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''run away with me'' who knew four simple words could have such a major effect. Carla was utterly baffled. It came out of absolutely nowhere. She wanted to run away with him,of course she did but her life was in Weatherfield. The factory was there,Michelle was there,Peter was there and most of all her memories were there,the good and the bad.

''W-what?'' she choaked.

''run away with me'' he repeated with a giant grin plastered across his face, ''come on Car,just me and you''


''we can go anywhere you want just say the word and we'll be out of here by tonight''

''it's not that simple''

''yes it is Carla,it is because i love you and you love me,don't you?''

''of course i do but this is crazy'' she told him, ''what about the factory?''

''Michelle can look after that until we get settled and then you can sell it and set up a new business. We can do it together,like old times'' Carla gave Liam a small smile at the memories of them being alone together all day in that tiny factory office, ''what do you say?''

''i'm still not convinced''

''why not?''

''what about Peter? i could be carrying his baby! i can't just leave him,it'd break his heart''

''well as soon as the baby's born we'll get a DNA done to see whether or not it's his and if it is his then we'll allow him access whenever he wants''

''i'm just not sure i could do that to him'' she sighed, ''i feel so guilty about the whole thing already,i'm doing the exact same thing Leanne did to him but 10 times worse, running away would just make me feel even more guilty''

Liam took a step closer to Carla and took her hands in his,their fingers interwinding, ''you shouldn't feel guilty sweetheart. If this is anyone's fault it's mine,i shouldn't have come back''

''don't be silly,i've loved having you back!''

''are you sure about that? i feel like i've completely messed your life up,you were so happy and then in a come and destroy that''

''i'll admit that when you first came back i was a tiny,winy bit annoyed because i was just starting to get my life back together after Tony but now i can't imagine life without you and i'm so glad you did come back''

Liam planted a soft kiss on her forehead, ''i'm glad i came back too'' he at her smiled sweetly, ''i'm sorry,running away was a bad idea''

''no it wasn't,it was sweet and i'm so touched that you want to whisk me away somewhere'' she winked, ''and one day i'd love to run off into the sunset with you but lets just wait for a bit,yeah?''

''if that's what you want,that's what we'll do. Just promise me one thing?''


''that you'll never leave me?''

''Liam,i've waited years to be with you,do you really think i'd throw that away now i have you?''

Liam shrugged shyly before Carla suddenly planted a large,tender kiss upon his lips leaving him completely bewildered, ''what was that for?''

''for being you''

''you are a cheesy sod,you know that?''

She began to blush,she could feel her cheeks reddening by the second and was feeling incredibly embarrassed. She was just about to speak when Liam gave her a kiss in return for his,this one being a lot for passionate and lasting much longer than the first.

Carla felt a large pain coming from her stomach and broke the kiss off just as it was starting to get a bit more intense, ''what's up?'' Liam asked her,puzzled to why she had stopped it.


''Carla are you feeling alright? you're skin has turned a horrible pale colour''

''my stomach just hurts a little,that's all''

''your stomach? is it something to do with the baby?''

''Liam,i'm fine honestly''

''yeah,you look it''


''you know what i mean. I think i need to take you to hospital''

''i'm fine!'' she snapped before letting out a huge groan of pain, ''OWWWW''

''right that's it,we're going to the hospital''

''i'll be fine in a minute,i just need a glass of water''

''no Carla. we're going to the hospital. I can't stand to see you in pain and dare i say it there might be something wrong with the baby''

''but i hate hospitals'' she pouted. That face made Liam melt,she was just so cute.

Liam pulled her into a loving embrace and ran his fingers through her long hair, ''i know you do darling but i'll be by your side every step of the way,yeah?''

Carla began to cry into Liam's shirt,creating a damp patch. Even the thought of something being wrong killed her,she didn't know how she would cope,how Peter would cope,how Liam would cope. It would destroy them.

She let out another yelp, ''Carla,i should ring Peter and let him know''

''no,please don't''

''but he should know''

''i just want to be able to hold your hand and for you to comfort me and with him there you can't do that''

''oh darling'' he whispered,placing endless kisses on the top on her head, ''we best get you to hospital''

Carla gave Liam a worried look to tell him that she was terrified and he gave her hand a squeeze in reassurance, ''it'll be ok''

''i know it will,i have you by my side'' she smiled at him meekly.

The pair of them limped down the flat stairs until they reached the street,the nippy weather making Carla shiver. Liam was quick to remove his jacket and drape it over Carla's shoulders. Carla gave him an appreciative smile in return for his kind gesture.

When Liam saw Steve's cab approach he signaled his hand out for him to pull over, ''hospital please mate,quickly''

Carla scrambled her way into the back of the cab to be shortly followed by Liam. They glanced at each other before Liam wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her body closer to his, ''everything will be fine,i promise''