Written for Faberry Week: College. Xposted to tumblr.

Tears streamed down Rachel's face as she let herself into the apartment she and Santana shared. It had been a bad day. No, scratch that…. It had been an awful day. The kind of day that made her wonder if moving back to Lima and being a professional waitress at the Lima Bean would be so bad. It had just been one thing on top of another:

Burning breakfast with no time to make another.

Late to dance and getting chewed out.

Trying to make up for her late arrival by giving 110 percent, and nearly passing out because she hadn't eaten.

And so on. By lunch time, she was crying in the bathroom. Unable to reach Quinn, she'd called Santana.

"Take a deep breath, and tell me what's wrong," Santana said.

"Everything!" Rachel sobbed. "It's just…the hardest day I've ever had. I don't know if I can do this."

"You can, short stack. If you couldn't, you wouldn't have even made it this far. You're going to have days like this, but you're Rachel Berry, and you'll power through. Tomorrow will be better."

Rachel sniffed and nodded to herself. "You're right…."

"Of course I'm right! I'm always right!"

"What about that time we decided to eat at that hole in the wall you said you saw on Food Network?"

"Honest mistake! God, it's been three months! And I can see you're feeling better."

Rachel let out a watery chuckle. "I just want to quit. Not forever, just today. I want to go home. All I want right now is for Quinn to hold me and tell me it's going to be alright."

There was silence on the other end for a moment.


"You did mean to say Quinn, right…?"

"Of course, I did. Why…oh." Finn. She should've said Finn.

"Before you start to overanalyze, calm down. It's…understandable. You guys are besties. And not besties like me and Britt, who grew up together. You two did the whole baptized by fire friendship through high school. It makes sense that you're super close now. Listen, I've got to run to work. I'll bring home a piece of vegan chocolate cake for you, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks for listening, Santana."

"No problem, Hobbit."

The second half of the day had gone slightly better. Slightly. At least she didn't get yelled at again. Still, it was pretty shitty. But she kept Santana's words in her head and powered through it. She didn't even allow herself to cry again until she was halfway home.

Now, walking into her bedroom, she was ready to collapse. She changed quickly, throwing on sweats, a tank, and of course, Quinn's Yale hoodie. She wasn't sure when she'd inadvertently nicked it, but the blonde wasn't getting it back until it lost its Quinn scent. It was the closest thing Rachel had to snuggles at the moment.

She didn't even bother turning on music. She slid into bed and closed her eyes.

Rachel felt the bed dip behind her and yawned. "Santana? I know your aversion to cuddling anyone who isn't Brittany. I promise I'm fine."

"Well if you're fine, I guess I'll just make my way back to New Haven."

"Quinn!" Rachel yelped, turning around.

"A little birdie told me you had a bad day," the blonde said, hugging her.


"And that my presence was requested."

"Again, understatement."

"I ordered dinner. It should be here in an hour, and then you and I are going to relax with some bad made-for-TV movies."

"Sounds amazing. Quinn?"


"I'm glad you're here."