see puddles. They didn't really look like puddles of water- more like circular mirrors someone placed about the city.

There was a knock beneath me, accompanied by Trestand's tired voice, Oi! Cleo! You done playin' Marry Poppins? Come down here!

I sighed and crept back into the window and tumbled out on Trestand's floor. I opened my eyes to see two feet by my ears, and I looked above me...

Christ Trestand!! I shouted, covering my eyes, Do you mind? Put some pants on for dignity's sake!!

Aw come on. he said, a cigarette bouncing in his lips as he grabbed his jeans off the floor, You know you liked it.

Oh God.. I said trying to find the door from behind my winced eyes, I can still see it when I close my eyes!


It was drizzling when we made it out to the square. The square was a circular point in the road they probably meant to put a statue in the center of someday. But knowing British people they must have gotten side-tracked.

Trestand and I stood side by side, across from Peter and Tinkerbell. The clouds had managed to retain their sickly color, and it brought an awkward mood about things. Peter had changed into the clothes I found him in, since we had cleaned the blood off of them. He sighed and looked up into the sky as Tinkerbell lit a cigarette.

Peter took out a golden pocket watch with an unnecessarily long chain and looked at the time. When he looked back up to me I shrugged.

Well, thank you for saving me Cleo Peter said to us. I think he forgot Trestand's name.

Have a safe trip back, okay? I said, And any time you wanna get your arse kicked by pirates, you know where to come.

The dark haired boy grinned, Right. I'll remember that. And hey- don't forget I'll come back for ya someday!

You just be sure an not come back when I'm fifty with children. I've seen the play, Peter. I warned.

Don't worry about it. You can trust me.

I raised a brow and he laughed. Before I knew it, he rushed forward and hugged me- picking me up off the ground and turning around once. His strength was so great I felt I was going to be crushed and die right there on the streets of London. When Peter set me back on the ground, I blinked and looked over his shoulder.

Grabbing his chin, I arched Peter's head towards his farie accomplice as she kissed Trestand full and hard on the lips. His shabby blonde hair shadowed his eyes, but I'm pretty sure they were as wide as saucers. Peter's eyes blinked in sync with mine as we watched her practically try and eat his face.

When Tinkerbell was done, I noticed she had the collar of his shirt in her fist. The gothic farie smiled evilly at him and said,

Until next time, Spam. she said to him.

Then Peter and her backed up side to side, and Tinkerbell unfolded her huge transparent purple wings. As he began to levitate upward a little, her wings fluttered about violently and she followed. Never taking our eyes off them, I leaned closer to Trestand as we waved.

Did she just call you Spam? I said out of the corner of my lips.

Don't ask. Was his reply in the same manner.

As the two waved back, we shouted things up to them like:

Bye! See you soon!

Safe trip back!

Don't forget to write!!

But after a while Peter and Tinkerbell were no more than little black specks up there in the sky. And I couldn't help but remember that it was raining that day too.

Well Trestand. There goes some wierd...wierd people.. I sighed.

You don't know the half of it. haha..ha..spam.. he said, progressing into a suggestively sexual laugh as he stuck out his skinny little tummy.

I smacked my forehead and covered my eyes, Damnit! What makes you think I want to know these things?! Please!!

And just before I lost complete sight of them as they ascended into the cloud cover, I smiled to myself thinking how lucky a girl I must be. To meet a guy like that in a dingy little alley way on the street. I would have reminiscenced longer, if my sleeve wasn't being pulled in sudden urgency.

said Trestand, black lipstick smeared all over his face, Zombie girl. You all right?

I smiled, I'm fine.

Over the sound of Trestand suggesting we catch the newest Twilight Zone episode down at the theater, I heard a small chime behind me. Like a piece of metal whistling down to earth and clinking against the ground. I pivoted my foot and looked behind me to see nothing- not a single soul in sight.

But upon looking down a few feet in front of me, I saw something peculiar. When I bent down to see what it was, I was surprised to realize it wasn't a piece of shrapnel at all.

It was a thimble.