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Chapter 1

The office was a mass of dark wood and leather and resembled the lounge of a stuffy gentlemen's club rather than the main hub of a modern lawyers firm. Ornate oriental rugs lined the floors, in one corner stood a proud imposing solid oak desk complete with green leather writing square recessed into the wood, green art deco desk lamp and matching green marble ink well.

Dark oil paintings hung from the wooden wall panels, their subjects, dressed in full legal regalia, glowered sternly down into the room, their eyes following you around the room. The only thing that was modern was the small framed picture of a child with his mother which sat on the corner of the desk, their smiling faces the only bit of joy in the cold space.

A tall blonde man sat at the desk poring over the Financial Times. He was good looking, some would say handsome, and asset which, coupled with a charm which could melt chocolate, he used frequently to get what he wanted. Under the attractive friendly facade there lay a cold calculating man...something many men and women would find out to their cost.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come!" he ordered not looking up from his paper.

In walked a younger man dressed immaculately in his Savile Row suit.

"Ah Thomas! Take a seat."

Thomas sat down on one of the leather arm chairs placed around the room. His boss finally put down his Financial Times and leaned forward on his elbows "Well? Have you done the paperwork?"

Thomas looked uncomfortable. "You sure you want to go ahead with this? I mean ...you're not taking this too personally are you?"

The other man glared at Thomas "No I am not, that's why I'm getting you to do it."

"No, no...I mean..."

"I know what you are driving at." The glare hardened "One thing I have learnt, Thomas, is never to look a gift horse in the mouth...I want to discredit her and this is the way I can do it."

"But...but Chapman?" Thomas stammered in disbelief.

His Boss leaned on his desk further, determination burned in his eyes. "Jeremy Chapman is just the thin end of the wedge, I want what is rightfully mine."

Thomas recognised the look in his boss's eyes, he had witnessed it many times before, but there was something else going on in that calculating brain...a look that had 'vendetta' written all over it which Thomas found very unsettling. "You really think we can win this? We are taking on the establishment, we, you could end up being the one discredited."

"I am fully aware of the implications."

Thomas shook his head "Chapman is a has-been, we don't normally take these cases and why the hell did he come to you? You're not what I call friends."

"This is business; we both want the same outcome. Besides, no-one else would touch him with a barge pole."

"There is a good reason for that." replied Thomas wistfully.

A small smirk appeared at the corner of the older man's mouth "Normally I would agree, but on this occasion, the pros far outweigh the cons. As long as we gather enough evidence of malpractice and incompetence, we cannot lose."

"You would finish her career not to mention her social standing." Thomas said quietly making sure his boss fully understood what he was asking Thomas to do.

"I don't give a damn about her, she was always far too clever for her own good. Now, I suggest you get on to the Coroner and get the ball rolling, we are running out of time."

Thomas begrudgingly got to his feet and headed for the door.

"Remember Thomas, more pros than cons, more pros than cons."

Dempsey was running full pelt down the hotel corridors, magnum in hand. "MacKintosh!" he yelled his legs pounding the carpet desperately trying to catch Jimmy MacKintosh up, but once again Jimmy disappeared at the end of the corridor. Dempsey cursed as he knew he was losing him.

He re-doubled his efforts; he had to catch the bastard. He reached the end of the corridor only to find three closed doors. Dempsey frantically tried each door handle in turn until one gave way. He wasted no time and charged into the room only find it empty and the window wide open. He frowned puzzled, they were three floors up, where the hell could he have gone? Dempsey bounded over to the window and peered out. To his dismay he discovered scaffolding and gang planks, the hotel was undergoing a face-lift. Dempsey cursed again and heaved his body out of the window and onto the planks.

There was Jimmy, bold as brass, at one end of the runway laughing at him "You can't catch me Yank!" He sang a little childishly.

"You..." muttered Dempsey through gritted teeth and proceeded to follow Jimmy to the end of the run.

Jimmy stopped again and laughed "The Met's finest? You're having a giraffe!" he roared with laughter and then swung himself off the scaffolding gangway.

Dempsey, pulling up abruptly, stared aghast as he watched Jimmy hurl himself down the plastic rubble chute three storeys down into the waiting skip on the street. He landed with a thud sending clouds of acrid dust into the air.

Dempsey was relieved to see Makepeace race into to view. She too was running at full throttle to reach Jimmy. "Makepeace hurry!" he hollered.

Harry charged along the pavement towards the skip "Freeze!" she yelled presenting her gun.

Jimmy, already on his feet standing on the rubble mountain chuckled "Ha, ha, not this time Blondie." He then kicked a hefty mixture of broken concrete, cement and plaster dust into Harry's face, coating her head to foot in grey, brown powder, the cloud inducing a full on coughing fit.

With cat like ease, Jimmy bounced off the skip and hit the ground running leaving Harry bent double in the street wheezing and sneezing.

Dempsey quickly ran down the workman's ladders to the pavement "You lost him?" he snapped at his partner, still suffering convulsions.

"I...*cough...I...*wheeze...can't *splutter...breathe." she managed holding her chest fighting for breathe.

Dempsey, suddenly finding the sight of his dust clad partner amusing chuckled "Is that a kinda new beauty treatment? I find those face pack things weird enough, but all over? Aren't you sposed to take your clothes off first?"

"Not *wheeze ...funny, aaaaachooooo...Dempsey."

Dempsey taking pity on her started to rub and pat her back to help clear her lungs. She coughed and spluttered as Dempsey continued to massage her back, he was enjoying every minute. For one there was comedic value in watching Harry's discomfort, secondly it gave him an opportunity to touch her in a comforting way, something he hadn't dare do since the wedding. They hadn't found the time to discuss the weekend, it had been a case of going straight home then back to work. Somehow being back in their work roles had made it easier to avoid the subject, the elephant in the room was being deftly tiptoed around.

Finally she returned to normal "Urghhh! All I can taste is cement." She complained rolling her tongue around her mouth and smacking her lips together.

"Well, perhaps you should've kept your mouth closed, not a good idea to eat dirt."

"I was shouting 'freeze' at the time."

Dempsey wore a look of pure amusement on his face as they strolled back to the car, but it was short lived as the realisation hit that they had just lost Jimmy MacKintosh for the third time.

"Three times...three bloody times!" Harry stressed.

"I know." Sighed Dempsey

"The boys are going to have a field day, can't even catch a cold at the moment."

"I know." He said again "Do you want to do it?" he pointed to the radio.

"Erhum," she shook her head "You can do the honours, I did the last one."

Dempsey let out a heavy frustrated sigh and picked up the RT "Charlie five to control."

Chas replied "Control here Dempsey."

"We lost him."

"What again?" Chas eyebrows rose several centimetres.

"Yeah...again." replied Dempsey sourly.

Chas exclaimed "The Guv is going to have a fit!"

"Tell me something I don't know wise guy." He snapped.

"Don't take it out on me, save it for the Guv. Are you coming in?"

Dempsey looked directly at Harry, his sense of humour returning "In a while, Makepeace has got to go clean up, she's plastered. Over and out."

Chas stared at the handset, did he just hear right? He scratched his head.

"Leroy, call for you." Shaz called out from her desk in CID.

"Be right there." He replied.

CID had been very quiet since the wedding, it was just as well as Ray was once again in charge. Although it was nice to be quiet so that everyone could collect their thoughts, the officers often found it unnerving ...'the calm before the storm' always sprung to mind, a feeling that something big was just around the corner.

Now, Leroy had a call. He hadn't been with CID long enough to have contacts in London and the fact that the voice on the other end of the line was American suggested that there had been some sort of development.

Leroy with trepidation spoke into the phone "Banks...oh hi chief, long time no hear."

Chief O'Grady spoke seriously "Leroy, I thought you'd might like to know, they've found Micky. They fished him out of the drink up river this morning."

Leroy's heart sank, he knew it was unlikely that Micky would have survived the fall off the Brooklyn bridge, but while he was missing there was always that small slither of a chance he had made it and had gone into hiding, now it had been confirmed...Micky was dead.

"Thanks chief, I needed to know."

O'Grady's voice was calm but weighted with worry "Y'know what that means dontcha?"

"Me, Gene and Alex are witnesses to a homicide." Leroy sighed heavily, he knew it was coming.


By now the rest of CID had stopped what they were doing and had tuned into Leroy's conversation.

"So; you gonna arrest him, shall I get the next plane home?"

"Nah, it's only your word against his and there are too many cops in his pocket to make it stick, besides we got to get him on the bigger picture...we have much bigger fish to fry here."

"Should I tell Dempsey?"

There was a long pause down the line, O'Grady hadn't considered that Leroy would bump into Dempsey and vice versa, he had to tread carefully now as he didn't know how much the two men had swapped notes.

"So...you've run into Dempsey?" he asked carefully

"I sure have, it's a small town. The Brits are big on working together."

"How's he doin?"

"Oh he's doin just fine...you should see the blonde dame he's partnered up with, I was kinda hoping I would get the same deal." Leroy couldn't help but grin. "They have quite a name for themselves over here."

"Good or bad?" he asked slowly

Leroy said brightly "You know Dempsey chief, whaddya think?"

O'Grady groaned and put his head in his hands...he could imagine all too well.

"Er have you two ...er discussed anything?" O'Grady fished.

"We both know why we're here, what else is there to know?" Leroy was not giving anything away either. He and Dempsey had discussed their situations and had decided to keep it between themselves, it was safer for both of them keeping New York in the dark.

"Don't go telling Dempsey about Micky, he will assume that the coast is clear and do not shoot ya mouth off about Hunt and Drake's involvement either, I will tell him when the time is right...you got that?"

"I aint stoopid Boss, hot head Dempsey would be on a plane like lightning, I know as soon as his feet hit American soil he would be a dead man."

Leroy hadn't realised that Ray, Chris and Shaz were listening. They looked at each other in surprise as they discovered the real reason for Dempsey being in London...he was a marked man just like Leroy.

"Good, keep it under wraps and stay put, Coltrane hates Dempsey ten times more than he hates you!"

The line went dead and Leroy replaced the receiver, as he did so he caught the others gawping at him wide eyed. "What? Can't a man have a private phone call in this place?" he said indignantly.

Ray spoke bluntly "You and Dempsey are right in the shit..aren't ye?"

Shaz said quietly "And so is the Guv and the Ma'am."

"Three times!" Spikings bellowed at Dempsey and Makepeace, his face contorted with anger. "At this rate we will be the laughing stock of the force. You two are slipping." He jabbed a stubby finger accusingly at them. "You are losing the plot the pair of you, your minds aren't on the job." He focused on Dempsey, glaring at him "And why's that my son?...eh?"

"I dunno, guess we're just tired." Dempsey shrugged.

"We have had a busy caseload recently Sir and er a busy weekend." Harry tried.

"I'm not interested in your social life Sergeant! What you two get up to in your personal time is up to you..." Spikings suddenly realised what he had just said "Within reason." He quickly added.

Dempsey and Harry suddenly stiffened...if only he knew...

Spikings was quick to detect the subtle change in his officers' stance and watched them curiously "There isn't anything I should know...is there?"

"No, no!" They both swiftly protested their innocence shaking their heads rapidly a little over enthusiastically for Spikings's liking. He regarded them suspiciously. He knew they could stick together like glue when the mood took them...thick as thieves even. He always found it unsettling how they could mirror each other's deadpan, pokerfaced expression so perfectly. The Guv wasn't sure if Dempsey had learnt it off Makepeace or Makepeace had learnt it off Dempsey, either way it made them completely unreadable.

Spikings broke out of his contemplation and said in a low growl "I want MacKintosh behind bars before breakfast...geddit?"

"Yessir!" they said together.

They were about to leave his office when the phone rang loudly.

"Who's that?" Spikings barked down the phone. His face changed from a scowl to an expression of alarm. He raised a hand to stop them leaving "I see Sir, yessir I will tell them. Yes it does put us in a compromising position...no not good news at all. I understand...er do I have to suspend them? Well thank God for that...I will make sure they understand the seriousness of the situation. Goodbye Sir."

Spikings replaced the receiver slowly and raised his head. Dempsey and Harry looked at him expectantly, Spikings' face said it all, there was trouble and it involved them.

"We've had a call from the Coroner's Court." Spikings swallowed hard "That little bastard Chapman has instructed his lawyer to call for an inquest into Monica Grey's death, both of you have been named personally."

Oh dear, don't think things are going to run smoothly...watch this space.

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