Chapter 7- You're forgetting something...

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"Done what?" She looked over at my sketchbook.

"Its you." I showed her a delicate, thought out picture of her. She looked like she was caught off guard, which she was, her mouth was open, talking, looking up out the window.

"It's beautiful." She kept her eyes on it.

"I hope you don't mind." I smiled at her. "I'm keeping it."

Rima's POV-

I tiredly arrived home from school, walking hurriedly up the stairs.

"Hey Ikuto." I threw my school bag down, grabbing out my phone. "Wait, WHAT?!" I turned and stared at the cat-boy, sitting on my desk chair.

"Yo." He blinked at me.

"What are you doing here?!" I pressed myself against the wall, slightly frightened.

"Did you forget?" He looked at me, a little surprised.

"Nagi?" I asked confused.

"You're forgetting something." He nodded. "Something else." Attempting to let me guess.


"What about my part of the deal?" He leaned his head back.

"Oh, right. The you and Amu part. Well, that should be easier than my part." I started thinking. "Which come to think of it." I looked over. "You haven't helped me with at all!"

"Baby steps." He shrugged.

"You'll be taking baby steps once I'm done with you!" I started to rant.

"Hmmm, aggressive. Nagihiko wouldn't like that." He lifted his head with a smirk.

"Nagihiko wouldn't like that." I mimicked him poking my tongue out.

"So. Gonna help me." He asked.

"Fine." It took a lot of strength not to hurt him. "How am I supposed to help you?!" I lay on my bed, confused on the events of the day.

"Well, I don't think the whole, 'make them jealous' thing is in the picture any more." He yawned.

"mm." I grumbled under my breath.

"Somebody's still angry. How long will that last?" He stretched on the floor.

"Stupid...I'm gonna ring your neck...dream book...Nagihiko!" I mumbled through different topics, not even knowing what I was saying myself.


"Oh for gods sake, just tell her? Well...she already knows that. Do something. For the love of god. Do something! Because I swear to god if I have to spend another freaking second with you then I will be suicidal!" I panted finishing my rant.

"Okay." He got up, walking over to the window.

"Really?" I shot my head up.

"Yeah. Unlike you I can take some criticism and I'm trying to get someone, I suggest you do the same and chase your goal." He climbed out very cat-like and waved from my lawn.

"Woah." I sighed landing on my bed, even Ikuto was beating me.

Nagihiko's POV-

I lay in my usual spot on the grass in the sun. Humming tunes.

"Nagi?" I looked up to see the cheery soccer player, walking along the path.

"Hey Kūkai." I sat back down, fiddling with the ordinary daisy's.

"Watcha doing?" He stood infringing of me.

"Just...thinking, I guess." I continued to airily look at the sky.

"Blond!" Kūkai exclaimed.


"Short!" He continued.

"What are you doing?"

"Bambi eyes!" He squinted his eyes at me.

"Kūkai, what's wrong?" I sat up.

"Sorry, I was trying to genetically program your brain." He sat down next to me.

"Program it to what?" I cocked my head to the side.

"Aw Nagi, that's sad. Blond, short, Bambi eyes. They all make..." Kūkai left the answer for me.

"Rima?" I asked slowly.

"Bingo." The brunette chimed.

"Oh. Okay then, well. Things are going...good?" I lay back down.

"Ouch. Are you sure?" He peered over.

"Well, in my opinion they are." I pulled the sketchbook from my back, handing to him.

"Either you drew this or Rima is seriously narcissistic." He titled his head "Either way, pretty good."

"I know, athletic, gorgeous, smart. What can't I do?" I rambled sarcastically.

"Not to mention modest." He laughed sarcastically, chucking the book back at me. "So the 'contest' is doing well?" He emphasized the 'contest'.

"Winning!" I blew on my fist and brushed it onto my sleeve.

"Nice." He gave me a thumbs up.


Kūkai grinned checking his phone.

"I gotta go." He ran smiling, he couldn't leave quicker could he.

"So...Contest huh?" My eyes widened in shock, for when I turned around, much to my luck was the short, blond, Bambi-eyed Rima. Aren't I lucky?

"Rima?! Um...Hi?" I got up.

"What, contest?" She glared daggers.

"We're friends remember." I mumbled looking at my feet.

"Correction, we were friends." Her hands remained in fists. "Just when I begin to trust someone." She whispered whilst leaving.

"Crap." Frustrated I walked home glumly. My eyes in a saddened state, and not leaving that.

Rima's POV-

Boy was I pissed. I could have knocked him out right there. Well, anyone who knew my athletic ability would know I could never knock someone out. But I like to think I could.

"I thought he was starting know!" I groaned to Kusu-kusu, who was listening politely.

"Boys, can't live with them, can't live without them." Kusu-kusu placed a tea cup on the bed side table.

"You always know what to say Kusu-kusu..." I stated sarcastically.


My phone. Oh, we're would be without technology.

"Hello?" I asked the electronic item.

"Rima?! You picked up..." I heard an upset Fujisaki-Nagihiko on the other end.

"Go to hell..." I yelled, hanging up.




He kept ringing. I was tempted to call him up and whisper 'seven days', but I have some dignity, god I hope I still had some.

"Please please, go away." I yelled at the phone.

"Rima, it's time for dinner..." My mother peered into my bedroom, looking concerned.

"I'm not that hungry." I lied, with the pillow sitting on my face.

"I'll bring your food up." She left, returning after a few minutes, with a plate in hand.

"Um...Rima, there's a boy at the door for you, should I send him up?" She seemed confused.

"What color hair does he have?" I asked, probably confusing my poor mother even more.

"Um...I wasn't really paying attention. I'll send him up." She left the room.

I groaned.

"Ikuto would have used the window. Fine, I guess I could let some anger go." I sat up.

I saw Nagihiko enter my room sadly.

"Um...Hi..." He stood awkwardly at my door, looking uncomfortable.

Good. Suffer Nagihiko! Suffer!

"What?" I asked him angrily.

"Well. You seemed kind of angry..." He trailed off.

"Oh? I seemed angry? You thought that was angry? You will be praying that that was angry! You are in for a whole lot more angry boy!" I screamed as quietly as I could. Which surprisingly was really quiet.

"Um..." He continued to stand at my door.

"I can't believe that I was a contest! Is that all I am to you?! A freaking prize?! Am I a freaking toy to you Fujisaki?!" I yelled at him, standing up on my bed, not reaching very tall.

"No." He whispered.

"I doubt that..." I panted, satisfied with my level of explosion.

"Well, I see your angry at me-" He started.

"Angry doesn't even begin to describe how pissed-" I started to attack him again.

"Let me talk! Let me talk! I'm sorry, the messages I left explain everything. So...I'm sorry." He bowed and left my room sadly.

"Like I'm gonna check your stupid messages." I muttered to myself.

Nagihiko's POV-

I quickly excused myself from her room. Well, I really was a genius in getting myself in these sort if situations wasn't it, now that I mention it, it has happened a lot lately.

First we're great.

Then we're bad.

Then we're amazing.

Then we are absolutely horrible.

"What's next." I mumbled to myself, walking home.

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