Title – Strange Little Band Of Protection
Author – Moonbeam
Summary – Danny's sister comes to see Danny for help and ends up helping him out as well.
Spoilers – This is set before Danny and Rachel hooked up because I just don't want Danny to be sad.
Rating – Teen (M) at the moment
Disclaimer – I don't own anything, just a poor relief teacher/uni student. But oh the fun that could be had if I did.
Author's Notes – This is based on the fact that when James Caan guest starred I wanted to watch Las Vegas which lead me to Molly Sims who played his daughter and then I had this idea and I like it. This will either be long or short, I know what the end game is but we'll see.

Strange Little Band Of Protection
by Moonbeam

/ / / Prologue / / /

"Hey shortie," Danny said with a grin when he answered the phone. Steve flicked his eyes over not used to that nickname for Gracie even though that was definitely Danny's Gracie tone. "What!"

Danny waved Steve's worried question off.

"When? I'll get the next flight home. Are you sure? Of course. I can come home for it. Oh, okay. Shortie, I'm sorry. Yeah. Love you too. See you then. Call me if you need anything regardless of the time. Yeah of course, say hello for me. Love you too, bye."

Danny tucked his phone back into his pocket. "Take me back to mine okay?"

"But?" Steve pointed at his driveway.


Steve nodded and turned the car around. "What's wrong?"

"I really don't want to talk about it right now." Danny said his entire body language shut down in a way Steve had never seen before.

"Okay," Steve drove them silently back towards Danny's little apartment, halfway there Danny's phone rang again but Steve recognised this ringtone as his mother's.

"Hey Ma. Yeah she called. I know. Of course she can. It's probably good for her to get away. No Ma I am happy to. Ma. Ma. Ma! God dammit Ma! Sorry Ma. I know Ma. Look I shouldn't have said it. Right. Ma I will look after her. Of course. Ma." Danny laughed. "Okay Ma love you too."

Danny dropped the phone into his lap and let his head drop back onto the chair closing his eyes and swearing softly.

"Danny," Steve said trying for a gentle tone. "What's going on?"

Danny sighed. "I really just can't okay. Leave it; I will talk to you after the weekend okay?"

Steve nodded and pulled up in front of Danny's apartment building. He sat back and watched Danny get out of the car and move towards his apartment, something in the two phone calls had ruined his good mood. They had caught the men responsible for their latest murder and Steve had mostly followed common sense rules to get them there so they were supposed to go back to his place for beer and steak. They would have had too much to drink, Danny would have found something to watch they could argue about and then would have fallen asleep on Steve's couch. Steve sighed and drove home alone instead. He threw the steak into the freezer grabbing his boardies and going down for a night swim instead.