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"Go Nagi! Shoot! Shoot!" Yaya jumped up enthusiastically, cheering on the purple-haired basketball player.

"Yuiki-San, you certainly are enthused today." Tadase sat politely at the bleachers, pleased by the former Ace chair's happiness.

"Nagi's team should win!" Yaya gave him a thumbs up, dragging Amu up to cheer.

"Rima." Amu turned around, her hands on her hips "You should cheer too!" The two over enthused ex-guardians dragged the small blonde up to her feet.

"Rima! Rima! Let's cheer for Nagi!" Kusukusu giggled in a sing-song voice. "Character change!"

"No! Kusukusu!" Rima begged her clown-like guardian character.

Before she knew it she was jumping up and down cheering 'Bala Balance'.

"Hooray! Hooray! Na-Gi-Hi-Ko!" Rima ran close to the court. Following him and giving him advice. "Do it for me, Nagi!" Rima cheered. Kusukusu would pay for this later.

Nagihiko's POV:

"Fujisaki-Kun." The coach scanned the clip board in his hand. "You're up!"

"Yes." I got up and ran on to the court. I could hear Yaya and the other guardians cheering for me, everyone except Rima.

I kept missing the hoop. I tried to keep my cool and as Rhythm would say 'go with the beat', but I couldn't get her out of my mind. And if I thought I obsessed about this before, then boy was I in for a surprise.

"Hooray! Hooray! Na-Gi-Hi-Ko!" I could tell she was in a character change, but still, that was her would-be-self. She would do that if she had the confidence, wouldn't she?

I stared at her, dumbstruck, unsure about what to do as she waved her pompoms and giggled.

"Do it for me, Nagi!" She shouted, staring at me with her big honey eyes.

Well that did it...

"Okay!" I called out to her. "I'll do it for you, Rima!" I quickly character changed with Rhythm, and gave the blonde a thumbs up before I ran to chase the ball.

That's when I saw it.

She winked at me.

Rima's POV:

"Kusukusu I am going to kill you." I thought to myself. It was embarrassing enough doing 'Bala-Balance' in front of half the school, so basically telling Nagi to win a basketball game for me was even more 'crawl-into-a-hole-and-die' worthy.

"I'll do it for you, Rima!" If I wasn't in character change I'm sure my face would be darker than Amu's rosy locks, but because Kusukusu had taken over, I did the worst thing I could have possibly done...

I winked at him.

I. Winked. At. Him.

"God I hope he didn't see that." I puffed out of my character change and ran as fast as my short legs would allow.

"Kusukusu!" I hissed at the chara floating behind me.

"Rima! It was what you wanted to do!" The chara in front of me giggled.

I walked off and turned the corner, attempting to be as far away as possible from the former Jack chair.

Nagihiko's POV:

We won the game.

It was all thanks to a certain Jester.



"Nagi that was amazing. Rima-Chi really got into it!" Yaya ran up and hugged me.

I smiled at the sound of Rima's name.

"Yeah. Did she leave already?" I looked over the group. She was small and easy to miss, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"I think her mum picked her up." Amu shrugged at me. "Anyway, Yaya wants ice cream." Amu, Tadase, Yaya, Kūkai and Kairi started to walk away.

"Yo! Nagi, you coming?" Kūkai looked back at me, his hands put up behind his head.

"Yeah..." I trailed behind the group, giving a very cliché look into the sky and smiling, thinking of her.

Rima's POV:

I turned the corner, not really thinking we're I was going.

"Well well well, what have we here?" Two tall men looked down on me.


I attempted to continue walking on but was blocked by them making a barrier. I rolled my eyes, rying not to show how scared I was.

Oh my god.

I turned around, deciding I would just take the long way. I was rather forcefully pulled back into the grasp of one of the men.

Damn it.

"Let me go." I whispered, trying to sound serious, but I could feel the tears welling up in my large eyes.

"What do ya think we'll do with this one?" One of the, let's call them scum-bags, asked the other.

"Ya think we could get her back without anyone noticing?" Scum-Bag one asked Scum-bag two.

"No. No you can't." A very casual voice appeared from the direction I came.


"Shrimp." He greeted me, giving his smirk.

"Ikuto." I whispered. I never thought I would be that happy to see him.

"You better make yourself scarce." He spoke to me, but his stern gaze never left the men.

Haha Scum-Bags!

"Okay." I quickly turned the corner, but there was no way I was leaving.


"Shrimp, you're still here?" Ikuto asked, not very surprised.

"Like I was leaving you with two middle-aged Scum-Bags." I walked along with him. "What did you do to them?" I whispered curiously.

"I won't get into details." He shrugged, changing the subject. "What where you doing all by yourself in an alleyway?" He judged.

"I can look after myself." Pfft. Well that just isn't true. Even I knew that.

"You say that just after I rescue you from two men?" Ikuto laughed, raising his eyebrows.

"I could have handled it by myself..." I mumbled.

"Sure you could-" Ikuto was starting to judge me, but he was interrupted.

"Ikuto-Niisan!" Tadase ran from the ice cream shop and greeted his 'older brother'.

"Little King." Ikuto nodded.

"Ikuto!" Amu ran up to greet her old friend.

"Ikuto." Nagi glared daggers at Ikuto. You would need a machete to cut through the negative energy being thrown around.

Nagihiko's POV:

"Yaya just choose a flavour already!" Amu begged, sick of waiting for the baby of the group.

"But there all so good!" Yaya pouted, angry at the vast collection of ice cream at the parlour.

"Is that Ikuto?" Tadase squinted, neatly licking his ice cream.

"Yeah! And...Rima?" Amu sounded confused.

I tensed. No longer relaxed. Rima and Ikuto. Ikuto and Rima. Was the world so messed up that they would throw Ikuto and Rima together?

The group ran to greet them, Yaya and myself trailing behind.

"Ikuto." I tried to sound pleasant, greeting the teen after everyone else.

I don't think the 'pleasant' thing worked.

"Are you okay Nagi?" Amu asked; her eyes full of genuine concern.

"Just fine." I lied. "I think I might go." I walked off in the other direction, not even looking back at the puzzled group of friends.

What did I care if Rima and Ikuto liked each other? I don't. Shut up!

Rima's POV:

You could tell Fujisaki would tear Ikuto limb from limb at any wrong move. The awkward silence that lasted two seconds occupied everyone's minds until Nagihiko rudely excused himself, walking away.

"Amu! Walk me home!" Yaya lunged herself on Amu, obviously not noticing the tense air that had occurred.

"It is getting late..." Amu looked at Tadase's watch, making him blush at the closeness. "We should all head home!" She stated cheerfully.

"See ya." Ikuto walked the opposite direction, waving goodbye to the group.

Nagi's POV:

I didn't expect myself to confront him. I guess that's just what happens when hormones get in the way. What was I going to do? Even I wasn't sure of that.

"Fujisaki." Ikuto nodded at me. His lack of surprise could really irritate me at times. It was like he was always one step ahead of you. My hands became whiter as I brought all my anger into clenching my fists.

"I'm not gonna ask you to stay away from her." I glared at him, standing my ground. "But if you hurt her, I'm going to kill you." I threatened, coming closer to him.

"What?" Ikuto raised an eyebrow. It was probably the first time I had ever seen him look confused.

"Rima." I muttered simply. "You and her..." I couldn't bring myself to finish the sentence.

"We're not-" Ikuto started, I couldn't stand it so interrupted.

"If you hurt her, I will kill you!" I almost shouted, slightly startling the cat-hybrid.

"Okay." He turned around, violin in hand, and walked away. "You know we're not together, right?" He called to me smugly.

"If you hurt her I will kill you!" I repeated my go-to threat, getting angrier as he jumped the tall city buildings with ease.

"If you hurt her." I muttered under my breath.

I will never let him hurt my Rima.

Rima's POV:

"Rima! Kairi is walking Yaya home!" Yaya happily bounced off with the samurai, dragging him along.

"Hinamori-San, Mashiro-San, see you tomorrow." Tadase walked up to his door, waving at us.

"Good night!" Amu waved. "Are you sure your parents are okay with you walking the rest by yourself?"

"Yes. I'm in high school now." I stared at the luminous screen of my phone.

"All the more reason for them to be worried." Amu skipped slightly as she walked.

"I'm fine." I lied, my mind teasing me with flashbacks of the men.

"Here we are." Amu ran up to her door. "Bye Bye Rima!" She cheered.

"I'm fine." I repeated to myself as I started walking home.

At home.

"Good night Rima" My mother smiled as I walked up the stairs.

I yawned as I fell onto by bed, my head dangling of the side.

"Ah!" I let out a girlish squeak, covering my mouth quickly.

"Rima, what's wrong?" I heard my mother come up and open the door to my room.

"Nothing!" I said suspiciously standing in front of the curtain I had just closed.

"Okay." She looked concerned. "Good night."

"Night." I breathed as she left.

I ripped the curtain open and glared at a very casual-as-always Ikuto who was smirking happily.

"What do you want?" I blankly hissed as he squeezed through the window.

"That's no way to treat a guest." Ikuto lay down on a bean-bag chair, making himself feel at home.

"Shut up." I sat on my bed looking at him with my arms crossed.

"Anyway. I have a problem." Ikuto looked up at my ceiling.

"Yes. Yes you do. Sneaking into a young girl's bedroom at night isn't something to be proud of." I sipped at the cup of cocoa from my bedside table.

"Very funny." He laughed. "It's about...It's about Amu." He sighed.

"Amu?" I asked, confused.

"I think she thinks we're...we're together." It looked like it was hard for Ikuto to say this.

"Why would she think that? And why would you even care?" I crossed my arms and stared at him.

"Well I think everyone in your little group had a hunch about that today, and I care because...because I love her..." Ikuto's gaze never left the ceiling. I was pretty shocked at this confession. I knew he liked her, but I didn't think he would come out and say it. Especially to me.

"Shrimp?" He looked over at me.

"What?" I barked.

"You're going to help me right?" He continued to gaze at me with longingness.

"Why would I help you?" I looked at him with no expression.

"Because if you help me with Amu...then I'll help you with Fujisaki." He grinned at me evilly as if to say, 'I've got you now'.

"And why would I want Nag...Fujisaki." I was just about ready to knock him out.

"Please?" He sat up. "It's very obvious." He sat in a model like position, lifting his eyebrow.

"I. Don't. Like. Fujisaki. "I hissed through my teeth.

"Yeah, you do." Ikuto nodded. "Want to know how I know?" He continued to smirk.

"How?" I questioned pretending to not care.

"One, you blushed as soon as I said his name." Ikuto counted one on his hand. "Two, Amu says you are constantly staring at him. And three, I was watching the basketball game today, and if you didn't like him, then why did you wink?" He counted three on his hand.

Okay. Maybe he had got me this time.

"And you're blushing now" He stated matter-of-factly.

"I don't..." I whispered looking at my hands.

"Why are you sad?" Ikuto looked at me, giving a blank stare that I usually would do.

"I...I...I..." I stuttered, not really knowing what I was going to say.

"If you help me with Amu, then I'll help you with Fujisaki." He repeated.








"Yes." Ikuto gave another evil smile holding a small red notebook.

It was the notebook where I wrote my dreams. The notebook the psychiatrist had suggested to help get over my mother and father's arguments.

My face dropped and my eyes widened.

"Give that back." I whispered, jumping over to him. It had turned into a game of keep-away which was much easier for the six-foot tall high-schooler.

"So you have dreams about him? Yet you don't love him?" Ikuto flipped through the book.

Please stay away from page 33.

Please stay away from page 33.

Please stay away from page 33.

"Page 33." Ikuto read aloud.


"I hate you." I still attempted to grasp the small booklet.

"Dear Journal." Ikuto read aloud. "Ain't that sweat" He stopped reading for a second to voice his opinion.

"Dear Journal" He continued. "I had a strange dream tonight. It was about him. Nagihiko had come up to me in the park. I was crying because of one of my parents fights. He came up to me and he made me feel better. But he did something. Someone that I can't believe, but something I wanted him to do all the same. I am telling you this dear Journal. He kissed me." Ikuto snapped the journal closed.

"Dammit." I huffed.

"I'm never wrong." He chucked the notebook at me.

"So..." I placed the notebook on the shelf where it belonged.

"So, help me with Amu and I'll help you with Fujisaki." He stated again.

"Promise?" I looked up at him.

"Promise." He confirmed.

"Pinkie swear?" I pulled my pinkie out, standing on my tip toes to get higher up.

"Pinkie swear?" Ikuto looked in confusion. "Why would I pinkie swear?"

I gave him a death glare until he finally held his out.

"You shake it you brake it." I warned him as we held our pinkies together for a few seconds. "So if I help you with Amu, you'll help me with Nagi." I looked out the window then back at him. "Sounds like a good plan."

I hope everyone enjoyed that! I think I will keep going. If you've seen 'toradora' then you'll know what I mean about helping each other with their loves. Beeteedubbers I've only seen two episodes of 'toradora' so I don't know everything about it. Anyway back to Shugo chara. I hope you liked that story. You don't hear much from the charas but that will change in chapter two.


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