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Me: This place is a mess... (and where is the disclaimer room)

Eric: *comes out from behind a flipped table* Where's everyone else?

Me: ...It's all your fault for freaking me out!

Eric: It's YOUR fault for being so scared!


Eric: You little...

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That portal wasn't that bad... I looked ahead of me. The Empress and Shinsoo were right in front of us. They were exactly how I remembered them.

"Welcome to Ereve. I am Empress Cygnus. I take it that you two are our newest trainees?" And then her gaze turned to me.

"Aren't you...Michelle and Mason Faireden's younger child? Aika?" I just nod. "You've grown, Aika! I haven't seen you since you were seven!"

I cursed in my head. I was hoping she wouldn't notice me. It felt a bit embarrassing. Eric just barged in.

"You mean...you KNOW her? Personally?!" He turned to me. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Like I really could without him fussing about it like he was right now.

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The Empress just shushed him.

"Well, you two are going to need some proper training if you ever want to become one of my best knights! Go talk to Neinheart. He should be...right over there dealing with some of the other trainees." She pointed to a man with a monacle and long, light blue hair.

Honestly, the first time I saw him I thought he was a girl, I thought, clearly ashamed. Neinheart was standing with a group of noblesses who seemed to be about the same age as me and we walked closer, I could hear bits of their argument.

"C'mon...we don't want to keep training. We can take on this it's just 10 levels. We're almost TOO ready for this." The guy who spoke seemed to be the leader of their little group.

"I believe you can never be too ready or too cautious, especially facing such a dangerous mission as that." Neinheart firmly said.

"Hey, Aika..." I heard Eric murmur as his hand grabbed mine. "I don't think we should get too close to don't seem...right..."

I couldn't agree enough. They seemed dangerous. And I also felt something odd about them. They didn't seem normal, or human. I didn't understand. Who or what could be so powerful to disguise themselves as normal humans with this sort of...aura around them? I was snapped out of my thoughts as a girl stepped out and held a short blade blade against the boy's neck. I gasped.

"That is enough! If he says you aren't ready, then you aren't!" The boy protested. "But, Celia...you know what he said. We have to hurry up and become proper knights..."

"Idris Alchester, that is enough! We will deal with this some other day."

Idris...Celia...who exactly are they? Where have I heard those two's names? And who is he? I sucked in air through my teeth. It couldn't be...

"Do you guys...work for the Black Mage?!"

One of the delinquents whipped his head around to look at me.

"W..what are you saying? W...we're the Empress's knights! W...we would never work for someone like him!"He stuttered in rage.

"What is going on?! Why does everyone understand everything and I don't? Who's this Black Mage dude?"Eric demanded.

The Empress looked at him calmly.

"I'll explain everything to you later. Meet me at the bridge later. For now, go train so you will be ready for a Chief Knight and get more powerful skills. Keep going until you reach a clearing. You can't miss it. There, Kiku will tell you what your training is. Finish the whole training session, and then see me."

We followed her directions. Sure enough there was another monkey-like creature.

"You two!" Kiku said. "You must be new recruits!" He handed us a list of monsters to kill. "Kill all these in order from top to bottom. I'm too lazy to give you these separately. Lately, the more experienced knights have been causing a lot of problems, so if you could just do these all in one go, it'd really help me.

" Me and Eric just look at each other.

It sounds like those delinquents are causing a lot of problems around here...

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